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Tom Newton
from Alabama says:
Really love the Iron Horse sound. Attend all of your Alabama shows. Would only suggest that you do more of the tribute songs in the local bluegrass shows to showcase all of your musical talent.
Josh Stearns
from US says:
I have most of your albums and love everyone of them and I spread the word of you guys as much as I possibly can! I think a tribute to White Zombie would be perfect for this bluegrass genre, you guys make these other artists songs sound like that is the way they should have been! If you can you should make your way to Spokane, WA. I would love to see you guys live!!!! Thank you very much for your music, its always a joy!
Charles Clemons
from Alabama, USA says:
Iron Horse is the best Blue Grass Band to come along in quite sometime. They don't have to play second string to anyone.Not only are they great singers and musicians'They are some of the best guys you can be around. I Love their music and I love them. God Bless each one of you, keep the music coming. I love it.
tj soapes
from MT says:
love it
from tennessee says:
you guys were awesome in lexington
Tammy Miller
from Washington State says:
You guys are amazing. I absolutely love the fade to bluegrass album the best though, you do a wonderful job of transitioning heavy metal to bluegrass, I had no idea this could be done so successfully...truly amazing. I am going to ask our bluegrass committee here in Darrington to try and get you here next year.
Alexander Freie
from Germany says:
Great music. I love it. What about a tour in Germany? bye Alex
Joe Brown
from N.C. USA says:
Just bought your Fade to Bluegrass CD....You guys are amazing..Cant wait to see you live in Maggie Valley in Oct.
corky wilson
from texas says:
from NC says:
Yall's takes on Modest Mouse and Shins is amazing! Come to Wilmington as soon as possible.
from ohio says:
You guys are great!
from Canada says:
Hey guys, im a huge Black Label Fan, and when I saw your disc I wasn't sure what to make of it. im particular "In This River". Awesome you guys came of respectful and in good taste. You absolutly did it justice. Some Metalheads will disagree, maybe im just eclectic and can appreciate good tunes for just being good tunes. I would love to here what BLS thought. anyway good job boys. if youre ever in Northern Ontario stop and jam for an evening.
from TX, United States says:
I found the first volume of Fade to Bluegrass on the secondary market and bought it on a whim as both a fan of metal and bluegrass. I figured it would be a fun novelty album, but had no idea how solid a bluegrass album it would be. That was just four days ago. Now I have listened to a few samples and have decided to go ahead and purchase the bulk of your albums, at least, as finances permit. It's going to hit the wallet hard when I drop $100+ on cds. :D Thanks for the killer music and keep up the amazing work.
Jesse Gilley
from Florida says:
I grew up listening to bluegrass with my grandparents. Ive always loved the music but after a while most of the songs start soundin the same. I feel like yall are the only bluegrass band out there thats doin your own thing and not trying to fill Bill Monroes shoes. Thanks for breathing new life into the music that Ive always loved. Your tribute to Modest Mouse beat their original CD hands down. Keep on pickin and a grinnin cause im proud to say im a bluegrass fan again
from oh says:
hey the. im in love with your modest mouse album. i really want to put trailor trash and Ocean Breathes Salty on my myspace through project playlist but ive been searching an searching and cannot get it. i even tried to upload it but alas no luck. you guys should totally put some of your full length versions up on there so i can share your awesomeness :) jami
from says:
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from Virginia / USA says:
LOVE you guys. Just discovered you and am glad I did.
from california says:
I love your band your the reason I love bluegrass now, i used to hate it until I found ya'll. I really like your music and vocals and some of your tribute stuff, I think you guys should start making some of your own songs though, think about it.
from California says:
My friends and I really love the tribute to modest mouse album. Is there any way to get tabs for it? I've never tried to play anything like it and it would be fun to give it a shot Can't wait to hear your other albums!
from Sweden says:
You made me discover blegrass. I�d love to see you in europe.