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from Glendale, AZ says:
AWESOME! I've been a fan for a couple years now... I don't often say that a cover is better than the original, But in your case I'll make an exception! You all have out-done yourselves! If you plan a show out here in the Phoenix area i will be there. Simply amazing!
Mike McMullan
from U.K. says:
I love your rendition of Metallica's favourites. When are you coming to the UK?! You seem to cover a wide range of music and I'd love to hear some of your own. I work at the building this website represents; and we cater for a wide range of musical tastes. Manchester is a vibrant city that's missing out on the bluegrass explosion and your rendition of favourites the general public know could be the kickstart the scene needs in England. Rock on! Email me!
The Joker
from Indianapolis, IN says:
I absolutely loved your show in Muscle Shoals. The arrangements are brilliant and well thought out. I only wish the set could have been longer. I can see from your website that you have lots of material. I am really enjoying the CD "Black and Bluegrass" that y'all so kindly autographed. I'm sure I'll be ordering the "Fade to Bluegrass" soon! "...better than a cheap hotel room!!!" (You can quote me on that!) Best Regards, Scott
Kathy James
from Indiana USA says:
Saw you guys Oct 4th in Muscle Shoals and bought your Black and Bluegrass guys are great! Rock on!
Joe Starr
from Wisconsin says:
First heard you guys in a used bookstore in Madison. I would love to come to one of your concerts if you are ever in our area. And if you do make it to the area you should be sure to come and see a great band called The New Pioneers. They play every month at Cafe Carpe in Fort Atkinson, WI. Here's a link to Cafe Carpe's performance schedule: Hope I get a chance to hear you in person. Thanks, Joe
Trey Wallace
from Texas/USA says:
Fellas, I just wanted to thank y'all for bringing the joy of music back into my life. It's been a true pleasure listening to your music. Keep rockin'! P.S. Any Texas dates possible?
from kentucky says:
love your music, hope to see you in concert in kentucky
from S�o Paulo, Brasil says:
Fantastic jog guys! Congratulations
from West Virginia, U.S.A says:
You guys are awesome how you can incorporate some of the best bluegrass I've ever heard into some of my favorite songs from my favorite bands such as: Led Zepelin and Metallica.I just ordered the tribute to modest mouse album and will be enjoying it very soon.
Gus Divine
from canada says:
Love your stuff; keep up the good work and when ya'll coming to Canada?
Brian Drylie
from Whittier .Ca USA says:
My new Favorite..... Band ...Rock on
from Texas/ U.S. says:
You guys rock, I was looking for some rock covers of pop songs when i found your fuel cover, but man your bluegrass metal covers are awesome!
pette sisterna
from monterrey mexico says:
you rock guys make a big big inspiration for me ....this is my bluegrass country band i hope you like it.... your sound is magic magic.... how do you recorder it...? sorry for my bad english ... a big hug from mexico ... KEEP IT MAKING GOOD MUSIC..:)
from Ct says:
I saw that you guys were playing a wedding reception in New York. I would love to hear you guys play, your Modest Mouse tribute is my favorite. Please come and play some where in New England. I will Drive... Keep it up your the best.
from alabama says:
guys i have to say, as a fan of classic rock, metal, and most other forms of music, that you are fantastic. im listning to stairway to heaven as covered by iron horse right now...true talent. you guys freakin rock. i love it.
from pa says:
Hi guys Thank you for a very enjoyable hour listening to your samples. I was very impressed with your musical talent both instramental and vocal. My wife was also impressed when she went to your site. Not sure if we will get a cd, but will keep an ear open for a tour date in our area. I like rock, country, bluegrass and classical and your covers are great. Have you considered a tribute of Dire Straits? They have some songs that would lyrically transfer well. Thanks again Steve
from says:
found you guys on the web! we belgium guys love you You should take a look at they look like you guys music! Grtz
from PA U.S.A says:
from Germany says:
I just saw you guys on's awesome. Greetings from Germany!
Jeff Still
from PA/USA says:
Thanks for the great show last night in Harrisburg, Pa. We enjoyed listening and talking with you. Come on back sometime soon. Jeff