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Kristen Palmeri
from NY says:
You guys have a video I can link to facebook? Your covers a neat. Ever come up to Buffalo?
from NC/US says:
I recently submitted a comment about a house fire that I had. I lost my Fade to Bluegrass and black & bluegrass cd's along with my autographed picture. I lost the email response that you had sent me, but I really do appreciate you getting back to me. Thanks, Dave
Chris Rothacher
from CA, USA says:
you guys are fantastic, love everything. please come out to CA!
Richard Edward Baenen
from Oregon says:
Huge Bela Fleck/Sam Bush/Heavy Metal Fan. Can I get this on Itunes,rhapsody....?????
from England says:
Well this is all well and good but when are you guys coming to the UK?! Absolutely love your music, some of your covers like the modest mouse and the shins stuff just picks me up every time i hear it. I hope you can come to London soon or even better Essex!
from England says:
Oh guys, i have a problem! Trying to order your cd and you said add $2.00 for shipment outside the US, i cant add it on paypal? I cant find the option to do it? I'd love to be able to buy a cd as soon as possible (its the shins cover album i'm trying to buy)
michael collins
from ga says:
great music, get this stuff in a music store pls
from says:
It's a shame you've no tour dates for NYC
from West Virginia/ USA says:
hey, you guys are great! Do you have a CD out yet that has Trailer Trash and New Slang on it?
dave spencer
from kingsmountain nc says:
i recently had a house fire and i lost all my cds including my ironhorse cd and my poster and i was wondering if i could give me a new autographed picture. dave spencer 818 second street kings mountain nc 28086. ps keep up the great work
from France says:
Greetings from France ! I love your music and your talent of transcribing the best songs ever into the southern sound of bluegrass ! It's awesomely creative and inspiring ! One of my greatest wishes would be to see you guys on stage somewhere in Alabama when I'll cross the Atlantic ! Thank you so much for your amazing music and southern feeling ! Your biggest (and probably only. YET!) fan from France ! (You ain't from around here, are you boy? [southern accent] :-D ) F**k I wish I was born American...
from Nevada, USA says:
you guys are one of the most best bands ive ever heard. you rule. please, bluegrass slayer
Sean Muha
from United States says:
I have been trying to learn One by ear for the past year on banjo. Thanks to you guys I can play along. Keep It up!
Sean Muha
from United States says:
I have been trying to learn One by ear for the past year on banjo. Thanks to you guys I can play along. Keep It up!
Jake Everson
from Pa says:
from St. Paul, MN. says:
Thank you so much for the tabs! It has been difficult to find any and this was the last place I thought I'd find them (but isn't everything you find always in the last place you looked?). Anyway, love the Modest and the Met. Thanks.
Oleg "Axacal"
from Russia St.Petersburg says:
Perfectly play, come to Russia!
Matthew Sargent
from MI/USA says:
I would like to know if there are any scheduled performances? In or around MI?
Martin Sandell
from Gothenburg/Sweden says:
You Guys Is Amazing! Thanx 4 This Music You Make! It�s Greater Than Great! Peace And Out,
Emily and Jimi
from Texas says:
Please Come to Texas!!! My Dad and I LOVE listening to your tributes and would love nothing more but to see you guys live. My dad loves you guys so much he is currently building an iron tribute to the band, He just completed the mandolin(3ft x 18in). He'll be starting the banjo soon it will be roughly 5ft tall. I will e-mail ya'll pictures after while. Peace, SteelRockin in Texas