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from uk says:
just love your music when are you coming to the uk
Tony & Debbie Besch
from Illinois says:
LOVE IT!! We are huge Metal Heads, and we are moving to Alabama. Looks like we found a new niche'.
Harry E Patrick
from Texas says:
Incrediable! Spectacular! Wonderful! Awesome! Superb! Ingenious! Phenominal! Stupendous! Just absolutely Amazing! Can't wait to see you guys live.
Harry E Patrick
from Texas says:
Incrediable! Spectacular! Wonderful! Awesome! Superb! Ingenious! Phenominal! Stupendous! Just absolutely Amazing! Can't wait to see you guys live.
joe interlandi
from MD says:
cought your site surfing on and enjoyed the samples, you should try to get up to Merle Fest one year. Keep on Bluegrassing
Mark Letson
from AL says:
You Guy's ROCK!
john mac donald
from Canada says:
hey man love ur stuff,just wondering if u ever thought to come to canada get back to me im gettin married just wondering. thank you John
Rogue Hoyt
from Kansas says:
LOVE THE MUSIC!!! Keep it coming!
Jill Pike
from New Brunswick/Canada says:
A friend told me about you guys....very cool stuff!
Randy Schuck
from Michigan says:
Believe it or not, there is bluegrass in Michigan! Been listing to some tracks and like what I hear. Would like to submit your group for consideration for a date up here if you care to travel to Yankee Land. Good vocals. R
J. Chris
from says:
The flying monkey show was great. We bought two of your CDS. I didn't realize you were from my hometown of killen.
from minnesota says:
Hey, I'm writing a paper on Iron Horse for a course I'm taking at the University of Minnesota, and i was wondering if I could get some information from you guys. Who sings lead on "float on" the cover of the modest mouse song, and what is your take on their music?
Kevin Pickett
from AL says:
I went to college at UNA, up in Florence Alabama, and so I heard yalls name everywhere. I bought your Fade to Bluegrass album at the local Wal-Mart, and was instantly hooked. Keep up the great work fellas.
from Florida says:
keep on pickin on, id love to catch you guys in florida, perhaps at the spirit of the suwannee music festival. youd be in good company...
Jon Brown
from Huntsville, AL says:
Met you guys a few years ago at a concert at the Flying Monkey in Huntsville, and will see you there this Friday. Keep up the fantastic work!
benjamin colon jr
from Pennsylvania says:
Man, I got to fork out some $ to buy your stuff. Darn, Recession! (or regression is all the sane sing main). Keep up the good work. Good Luck.
from Vancouver, BC, Canad says:
You guys are so awesome! I really love the Modest Mouse album. Keep the music coming!
from north carolina says:
oh my god i recieved my guns n roses and metallica tribute cds i ordered from this site ,it was just as awesome as i knew it would be .i cannot wait till iron horse comes to maggie valley nc 2008 sept wow im carrying my deering banjo and my fiddle to get autographed ,and my camera ,i love your my space page that song old elija i have gotta have ,i have listened to it many many times and it never gets old or boring it is truly amazing really how i can not imagine coming up with those lyrics as if it were a true civil war story ,trailor trash is another song,i gotta have that album guys iron horse is very very talented besides those tributes to ozzy and guns n roses you should hear there band songs the ones they wrote it is truly amazing .the lyrics are awesome .iron horse you inspire me to pick and learn to play a banjo and fiddle . iron horse god bless you with the praises of 1000 heavens .you have done something of great importance and majesty to this world and everyday the earth spins around from sea to shinning sea with the name iron horse in history as the greatest bluegrass band ever.
Jeff Turcotte
from Minnesota says:
Hey guys I was sent a link to you music and have to tell you it was great, the covers of Metallica and Ozzy were Fantastic. I will be order a cd - Great Stuff!
Old Smokey Boys BBQ
from Lexington, Alabama says:
Hey guys cant wate for the show on June 28. People here in town are realy talking about it. just got a fue of your CDs. Next time you guys are in town stop by we will hook you up with some BBQ.