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Phil Hayler
from U.K says:
I wanted to say thanks, I first discovered you guys through one of your amazing Modest Mouse covers a few years back and then through that access point I have fallen in love with Bluegrass as a whole. The plus point of this horrible lockdown is that you get the chance to listen to some great music and thank some of the people that have made it, so thank you so much. I really wish I could get to see you perform in person one day, but if not i'll always have your wonderful cover of Insterstate 8 rolling around in my head - the lyrics fit Bluegrass so well and your incredible musicianship and harmonies shine through so brightly. Big love from the UK guys, stay safe now!
Limor Geisler
from Oregon says:
Please come to Oregon when you next come to the West Coast. You are so good! We need to see you out here.
from IL/USA says:
I've been listening to you guys for quite some time now. You were definitely one of my first introductions to bluegrass music and I've loved it ever since! Just wanted to say thank you! Come out near Chicago or middle Illinois sometime! It may not seem like it, but there is definitely love for some good Bluegrass out this way.
from Hessen/Germany says:
Hope You will be coming to Europe - or even better Germany - one day. You guys are great!!! all the best Frank P.S. are You shipping CDs to Germany? So far I see Your Album 'Classic Rock' is not available in Internet or Amazon.
Gage Smith
from Nevada says:
COME OUT WEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Michael Orth
from Wisconsin says:
FANTASTIC.... You's all welcome to come up to Wisconsin anytime. We've got the blue cheese, to go with the bluegrass.
Shaun Gates
from Ohio, USA says:
Arrived at the site to investigate the "Crazy Train" cover by Ozzy; Will stay forever, to hear gold originals like "Mary's Not In Kansas". Fantastic Work, Iron Horse! Can't wait to discover more.
Gail Rieger
from Maryland says:
I love love love your music. Please come to Maryland!!!
Rodney Carter
from AL says:
Hi,Andy, Tony,Ricky,Vance, You all have a Great band,y'all are Traveling everywhere pickin,I have been looking at I have been looking @ y'all pictures, looks like Vance has an Old Martin, I Really miss Picking with you all, Milla and I are tentative planning on going to Bean Blossom, maybe I will get to you all. Y'all really have a Great band,Rodney
from Украина says:
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from Tennessee says:
I found y’alls Music about a year ago listening to Pandora I sure am glad I did. I’m in the Army and currently deployed on my ninth rotation and when days are getting me down I listen to y’all and it always puts a smile on my face and charges me back up. Thanks for sharing your music I love it.
Derek Holden
from Alberta says:
Fantastic, I'm loving everything I hear from you guys. I'm trying to decide what to buy from your collection and it's tearing me apart. If I were a little less poor I'd just buy it all. How about offering up a box set.
Beth Baldridge
from FL says:
Love your work!! We hope to see you in GA in September 2019. Thanks for what you do! PS please come to Central FL!
Dan Engel
from Virginia says:
I heard you guys at a BMW motorcycle rally at least 10 years ago and just love your music. I bought 2 cd’s and I have worn them out in places. I will finally get to hear you again as I am going to the Outer Banks Bluegrass Island Festival on May 15. I have gone to lots of festivals since I first heard you and listened to some of the best bluegrass bands in the country and your music is right up there with the best of them. Thanks for coming to the Outer Banks, and I am looking forward to seeing you again.
Ken Nichtern
from Queens ny says:
You guys playing in NYC any time soon, lot of poeple in rockaway beach would love to see you guys. LOVE YOUR MUSIC
Kenneth Nichtern
from Queens NY says:
When you guys gonna play in NYC, lot of poeple from rockaway beach would love to see you guys play
mike novitskey
from ny says:
I'm old, so I remember this tune (rocket man) from the first time it was played on FM. I've always liked it, but felt it was lacking somehow. Not anymore. This rendition is tremendous. Great job!
Natalie Boeck
from Eugene, Oregon says:
I've been listening to you for over 10 years and would love to see you perform live, but unfortunately have not been able to thus far. Any plans to come to the Pacific Northwest in 2019, or perhaps make a guest appearance at the BLUE OX Festival in Wisconsin June 13-15th!!?!?? Much love and many thanks for your beautiful music! Sincerely, Natalie
Susan Clark burch
from Kentucky says:
Your music is just amazing, Seeing you guys live was Amazing, just please come to Northern Kentucky again, soon. Super Fan, Susan
Nancy Wood
from colorado, usa says:
I love you guys! Your ability to play such a variety of cover songs from the good ol'days and your own music has allowed me to turn many of my "ageless hippies" into really loving Jamgrass music. if you come to Colorado and need an extra gig and a place to stay up in the hi-country of Colorado, please email me and I will take care of it all! You might fill in love with our eclectic way of living. Always dreamin' be well,dancin nancy