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from IN says:
Hi Tony,Ricky,Vance,and Anthony.. I was just introduced to your music this past week when my husband stumbled across you on accident. We are both glad that he stumbled upon you. Your music reminds me of days long past when my family would get together, sit in a circle and sing and play guitar. Those are cherished memories from my childhood, and it was those memories that led me to love bluegrass (and music in general). I commend you for your wonderful insight into Metallica and Black Label Society's lyrics as well as others. Each of you are very talented, and I wish you the best of luck in your journey. I actually ordered your tribute to Black Label Society. By the way, thank you for the very fast shipment. Keep chasing your dream. I am confident you will achieve it. Blessings to each of you!
Amy Aldridge
from AL (Maywood) says:
Hey Guys, Just ordered the new cd's and can't wait to hear the them. I think I have them all now. Hope to see you soon.
Jennifer Davis
from USA says:
You all are amazing.
Bryce Sunduk
from B.C, Canada says:
I just got the new CD Love all ya'll music eh. I love this beautiful music. Play me some Iron Maiden sometime eh? "Up The IRON'S"
Gregory Pugliese
from Alabama says:
I just started listing to you guys from the album Pickin on Modest Mouse because I am a huge Mouse fan and I think that yall did an unbeleivable job!!!!
Merrit Neptune
from Maine says:
You guys are AMAZING!!! Wilson-Seeker wedding was the most fun I've ever had at a wedding and your performance was a major contributor! I will be singing your praises to everyone I know and I hope to have at an event of mine in the future!
Jim Adkins
from georgia, usa says:
Absolutely loved what you guys did with the modest mouse record. I am from kentucky, so bluegrass in my dna, and modest mouse moves me, provoking more creativity in my work as an artist. Then you combined the two, absolutely wonderful. You guys are genius at what you do. Thank you.
from Portland OR, USA says:
I have been a huge fan of Modest Mouse for many years. Living in the Northwest, surrounded by fresh and unique new independent music they are considered kings. A friend of mine told me about your album Pickin� on Modest Mouse, and I immediately started searching all around Portland for it. When I finally got my hands on it, I couldn�t stop listening to it. I love the mixture of the melancholy lyrics of Modest mixed with the sunny plucking of the bluegrass sound. Your renditions of World At Large and Polar Opposites are absolutely splendid. Please keep doing what you are doing, and come to Portland Oregon soon. Cheers! Amanda Lyon
Raul Palomo
from San Salvador/ El Sal says:
I must say I was amazed to hear some of my favorite metal music in bluegrass, damn great job! I own a mandolin and I was wondering where could I find the mandolin tabs to the songs you play.
joshua burris
from TX/USA says:
COME TO TEXAS!!!!!!!!!! please...
from CT says:
You guys rock. I have been hearing you guys for years now. Saw you guys back when you only had the first CD out. Made me pick up the Banjo. Anyways Would love to learn a few of your songs. Anyway i can get a few tabs? Thanks keep it up.
Ken Curry
from Florida USA says:
Hi Iron Horse,you guys rule.I am hooked on youre music,i have two cds so far & am planning on buying all youre cds,keep up the good work,see ya.
Ben Melton
from GA says:
I real enjoy ya'lls music and was hoping that you were coming to Savannah, GA in 2010. Hope to see you live. Thanks again Ben
Scott Wilson
from Washington DC says:
hey guys, I was the groom at Scott & Angie's wedding in Bryson City on the 17th of october. Angie and I (and everyone else) had at the reception during your set. you guys blew everyone socks off! hopefully we'll get to see you again sometime on one of your tours, or maybe we'll just have to go crash somebody's wedding! best wishes and thanks once again for a great time had by all! -scott & angie wilson
Bill Phillips
from tn says:
Tony, I need some cds of RIDING OUT THE STORM and the Gospel tribute to Hank Williams. 5 of each and give them to that hairy leg bass player and tell him to pass on to Steve Cole at church this Sunday and I'll mail you a check when I shear my cats if that is alrite. Thanks, Bill Phillips
from Where The Grass Is B says:
I Love The Music Keep on Rockin On i got the modest mouse cd Love It cant Wait To get Your CD's To Hear The Rest when You Comming near CinCinnasty OH, if You do trust Me I Will Be There cant wait To See You Live Peace,Brianthekid
from Sweden says:
If you guys ever come to Sweden I'll definatley come and see you! Best I've ever heard! I go to a music school and this have inspired me A LOT! Many thanks from �stersund, Sweden!
from Florida says:
Sabbath Rocks and so do you. We just ordered your CD to play at our wedding reception cocktail hour. I can't wait for it to come.
Gary Clark
from Maryland/USA says:
Hey guys! My wife Carole and I were at a wedding this weekend in Bryson City and you all were the entertainment for the reception. We had a great time listening to your music and bought two of your cd's which we listened to on the way up the road to Maryland. Thanks so much for the music and we will be checking to see if you guys are playing any where close to our area. Thanks again. Gary and Carole Clark
nathan urbancic
from felton,Ca says:
I love your sound, i have gotten all kinds of people turned on to your music. We keep looking to see if you are coming to northern California, if so we will be there.Thanks