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Justin Nelson
from Canada says:
Hi I live in Ft. McMurray Alberta, Canada and I am 37 years old. I have been a huge fan of blues, rock, metal, country, and folk music. The first time I saw you guy's play was on you-tube and the song was Metallica's "Fuel". To say the least I was so impressed and intrigued with your sound that I ordered some of your Cd's. My friends and I sat around after work many a day listening to them and enjoying the grass roots instruments and harmonies. I blow people away constantly with all the old metal/rock classics you guy's have picked on. I made an order for the rest of your cd's and a couple of t-shirts a few days ago, and promote your tunes wherever I go. Just wanted to let you know that your music has touched me deeply.
Thomas Carr
from worcestershire, engl says:
a friend gave me your pickin' on modest mouse cd earlier this year and i love it beyond comprehention. you've turned me into a bluegrass nut with my interest deep rooted in your own work. keep it up guys.
Nico Timmer
from The Netherlands says:
I have a radio programme on local radio in The Netherlands and it is always a pleasure to put your music on.
Juan Trevino Jr.
from Brownsville Texas says:
Hey guys! I really like y'all's songs. I was searching for Linkin Park songs when I saw your album and now, I listen to it all the time. What would be cool is if you guys could do Lostprophets. I'd definitely buy that CD. Well, keep up the picking.
jeff schulz
from canada says:
is fade to bluegrass ever good!! my wife and i love it....thanks!
from Argentina says:
You are Fantastic !!! Excelent music !!! Congratulationss!!!
Greg Corbitt
from Enterprise,Alabama says:
Saw y'all last month in Rogersville Alabama,and LOVED it !! I've heard the Metallica tribute but didn't know that was y'all until I came to the website. You guys are truly blessed with your talents.Would like for y'all to come play at the BamaJam music festival next year here in Enterprise.They held the 1st one this past June and had 218,000 people attend over 3 days.Also had some major Bluegrass bands there,and you guys would be a great
James Smith
from Nova Scotia, Canada says:
All your stuff is amazing. You guys are super-talented. Can't wait to hear more.
from Morgantown, WV says:
You guys are sweet. Your modest mouse stuff is my personal favorite but it's all good. Keep the good beats coming. PS The modest mouse sampler labeled polar opposites is actually float on
from England says:
I love you guys! I've purchased about 6 of your albums. Keep up the great work! I play banjo and would be really interested in learning some of the songs you play. Any banjo tabs would be great :D Come and play in England guys!!!
Mattias Grahn
from Sweden says:
Hey! I bought your tribute CD to Black Label Society now when I was in Los Angeles... As a BLS fan i can only say: Man, it's Sic!! You guys Rocks!! keep it Up! Take Care, Mattias from Sweden.
Denison Wright
from USA says:
My Dad intro'd me to your music b4 he passed away and I got to hear you in Rogersville,Al again last night. You sound better every time I hear you. Keep up the great work!
Geoff Black
from nsw Australia says:
Hi from down under i am our community radio stations bluegrass presenter, you can check us out on love to feature your music if you send out samplers to radio stations could you include us on your mail out list our postal FM2CBD COMMUNITY RADIO PO BOX 129 GLEN INNES 2370 AUSTRALIA regards GEOFF
Robert Passwaters
from Columbus Ohio says:
When I get my guitar store open, lets see about you-all comming up for a gig!!! Love the music Robert Passwaters CEO Stringtown USA Inc.
Jim Hiott
from OHio says:
Talent exemplified! I swear some of the lyrics I never understood until I listened to your music. You guys really take great songs and play them in a way that makes me realize what masterpieces they are in any genre. You need a good agent and tour the USA. If you could put AC/DC on the platter and back them up when they tour, that would be killer.
chuck moschetti
from Colorado, USA says:
Do you have a copy of the Lyrics and chords to "Old Elijah"? I love you guys and look forward to seeing you in Keystone later this year! thanks so much..
Zachary Broering
from IN says:
Hey you guys seriously are awesome i am in love with your tribute to modest mouse, it would be especially amazing if you guys toured around the midwest to some bluegrass fests theyre always a good time and youd enjoy yourselves. thanks for the tunes
from Canada says:
Yo guys should do a Iron Maiden tribute, it would be great bluegrass!
from IN, USA says:
Holy cow, man I love the BLS stuff you guys did! As a huge Black Label Society fan, I really got a kick out of listening to it the first time. I laughed my butt off at first, and then as I continued to listen to it, I began to realize the talent you boys have. Heck, I am beginning to dig bluegrass now thanks to you. Rock on!!
Donna Kellow
from Maggie Valley/NC/USA says:
Cannot wait to see you again at Eaglenest in Maggie Valley in October 08. Love you guys doing Marshall Tucker...and I've listened to Fade to Bluegrass for several years now. Happy July 4th.