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Ray pritchett
from GA says:
I have recently purchased a banjo with high hopes of learning to play. Many have said that it is not an easy instrument to learn. I have always loved bluegrass, however it wasn't until I heard "Fade to bluegrass" that my mind was set(well that plus "Rainbow Connection") I would love to get some banjo Tab. for anything from that album, or anything else that Anthony might think a fledgling banjo player could handle. Keep up the great work guys! You are (in my opinion) single handedly bringing bluegrass to a new generation.
Whitney St. John
from Kentucky/USA says:
Any tablature for Pickin' on Modest Mouse? - I'm a new banjo player and would love to practice with your songs (I know what they sound like better than bile them cabbage down....) I've enjoyed your versions so much - Pickin' is easily one of the best road trip cd's ever...Thanks!
from Slovakia says:
Hi guys, just wanna say that I've never heard better cover of Metallica than what you managed. Keep it up.
Don Lee
from Eureka Springs, Arka says:
I just wanted to say I've been listening to your covers of Metallica and I am moved beyond words by what you've done. I don't think it's in any way derivative; in fact, it opens the music in ways I, for one, would have never gotten. I am sitting here in tears at ten o'clock on a work night listening to it for the first time. Thank you. It means a whole lot right now.
Samuel Smith
from England says:
you guys should come to england your great
Honza basta
from Czech republic/Europ says:
Hello, great music! I am pleased to hear any your samples! Donť you want to come to our old Europe and show here your covers? Here, in the Czech republic are many people interested in bluegrass... Honza
Richard Haworth
from England UK says:
Now guys, you have reached the UK audience, please email me your permission to play your CD's in my Pub. I am absolutely stunned, you are the best band out there!!! I am a Rock fan at heart, but I find your take on music very refreshing. Great musicians all of you! I wish you all the best with your musical career, you guys desrve it. Rich
Justin Nelson
from Alberta, Canada says:
I am noticing in my mail from Ticketmaster that The Blind Boys Of Alabama are playing a show in Edmonton, Alberta. If Iron Horse plays shows in Canada, you will be opening a whole new can of worms,as this Country is full of Hicks,Hillbillies,and Rednecks and I am very proud to be one of em'. If you ever come to play in Canada please let me know and I'll summon my posse to your Bluegrass Show come HELL OR HIGH WATER! It was also very nice to speak with Vance and Ricky approx 6 months ago! Your Friend Justin K. Nelson
from argentina says:
Exelente, no los conocia, me encanta, buscare sus discos. Con tiempo alhun tema de Alice Cooper. Saludos
from Chihuahua. Mexico says:
You're great. i love your music.... thanks.
from PA says:
I love a wide variety of music but bluegrass just always puts me in a great mood. You guys grabbed some of my favorite bands and turned their music into incredible bluegrass. Metallica to Modest Mouse you take their energy and turn it into your own. Keep kickin ass! Thanks, Phil
Morgan Shnier
from says:
I love Pickin' On Modest Mouse, and I would love if you guys did a bluegrass tribute to Black Flag.
from Florida says:
You guys are awesome! I love how you take already great songs and make them your own and better. You've got my support. Keep up the good work!!!
Daniel Butler Jr.
from Virginia says:
You guys kick ass. I own the Metallica and Ozzy cd's and would like to know where to buy your cd's other than online.
from says:
Love the covers, much better than the pick on' series i think. Keep up the good work. Vocals on these albums are superb and ethereal at times. Good style one criticism is the rendition of"one", i think you guys couldve done that whole song including thatcrazy solo! and i was kinda dissappointed there was no "civil war" on the gnr
from alabama/usa says:
I really enjoy you guys music.. I was raise on bluegrass and old country music.. as I got older started enjoying rock and metal... and now I got them both in one.... thanks for the music
from Raleigh, NC says:
I love your stuff! Ever considered doing a Radiohead cover album?? I bet it would sound fantastic. Keep up the good bluegrass!
from Raleigh, NC says:
I love your stuff! Ever considered doing a Radiohead cover album?? I bet it would sound fantastic. Keep up the good bluegrass!
from Sweden says:
Man! A friend of my introduce me to you playing some of your metallica covers. Awesome! I pray to God that you will visit Sweden some day! Keep up the good work, fellas!!!
from Russia says:
Thank you that you there is I like your music and I hope someday you arrive in russia PS forgive me for bad english