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Jos´┐Ż Antonio
from Guadalajara Jalisco says:
Hola me encanta su musica, tengo poco de escuchar el tributo a metallica y ahora que visito su pagina veo que tienen tributos de mas bandas de rock. Los felicito espero algun dia vengan a Mexico gracias.
Abe Armendariz
from pueblo, co says:
I would love to see you guys play can you let me know of any updates I would much appreciate it
William Kidd
from Kentucky USA says:
Old Rock and Bluegrass what better combination could there possibly be. I will turn my friends on to you guys.
from Peoria/Illinois says:
I grew up with Bluegrass, but the way you guys have interpreted my favorite bands into something much better is inspiring. I love your Modest Mouse CD the best, it is sublime. Keep up the great work, and come up to Peoria, IL some day!
from Sweden says:
Hey. I have been listened to Iron Horse on Youtube and you guys rock! I have newer heard something so cool. Greeting from Sweden
Dan Ames
from South Dakota says:
hey guys...i just wanted to say that my friends and i here at Black Hills State University in Spearfish, SD stumbled upon your covers of Modest Mouse around the end of 2007 and we can't get enough of it! None of us take your CD out of the player. Then we got the Led Zeppelin cover CD and let's just say you have established a firm grip on our attention. In a college town that loves it's bluegrass (Trampled by Turtles is a regular visitor) we want nothing more than you guys to come play for us! We can pretty much guarantee a large amped audience...and we'll party with you after the show! please consider it, we love you!
Danny Castle
from Fort Carson, CO says:
I just wanted to let you guys know that I think you have done an amazing job with all these tribute ablums. I have listened to blugrass and country my whole life and am rarely impressed these days. But you guys have rekindled my love for bluegrass so much that I convinced my wife to buy me a mandolin for Christmas, which I won't get until I get home from Iraq next month. Your music is on of the albums that I wear out on my iPOD. Thank you.
from Colorado says:
are ya'll going on tour this summer? come back to colorado!
Vladimir Patejchuk
from Brest/Belarus says:
Tribute to Metallica it's very very very cool real thing!!!!
joshua jacome
from oregon,usa says:
I bought your album Fade To Bluegass about four years ago out of pure curiosity and loved it. I have always loved heavy metal for its force and precision,I thought that this cd would somehow spoof those two properties,I was expecting a laugh.what i found was force and precision redefined. I love your work!!
Pete Altonen
from MN says:
I really like your versions of Metallica's music!
Daniel Blankenship
from Ohio United States says:
Hey guys my name is Daniel and I host a radio show worldwidebluegrass for new and up and coming bands. I noticed that none of our other dj's have heard of you guys and don't have your music. I would like to obtain some of your cd's so that I could play your music during my show. As of right now we have none of your stuff in our library. All emails should be sent to Thank you guys for doing what you do. Thanks, Daniel Blankenship
Wilkie Dunn
from Georgia says:
Thanks for all your musical efforts they are appreciated when will you post your 2009 tour dates?
George Krause
from Decatur Ill U.S.A. says:
I found some of your music on frost wire and down loaded. It seems i can't get enough so i am purchasing as much as i can from i tunes and will be checking wal-mart. thanks for the hint because it's not in bestbuy. LOVE the sound and vocals this won't be shelved any time soon. Keep up the EXCELLENT WORK!
Andreas Auklend
from Norway says:
Great music! Bluegrass is real country, love it. Please have a gig in Norway asap;)
Dave Anderson
from Canada says:
Next Iron Maiden and Black Sabbath! huge fan, keep it going! cheers!
from Argentina says:
At the age of 35 I found the bluegrass, thank you Iron Horse!!!
Charles Anderson
from Louisville/USA says:
Keep on keeping on! Life's a garden.... dig it :o)
Ron Harmon
from AL says:
Hey, Heard a gospel song on the radio. Thought it was Iron Horse. Love to hear you do it. "Hiding Like Elijah" by the Bishops Look it up, give it a listen.........Ron H
from Manitoba, Canada says:
Great work! I love the class rock and the Metallica tributes best. You guys do such a good job. Thanks and look forward to more...