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from Germany says:
Hey guys! Keep on rockin'. You´re doing such a great Job, please continue to play with the passion that you all have. This is a really authentic group of great musicians! I´m sure the next CDs and LPs are gonna be great to! Thanks for all the good vibes and all the best from Germany! P.S. please release a EP or LP with the Rocketman track on it. I fell in love with it!
from California says:
Saw you in Ocean Beach, California last night. GREAT SHOW! I've been a fan for years, and just couldn't believe you were playing in my neighborhood in such a tiny place. I felt really lucky to see you. Thanks for the good time.
June Ann Smith Strickland
from South Carolina says:
Good to see you cuz Tony. I would love to see you in concert. Do you have anything in NC, SC or TN? We live in SC. Hope to hear from you soon.
David Simpson
from Donetsk, Ukraine says:
I'm a song writer stuck in a war zone for two years now. Your works gave me a new focus. My grandfather was a big banjo player and I feel the calling once free of here. My question is for Anthony. On fade to black, I notice a real edge in the performance, is there any back story to what drove that edge in the performance of that song?
Lee Elk
from NM says:
Great Musicians! Spend a couple hours a night on your music,...banjo parts. Does copywriter laws keep you from say, doing Take it Easy by the Eagles. Anyway, keep that music coming!
Neson Brugh
from NC/USA says:
Love your music -- it sure would be great if you could join this years' IBMA World of Bluegrass festival in Raleigh September 26-30?
lane hite
from sc usa says:
I can't get enough of you guys ! I'm so hooked on "rocket man" I can't quit listening. I'm a traditional banjo picker myself but grew up in the 70s with all the rock music you guys turn out. Love your music !! Keep on picking!
Andrew Heinritz
from CA says:
My wife, Andrea, and I look forward to Feb. 3rd show at Coopers in Nevada City! I have long thought a perfect metal song to arrange for bluegrass is "Give Me a Bullet to Bite On" by AC/DC(Powerage album I believe). If you guys can play it I'll buy you each a beer or other refreshment! Thanks!
Don T
from Massachusetts says:
I want you to know that I love what you are doing with music. You guys are on my music channels on all media types. I was wondering if you were ever planning on coming to the North east? Ct has some great venues and so doesn't Mass. I think you would be surprised how many fans you have up here and we would love to see you perform live. Thank you. Don
Ian Spittal
from United Kingdom says:
Hi.I am fairly new to the banjo, having played guitar and bass in various bands over the years.I have recently heard Rocket Man by your band and as a result have been completely blown away in particular by the banjo playing and its contribution to the song.I have turned the speed down to half on the u tube video to try and hear and work out the banjo part- to no avail as the reduction in speed introduced distortion which rather defeats the exercise.Is the banjo tab for this piece available anywhere? I have no objection to paying if required, Cheers Ian
George Wisneskey
from NC/USA says:
Welcome to Oriental. Sure wish my lovely travel companion HA from Thailand could join me for your performance Saturday evening. See you at The Bean. George
Tracy Wilson
from Virginia says:
Just got Iron Horse's CD "Classic Rock" Love it!
Doug Skapyak
from Wisconsin says:
When may you be coming to Mn/Wi? Check out our Eau Claire, WI Blue Ox Bluegrass Festival, one of the country's largest. We have to get you invited up here. Lots of Bluegrass fans in the north woods.
Tracy Wilson
from Virginia says:
I heard yalls version of "ROCKET MAN". I can't play it enough! It is awsome. Tracy Wilson singer/songwriter,musician. I will be ordering your CDS for for sure!
Donna Broadway
from AR says:
Would love to see you in Arkansas. Any plans for that? AR does have a bluegrass festival annually.
Dan Loehr
from WA, USA says:
Dang boys; I haven't been this fired up since I discovered Wylie and the Wild West. Found you on Youtube with your rendition of Rocketman. Outstanding! Ya'll take care.
from Jordan says:
Greetings, I have to say your renditions of rock music into the style of bluegrass is genius. I cannot get enough of listening to you guys. I started playing banjo years ago but between working and travelling I didn't hve the quality time to invest in it. As I have grown older and my life has slowed down after listening to you guys I want to get back into it. The problem here in this part of the world bluegrass or country music is non existant. But i hope I can manage to get good enough where I can get a few other musicians to start picking. Thanks again for giving us an outlet for the awesome music you are producing and will be looking for more future releases of your music. Take care
from WI says:
Please come to wisconsin!
from MI says:
Please come to Michigan soon!
Bill Doss
from Ohio says:
Met you guys at a venue where I worked a few years back...I've been meaning to see you live when I can sit back and enjoy the show. Hope to do so in 2017.