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jim badger
from in. above kentucky says:
this is awsome!!! love the music!
Jennifer Treisch
from South Carolina says:
Just heard the Pickin' on Modest Mouse album from a friend and I'm hooked!! LOVE IT! I'm making a request-When ya'll play at the Aiken Bluegrass Festival on May 15th, 2010 could you possibly play 'Polar Opposites' or 'Interstate 8'? Pretty please, with sugar on top?? ;) Can't wait to boogie down soon.
from Germany says:
Hey, I've heard your music on YouTube. It is great I must say:-):-) Especially the metallica covers. Hope to see you in Germany once.
from Va says:
Stone Temple Pilots tribute next please!
from germany says:
I enjoyed you on youtube and i'm quite impressed, did you ever think of playing in germany? the "fabrik" in Hamburg would fit perfectly with you style respect from northern germany
John Ray
from Arizona says:
I've really enjoyed your Metallica tribute albums. In fact, so has my father, who is completely unfamiliar with Metallica. You definitely need to record a Slayer tribute album. Keep up the excellent music.
C Goodwin
from Aiken, SC says:
Saw you guys last time you were in Aiken. Looking forward to seeing you again. Please learn "Gin & Juice" by The Gourds (Snoop Dogg)
Sharon Floyd
from CA says:
I just came across you guys today and I am KICKING myself that I didn't book you for my wedding reception on May 30th in Fairhope, AL. I love bluegrass and I love Modest Mouse and The Shins! I hope y'all will come to visit LA,CA soon. Perhaps you could also book something in Asheville around June 1-4th so we could see you guys on our honeymoon. A bride can dream, can't she? Blessings! Sharon
mia soto
from montrouge, france says:
I am a huge fan of Modest Mouse, and, like with any beloved band, a fan would be apprehensive about a cover. However, I LOVE Iron Horses' covers of "Ocean Breathes Salty" and "The World At Large"! I love the more upbeat take on the songs! Great job, guys!!!
Jim Hull
from RI/NC/TN/MI/ETC says:
I hope y'all will try to make it back to Nashville at some point in the future. I would think you'd get a mighty friendly welcome at the Station Inn or elsewhere. And it's only 2 1/2 hours! What if we say "PLEASE"?
Felipe Bica
from Brazil says:
Hello! Please Iron Horse, record a blugrass tribute to Iron Maiden (something like "Iron Mare"). I believe Powerslave album is perfect: "Aces High" and "2 Minutes to Midnight" have multiple voices chorus, "The Duellists" (look this name!) is instrumental and have a lot of solos, and "Powerslave" is melancholic. Hope this works!
Joe McWherter
from Texas says:
Ya'll are awesome. Ya'll should think about playing in Texas at some point.
from Norway says:
Hey you guys!!!;)...i really like your stuff, specially Fade To Bluegrass, it rocks!!!..i salute you from Norway!!!!
Billy Reed
from MS / Adams says:
Im a fan of all music, you guys put it all together on one cd. ya'll are amazing I play the guitar, mandoline and banjo. People love it when I play your songs. Keep me posted im gettin all your CDS. Thanks again and keep them coming.
Bud Harris
from Alabama, USA says:
My brother John, who lives in Athens, Alabama told me about you guys. I am blown away by what I have heard. I love bluegrass and have played it for a long time, but I am also a lover of good, honest heavy metal. I also know Jim Hayes, who builds (in my humble opinion) a superior flat top guitar. My brother John told me yall played at the Alabama Opry, where he was running the sound mix one night.... I play a Stelling White Star and a 1960 Martin D-18 and come to the Fiddler's Convention when I can. Count me in as a big fan of Iron Horse.....
Tyler Shroyer
from Texas says:
You guys are just amazing! Keep up the great work
jim ed ray
from ok, usa says:
I just wanted to tell you guys that you are friiiiggin awsome!! thanks for the great music and the great creativity. it takes some kind of tallent to do what y'all do.
jim ed ray
from ok, usa says:
If y,all ever have clothing in 3x please let me know, I want one! Jim Ed Ray 8217 E.120 wetumka ok, 74883 1 405 452 3447
robert hope
from michigan/u.s. says:
you guys are great found u on pandora ill be telling friends to look for you.
Isa Shroyer
from Texas says:
Come to Texas!!!