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cassidy's dad
from northern calf. us of says:
you guys rock omg i love yous guy will you come pay at the concerts in the yreka ca........... anyways my dAD has been playin' bluegrass/oldtyme music since i was a twinkle in his eye. i just turned 40. I grew up in germany as an army brat ive seen metalica & gnr. i studied music in colledge(sp?) hehehehehe...... anywhere i will be there put me on yr mailing list ...........i love to see you guy............i've got a 4 yr old daughter "cassidy" she also like you guys.......... ..give me fuel give me fire give me that which i desire.......... "fuel" is our most favorite............. keep on rockin' guys the dream will never die rember what buddy holly said . know our love will not fade away......
cassidy's dad
from ca. usa says:
i just sent you guys a msg. dont no if it went thru u guys need/please come to northern california please put me on yr mailing list .............couldnt be much from the heart..............and nothing else matters.......... when i was a kid growing up on an army base in germany an me friends often thought of taking heavy metal into other genres(sp?).........and u guys did it ....damnit:)..... please, please wont you please mail me ("the beatles")............. we all love u. at least everone i know love cassidy's dad
cassidy's dad
from us of america says:
hey bros. what ive felt what ive shown i love yo u guys please, send me a tea-shirt dont know but whoever plays mandoline but you sound just like my dad playin' reealy coolm old/tyme style...hell yaha......... pls e-mail me im a fan you guys are the shit......... wtf ill pay for it ....... 403 south st. yreka, ca 96097 joe burgan if you dont e-mail me ill think your but you guy are the real deal., doubt.....
Adam Farnes
from Cordova, Alaska says:
Hi, my name is Adam and i have been playing the banjo for several years now and saw your albums in the music store and had to buy both of them. I love what you've done with Metallica's legendary songs. I never imagined that anything like what you've done was possible, but stand corrected. I love your music and would love it if you could send tabs for a few if not all of the songs for banjo or guitar thanks, adam in alaska
from Florida says:
Hey guys love the music. Just got turned on to you and was wondering if you had any plans to make it down to South Florida anytime soon? Would be a great place to play we have an awsome Blue grass following. If not good luck
from france says:
hello boys, i'm a french metal fan and i just discovered your music and how you can play some great songs from some of my favourite bands like black sabbath, metallica or bls. I just wanted to congratulate you, and i was wandering if it would be a chanse to see you playing live in france or maybe somewhere in europe. Long live metal and long live bluegrass, bang your head!!!!!
from Colorado Springs, CO says:
I am a big Metallica fan and I love your Fade to Bluegrass albums!
from austria says:
great music folkes!! keep it up!! dom
Alex Smith
from Rio Grande do Sul / says:
You guys rules!!! It's awesome how you were able to transform the music from my preferred artists into something so different and so close at the same time! Let me know if you come to Brazil some day, 'cause I just HAVE to watch you!!! Congratulations!!! Best regards, Alex.
Mango kid
from Sweden says:
fantastic!!! Heard the metallica tribute a while ago... thoought it was great, but never got your name to stick... glad to have found you at last... Now the question, As a Mot�rhead fan I am... your name... when comes the motorhead tribute record?
Dave spencer
from north carolina says:
hey just wanted to say thanks for takin the time to send me a signed photo an i hope to get more people to buy the great c.d. keep up the great work big fan dave
lynn Rhodes
from NC/USA says:
Thanks for such a refreshing (and awesome) bluegrass album. I just bought the first fade to bluegrass. Thanks for letting me know that there are others that like both genres of music!! Keep up the good work and I'll be buying more albums!!
from France says:
Thanx for the music
from ohio,kentucky,wv says:
is there any chance you would come north, alot of people around here really dig stuff such as metallica, ozzy and so on . Also one more thing you guy really Jamm... Thanks Alex
from ALABAMA says:
from Buenos Aires, Argent says:
Hello!!!! I've just heard Fade to Bluegrass and it's great!! Im a huge Metallica fan and I never thought someone would imagine to play their songs in such a different music style...You have an amazing talent ,keep up the good work!!!
from Buenos Aires, Argent says:
Hello!!!! I've just heard Fade to Bluegrass and it's great!! Im a huge Metallica fan and I never thought someone would imagine to play their songs in such a different music style...You have an amazing talent ,keep up the good work!!!
ken tyler
from colorado,usa says:
fade to bluegrass i just love.listen to it almost everyday, turned my friends onto it and they love it as well. i wish you could come and play in colo. i would even help promote your coming. i have helped darkstar orch. play here. our lyons bluegrass festival is huge here it sells out months in advance,it is held in lyons,colo. but denver,boulder,and ft.collins is real big on the music seen.
from says:
Abigail Niles
from NY says:
I fell in love with my guy driving around the finger lakes, listening to your Modest Mouse tribute. If we ever get married your Journey cover of Open Arms HAS to be our wedding song! I love you guys!I have talked about wanting a banjo for years and always said I would do metal covers. You did! Keep up the good work! I'm hoplessly devoted to you!