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Jacquelin Moisan
from Canada ( Montreal ) says:
Beau travail, nice arrangement, just amazing. Bravo.
Maureen Dickson
from California says:
Y'all need to come out to the music festival here in Sacramento we would love to have you.
Brandon Desilet
from Cailfornia says:
I love listening to your music, and sure wish you guys would make a west coast visit some time.
Ty Arnold
from Vermilion, Alberta says:
Can't believe I have just discovered you guys. Some of the best covers I have heard in any genre, and some of the tightest bluegrass around today. Alberta, Canada would love to see ya! Cheers, keep goin'
Nicky Michael
from Lititz, PA says:
I found your band on You Tube because I'm helping to plan a Bluegrass Festival in Lititz, PA. I fell in LOVE with your music/sound/style. I submitted a request form to your booking company and truly hope we can contract with you for this special event in our hometown park. We are fortunate enough to have Clair Bros Audio and Tait Towers as part of our community who will be part of the Bluegrass Festival. Hoping you will be too!
Gary Hindmarsh
from London/UK says:
Wow, you chaps brought me a great big smile this evening. Thank you.
Matthew Snow
from Portsmouth, UK says:
I just discovered you guys on youtube. Top notch!
Michael Nelson
from North Carolina says:
Great picking and singing. Glad I found you on youtube!!!
Bob Williams
from New Jersey says:
I just purchased your CD Small Town Christmas and I love it. Keep up the excellent work.
doug chamberlain
from ca. says:
listen to you years ago lost all my cds going to get more
Armando Salas
from Zulia/Venezuela says:
Greetings brothers: Thanks for such invaluable sound. I am Venezuelan, but since childhood, I feel admiration for American culture, especially about the old west, which articulates turn his legacy. Before man discovered words, and knew the sound of music and over time, she was acquiring own characteristics convitiendola in a universal language and the sound of Bluegrass, transports me to that far west where I belong. Excellent work done on the tribute to Guns n 'Roses. The version that was fixed about Dead Horse is immortal, the only issue that can place 100 times without getting bored, for its literary and musical content. Thanks again, for this important work, follow the successes, hoping someday to listen live. Armando Salas
Christopher Robins
from Ontario,Canada says:
Love your band, you got me into bluegrass and also inspired me to learn banjo
from WI says:
Hello from Harmonious Wail (Gandy Dancer Fest). I would love to stay in touch with Tony
from ohio says:
Love your music.
from Spain says:
Greetings from Spain, I discovered Iron Horse in Youtube, I like your music.
from MO says:
Found your music on YouTube. Great stuff
from Belarus/Minsk says:
Thank you for Being!
from Oklahoma says:
need to come to Tulsa or OKC
Mike Dickerson
from AL/USA says:
I love your music. Your Rock and Pop songs set to Bluegrass is fantastic. Your version of "Rocket Man" is great, great, great. I hope to see you at MeshFest in my town of Huntsville, AL in August. Thanks.
Dmitry Kuvanin
from Russia says:
Great thanks for your music. Listen you every day and every day have wonderfool mood because of you (sorry for my english)