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from Moscow, Russia says:
Amazing music!!! "Rocket man" is just fabolous and waaay better than the original song. Thanks! Best , From Russia with love Stan
Mari Miller
from CA/USA says:
You guys need to come to California!
Charlie Martin
from Ga says:
Do you guys ever come to Georgia?? It right next door.
from MA says:
PLEASE come to Massachusetts!
from MA says:
PLEASE come to Massachusetts!
from Washington says:
Just heard Iron Horse's version of Fade to Black. My music was on shuffle and I didn't know what was coming next, so I listened to the music without knowing the name. It sounded familiar, and then I saw that it was a bluegrass version of a Metallica song. I have to admit that at first I wondered if it was a gimmick. But actually the music itself was awesome, and I thought that anything played so proficiently and arranged so neatly could not be a gimmick. Way too much time, effort, and talent went into that performance for it to be anything but an excellently crafted tribute. I've listened to a few other Iron Horse versions of Metallica songs now and I think Fade to Black and Unforgiven are the best. They seem to work better as bluegrass songs than some of the others (for example, "One" and "Enter Sandman"). I wonder if you guys think this is true also. Did some songs seem to fit better in a bluegrass style than others? Do you think this is because of a particular reason, maybe the chord structure or the vocal melody? Love your music!
Eddie Gainey
from Florida says:
Really enjoy listening and trying to pick up playingbyour style but really could use the tabsZ looking forward to seeing them soon
from California says:
Could you guys please do an album of hip hop covers? I think it'll be very popular.
Blake Nix
from Alabama/USA says:
Terrific find. Great band, glad to have run across you guys on the net.
David Horah
from Georgia/US says:
Fantastic show at Dugger Mountain. Really appreciate the conversation after the show.
from Colorado says:
Please come back to Colorado!!! Hell I'll pay you personally to play on my ranch.
Mike Wilson
from Washington says:
you've been ordered by the NW to come to SEATTLE WASHINGTON !!! Ok not ordered but Please, please, please
Stanley Cheatham
from ala/usa says:
Love your music. any play dates close in 2017
Wayne Hales
from Alberta/Canada says:
I have liked Bluegrass for along time. What you do has got me playing again. Thank you.
robert clayton
from georgia/usa says:
please come to georgia would love to see you guys play
Lydia Malmqvist
from Sweden says:
I just say like Joe from Ontario down bellow: " I hope to see you guys live one day"! Looking at the tour dates and realise we will miss your lovely tunes by an inch on our three week long U.S. roadtrip to this Old Time festival Clifftop, Wv. :( :( Listening A LOT to Fade To Bluegrass during my work as an janitor back here in cold sweden! thank you for the music! Everytime im on a blugrass or old time festival (yes we have those in sweden too:) I force people to listen to you guys. Bye! (sorry for bad spelling)
Dennis Bromley
from South Carolina says:
We would LOVE to see you perform in South Carolina...Greenville actually would be PERFECT! We don't see ANY Carolina dates scheduled(North or South) that by design or it just happens this way. We'd go to HUntsville to your show this year IF we didn't have one of those family things getting in the way? Greenville would love you would Spartanburg!!!
Andrew Hick
from Australia says:
Greetings from an Englishman in Australia. Your singer's voice is as clear as a bell. I really enjoy your music.
from Ontario/Canada says:
I hope to see you guys live one day. I live in the great white north and love your music. I am a huge bluegrass fan, banjo player and love that you recreate timeless music! Keep up the great work and I will keep smiling... You guys are awesome!
from Victoria, Australia. says:
Thank you so much for your wonderful covers, you have introduced me to bluegrass and inspired me to learn to play the banjo. Your music always makes me smile. Thank you!