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Cassandra Kreitzberg
from Fl, USA says:
I have been travelling non-stop for the past three years. My dad and I set out to sail around the world. Almost two years ago in Tahiti I heard your Modest Mouse tribute blaring out of a California bloke's Tayana 37'. I inisited he make me a copy and have been spreading the Iron Horse gospel ever since. You're music took me home to the South and let me stay on the water in the Pacific at the same time. I don't know how I could ever fully express my admiration for your concept, appreciation for your talent, or the sheer joy of listening to you play. I am living in New Zealand for the time being and wish you to know that Kiwis also dig your style. I have recently been obsessed with the idea of you covering the Violent Femmes. I felt like I was struck with genious until I thought it over and realized you must get bombarded with cover suggestions. So I'll leave it at this. Keep doing what you're doing cause we like it. We like it a lot. Cheers, Cassie
from Virginia, USA says:
Keep up the great work! Can't wait to hear the Goo Goo Dolls album. Any chance on doing an album covering Stone Temple Pilots? Or maybe Chris Cornell? I'd love to see an album of Bluegrass covers of grunge songs!
Chris Minagil
from Las Vegas, NV, USA says:
I have to say, I'm amazed at your detailed and well put together renditions of my favorite band, Metallica! I've since purchased the first AND second discs to add to my collection. Keep up the great work, guys, and I'm looking forward to listening to all of your other works out here in toasty Las Vegas!
from NY says:
Love the modest mouse tribute. Great stuff. I've got a suggestion for your next one: Built to Spill. I think the music would translate wonderfully.
from Indiana says:
You have inspired this Rock-N-Roll Bass player to learn the Banjo (Ride the Lightning cover) I have a Global 5 String to learn on. Any advice for a 43 year old beginner ;) Thanks for your time and Music
Heather Lowe
from NC/USA says:
I heard you guys for the first time today. A friend of mine posted a youtube video of your metallica tribute on his facebook. I was hooked. I live in Wilkes County NC home of Doc Watson and the Merle Watson Festival. You may have played here in the past, if not we would love to see you @ the festival. Thanks!!
Wilkie Dunn
from Ga. USA says:
E-mail tour dates if possible I am a ardent fan that has never seen Iron Horse in person keep up the good work!
from Alabama says:
I love your stuff. When are you going to be in Montgomery?
Ryan R. & LSSU Geology/Physi
from Upper Peninsula Mich says:
Iron Horse is the reason BlueGrass will live forever. How can I tell? When my class of 20 or so fellow college geology students spends every weeknight in the lab with a ton of work to do, what do we listen to? thats right Iron Horse hell yeah! Keep up the good work boys! P.S Get some gigs in the U.P in michigan here !
from NC says:
You guys are the best. I cant beleive that I am just hearing you today for the first time. Purely by accident on You Tube. I have Oct 23 marked on my calender to see you guys at the Eaglesnest in Maggie Valley. Anyway you can get me an invite to the wedding reception your playing at the next day?
JT Beebe
from TX/USA says:
your work is brilliant. my wife and i can't stop raving about ya'll...we actually played some stuff from something you've never heard before. we only thought we liked modest mouse... anyway, thx for bringing use around to bluegrass. sincerely, JT ps...could ya'll add me to your myspace?
Frank Quinn
from il usa says:
WHAT A GREAT FIND! Great sound,great music. IRON HORSE is in my car!
steve mills [ckt]
from md carrol us says:
hope to see ya soon good friend of ray the indian seeya soon TE the EEL ckt
from says:
mis ya dude want to still go camping hear good music call herbie
Al Mencaroni
from Perugia says:
I'm waiting for you in Italy!
from france says:
hey man, i wrote u almost 6 month ago to ask u when u'll come in france but still didn't get an answer, here, we're ready for u.......still waiting!!!!!
Ray pritchett
from GA says:
I have recently purchased a banjo with high hopes of learning to play. Many have said that it is not an easy instrument to learn. I have always loved bluegrass, however it wasn't until I heard "Fade to bluegrass" that my mind was set(well that plus "Rainbow Connection") I would love to get some banjo Tab. for anything from that album, or anything else that Anthony might think a fledgling banjo player could handle. Keep up the great work guys! You are (in my opinion) single handedly bringing bluegrass to a new generation.
Whitney St. John
from Kentucky/USA says:
Any tablature for Pickin' on Modest Mouse? - I'm a new banjo player and would love to practice with your songs (I know what they sound like better than bile them cabbage down....) I've enjoyed your versions so much - Pickin' is easily one of the best road trip cd's ever...Thanks!
from Slovakia says:
Hi guys, just wanna say that I've never heard better cover of Metallica than what you managed. Keep it up.
Don Lee
from Eureka Springs, Arka says:
I just wanted to say I've been listening to your covers of Metallica and I am moved beyond words by what you've done. I don't think it's in any way derivative; in fact, it opens the music in ways I, for one, would have never gotten. I am sitting here in tears at ten o'clock on a work night listening to it for the first time. Thank you. It means a whole lot right now.