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robert clayton
from georgia/usa says:
please come to georgia would love to see you guys play
Lydia Malmqvist
from Sweden says:
I just say like Joe from Ontario down bellow: " I hope to see you guys live one day"! Looking at the tour dates and realise we will miss your lovely tunes by an inch on our three week long U.S. roadtrip to this Old Time festival Clifftop, Wv. :( :( Listening A LOT to Fade To Bluegrass during my work as an janitor back here in cold sweden! thank you for the music! Everytime im on a blugrass or old time festival (yes we have those in sweden too:) I force people to listen to you guys. Bye! (sorry for bad spelling)
Dennis Bromley
from South Carolina says:
We would LOVE to see you perform in South Carolina...Greenville actually would be PERFECT! We don't see ANY Carolina dates scheduled(North or South) that by design or it just happens this way. We'd go to HUntsville to your show this year IF we didn't have one of those family things getting in the way? Greenville would love you would Spartanburg!!!
Andrew Hick
from Australia says:
Greetings from an Englishman in Australia. Your singer's voice is as clear as a bell. I really enjoy your music.
from Ontario/Canada says:
I hope to see you guys live one day. I live in the great white north and love your music. I am a huge bluegrass fan, banjo player and love that you recreate timeless music! Keep up the great work and I will keep smiling... You guys are awesome!
from Victoria, Australia. says:
Thank you so much for your wonderful covers, you have introduced me to bluegrass and inspired me to learn to play the banjo. Your music always makes me smile. Thank you!
Bill Young
from Texas says:
Stumbled across your version of Rocket Man on You Tube, and then enter sand man. You got me, I'm hooked... Keller, Texas.
Josh Mosher
from CT says:
Thank you all for the wonderful music. I have been ADDICTED to the Modest Mouse album. I was into it before I was into Modest Mouse, actually. Your cover album made me interested in that band. I am currently listening to the vinyl Nirvana album, and have ordered the Metallica album on vinyl as well. Would love to have more of your catalog released on vinyl. Any plans? Also - have there been any considerations for new pickin on albums? For some reason, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam, Temple of the Dog, Sublime, Mad Season, Soul Asylum have all been overlooked. The Iron Horse albums are my favorite in the series and would really love to hear your renditions of these groups. Much respect. Josh
from Madison, Alabama says:
I've been listening to your Modest Mouse tribute album over and over for months now. Your emotive renditions with the already poignant lyrics gets me every time. Thanks, and keep it up! I'll have to catch one of your shows in the area.
Jessica Marik
from Arkansas says:
You all need a female singer and that female singer is ME! Not that the band is lacking in any way, but a female singer would only enhance the sound. Don't you think? I love metal and I love gospel and I love bluegrass and I can sing my tail off. My daughter says I sound like Anita Carter and I happily take that compliment. Iron Horse is my favorite. Hope to see you all play live some time during my lifetime. This band has all my respect. Each of you have been blessed by God with your gift of music. Take care! P.S. I really would love to sing with you all too so if you ever need a guest female singer, I am your gal. I wasn't kidding. Haha. Thanks for your time, pals!
Wayne Mershon
from South Carolina says:
Just found a great way to re-listen to all my rock&roll I grew up with... THANKS GUYS... Hope some Bob Dylan songs are in the future.... Come to South Carolina and play... hear at the beach we promise to come listen...
kevin kleckner
from arizonia says:
Really enjoy your tunes....appreciate your artistic music and will pick up a few CDs.
Josh Hughes
from La says:
Gentlemen, greetings from Djibouti Africa. Currently deployed here as a captain in the Air Force. I will tell you nothing brings me back home like cranking y'all up in the ol' CLU (containerized living unit)(a.k.a shipping container). I wish you guys the best of luck playing the music you clearly love.. Capt Josh hughes
Lennie Thompson
from Iowa/US says:
Love listening to your group... Great job.. :) Love Rocket Man...
Clark Smith
I ordered a couple of CD's and a hat from your site last week. I was pleasantly surprised to receive my order today (Monday). I would have expected the usual 4-6 week delivery, but no. You guys are on point and delivered immediately. Thank you for the most excellent customer service and delivery. I look forward to enjoying Classic Rock and Whole Lotta Bluegrass. Thank you guys. Clark Smith
Don Statler
from Illinois says:
Just finished listening to Tribute to Classic Rock Disc. Without a doubt if not the best I've ever listened to it's awfully close !!!
Brenda and Martin Knauer
from ON Canada says:
Hey Folks... Do you ever get to Canada? We just heard you for the first time and absolutely love your sound! So fun! Let us know if you are going to be in Canada or near us in the Western NY area. Thanks so much for your music. You made our day. Brenda Knauer
Zachary Emerald Stucki
from UT says:
Love your music!
from Florida/USA says:
Just heard your version of Rocketman. It was outstanding.I hope your band gets to come down to Florida. Best wishes to you. Great music!
from Germany says:
Hallo, Ich habe Euch 4 im youtube gesehen und habe mir das Guns nicht roses Album gekauft.das ist mal etwas anderes.ich finde es gut. Vorallem rocket man ist richtig gut gecovert. Macht weiter so. Vielleicht kommt ihr ja mal nach Deutschland, vielleicht sogar leipzig Best regards knut