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from Argentina says:
At the age of 35 I found the bluegrass, thank you Iron Horse!!!
Charles Anderson
from Louisville/USA says:
Keep on keeping on! Life's a garden.... dig it :o)
Ron Harmon
from AL says:
Hey, Heard a gospel song on the radio. Thought it was Iron Horse. Love to hear you do it. "Hiding Like Elijah" by the Bishops Look it up, give it a listen.........Ron H
from Manitoba, Canada says:
Great work! I love the class rock and the Metallica tributes best. You guys do such a good job. Thanks and look forward to more...
Ken Tellier
from Canada says:
I enjoyed your sound from the moment I heard it. I play Bluegrass with friends and family and love it a lot. I'm hoping to hear more non-traditional bluegrass on Serius Sat Radio.(Kind of disappointed right now)You guys should be heard more often. Your music has made me appreciate Metallica.(Kind of backwards eh!?) Merry Christmas and all the best in 2009 Ken
Johnny Key
from AZ says:
Love your work. I have both the Pickin' on Modest Mouse and Fade To Bluegrass albums. Your interpretation is wonderfully refreshing.
Kate Monteforte
from NJ/ USA says:
Please post your tour dates for 2009! Or email them to me.... My boyfriend and I love your Metallica cover CD and we would love to see you play live! We live directly in the middle of NYC and Philidalphia, so anything close would be awesome!
shawn rinaldo
from new york/usa says:
you guys sound great! first time hearing you, by accident. great job on "fire on the mountain" love the traditional style, keep it up. have to save up to get a cd, but eventually will, so as to spread the music in upstate ny! thanks again
from california says:
I want you people to never murder good metallica music again!!!! If you come out with fade to bluegrass vol. 3 i can guarontee i will in fact get chuck norris to round house kick each and everyone of you in the face...... Never Kill any more metallica music ever again because its good music and you "people" or should i say DEMONS....are ruining it completly! Yours truly Fade to bluegass hater
wayne champion
from Alabama USA says:
I like your song where cabin,s never fall
Brian Shelton
from Indiana says:
You guys have a great talent. I love your music, and please keep up the good work!
Mike Fantacone
from Los Angeles, CA says:
Awesome. I heard you version of "Float On" in Chipotle, I sampled the songs on your site and love them. Thanks.
from Southern california says:
Love the modest mouse tribute. You should come out to socal sometime. Be cool to see you in action.
from ireland says:
lovin' the metallica stuff lads,keep up the good work
steven tilley
from ky/good ole u.s.a. says:
gentlemen, without a doubt you are one of the most rockin bluegrass bands, ever. i really enjoy your music, covers and originals. you have reawakened my love for good bluegrass. Keep up the good work! best of luck to you all.
Sara Murray
from Ontario, Canada says:
I was recently introduced to your music through a friend who loves your Metallica covers. Great stuff! Keep up the good work.
Josie McGinty
from Leesburg, Virginia says:
I think the Loudoun Independent is written by a bunch of five-year-olds. Easily the worst newspaper I've ever seen.
mathew huxley
from south australia, aus says:
hey i like ur music but can u get banjo tabs up of all the songs that would be great and come to australia :)
from Kentucky/USA says:
Keep on keeping on!
from Canada says:
You guys are the best.I started listening at the first Metallica tribute album and was amazed at how you had created an even, perfect, accompanied rendition of some of my favorite songs. I swear I listen to yours sometimes before the original. What I think sets you apart is that it seems like you spend more time getting it right. I appreciate excellence and you always get that done. Please don't ever rush anything!!!! That's what differentiates you from others. You guys are the best