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Larry Jenney
from Virginia says:
Awesome! I just bought my first CD and am going to tell all my friends! They will love this! Larry 703-863-1197
Jeffrey Meares
from CA / USA says:
I want to see a show! Willingness to relocate for said show; 100%. Great voices and playing
from canada says:
Been waiting along long time for soon banjo tab
from North Carolina says:
John Varhola
from Ohio / USA says:
I really enjoy listening to your band play. Always loved classic rock and bluegrass music ,great to listen to the mix ! Am so looking forward to your show at Pennyroyal Opera House in Fairview,OH tonight. Hope to hear " Rocket Man "
Ethan Boerner
from Ohio USA says:
You guy's are totally the best. Love the voices. Rocket Man and many others are as good or better than originals. Your music always put's a smile on my face and brings me to a better place in my day. Definitely coming to a live show.
nicolas Desvignes
from FRANCE says:
so good music so nice players so nice voices When you come Here , I see you or if I go to USA .. good continuation
Ben C Calhoun
from WA says:
I stumbled across you guys while watching The Dead South on youtube. Amazing work, guys. I love blue grass covers of rock. The albums I purchased will be the soundtrack of my summer!
from Michigan says:
How about a Michigan gig. Love the music. Thanks
Andrea Buchanan
from Virginia says:
Never listened to Bluegrass, after hearing your music I am so hooked. Please come to the Birchmere in Alexandria Virginia! We need your sound!!!
joe hatchell
from CA says:
Come back to Cali soon, please.
Fran Dantonio
from AZ says:
I would love to know when you are in AZ or Georgia. I have a group of friends that are huge bluegrass fans and we would love to see you in Phoenix/Tempe, AZ. Cheers, Fran
from australia says:
only recently discovered you guys. Great slant on already good music. I've purchased one of your CDs. Keep up the good work and enjoy doing it.
Alex Föll
from Deutschland says:
Guys! I'm just listening to you on Youtube! Fantastic, really fantastic what you did to those songs of Guns'n'Roses, Metallica, Ozzy & so on. Is there any chance to catch you here in Europe (Germany, that would be...)?!? Ever?
Chuck Bartley
from WEST VIRGINIA says:
You guys are great, hoping to see you sometime soon.
from Germany says:
Hey guys! Keep on rockin'. You´re doing such a great Job, please continue to play with the passion that you all have. This is a really authentic group of great musicians! I´m sure the next CDs and LPs are gonna be great to! Thanks for all the good vibes and all the best from Germany! P.S. please release a EP or LP with the Rocketman track on it. I fell in love with it!
from California says:
Saw you in Ocean Beach, California last night. GREAT SHOW! I've been a fan for years, and just couldn't believe you were playing in my neighborhood in such a tiny place. I felt really lucky to see you. Thanks for the good time.
June Ann Smith Strickland
from South Carolina says:
Good to see you cuz Tony. I would love to see you in concert. Do you have anything in NC, SC or TN? We live in SC. Hope to hear from you soon.
David Simpson
from Donetsk, Ukraine says:
I'm a song writer stuck in a war zone for two years now. Your works gave me a new focus. My grandfather was a big banjo player and I feel the calling once free of here. My question is for Anthony. On fade to black, I notice a real edge in the performance, is there any back story to what drove that edge in the performance of that song?
Lee Elk
from NM says:
Great Musicians! Spend a couple hours a night on your music,...banjo parts. Does copywriter laws keep you from say, doing Take it Easy by the Eagles. Anyway, keep that music coming!