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Daniel Lind
from Sweden says:
I just want to say that i realy love your music
Chuck Scillion
from Louisville,ky says:
You guys ROCK! My favorite song is FLOAT ON. Will you guys ever play in KENTUCKY? My brother brought one of your c.d's to a camping trip this summer and all of our friends could'nt get enough were all intrested in seeing you guys in concert!! Keep up the great work!!!!!!!!!!!!
from Oregon says:
You all captured my attention a few years ago, since then I have hoped to see you out here in the west. Keep on pick'n! Peace, Love and Happiness Poppie
Chris Hayes
from Kentucky says:
My buddy turned me on to you guys about 6 months ago and i cant get enough. I got Fade to Bluegrass vol. 1 and I've been wearing it out. Cant wait to hear the new GNR tribute.You guys need to do a show close to Louisville so i can hear ya live. You guys are one of my favorite bands now, keep it up!
from Kentucky says:
Hey Guys! I love your music, I listen to it all the time. I was wondering if there was a way I could send you a cd cover for you all to sign? I would really appreciate it. Please get back with me so I can get your mailing address.
Bryce Sunduk
from Prince Rupert, B.C. says:
I just thought I'd stop in to let ya know that I love the music ya make. I listen to it while I'm depressed and it makes me feel better about life. Thank You
from Yorkshire UK says:
I've just heared your tribute to Unforgiven. In the words of the great James Hetfield: YEAH!
Tara Carlisle
from CO says:
love the music. Are you coming to Colorado anytime soon? Would love to see you. Keep rocking Tara
from Ma. us says:
You guys rock. Bring it to the Boston area
Brice Lamb
from Amboy,IN USA says:
I think you guys are great I have both the Fade to Bluegrass and Pickin' on Zepplin cd's and love them both. You guys rock.
Adri�n D�az
from M�xico D.F. says:
Hello I write from Mexico and we love their music, we really are fans of you, go ahead, congratulations and I hope it might do some Iron Maiden Thanks
from South Carolina says:
Absolutely love the music... just can't get enough.
from CO says:
Any chance of making it out to CO to do a couple Mountain Bluegrass shows?
from Costa Rica says:
I just wanted to thank you for such an amazing album as Fade to bluegrass. Metallica has been a great inspiration to me in many levels, and I love to see what other people can do with their songs, and you guys are the best I've heard so far (and believe me, I've heard a LOT of covers and tributes so that gotta mean something). On the other hand, even though I don't really listen bluegrass I do love it, so that's another reason to like your work. Thanks a lot for making Fade to bluegrass.
from Costa Rica says:
Any chance you guys could add a tablature for Welcome Home? ^__^
Grampa Caligula
from Ohio says:
You've made me like Metallica again! If you ever do Slaye, I'll go door to door selling it!! ;-)
from says:
Do Iron Maiden covers! :P
from Oxford, AL says:
Hey, you guys are cool
from CA/USA says:
Tour San Diego!
from Portugal says:
Congratulations to this band! this is far the best band i have ever heard making covers!! please consider a tour to europe (passing through Portugal :P ) waves from Portugal!