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from ca says:
great metallica tribute versions!! Have you guys considered doing, I Disappear by Metallica? Great song, with a really hard edge.. would love to hear your take on it!
Thomas Powell
from Wyoming says:
Got introduced right around a year ago and have been digging it ever since covers are awesome and originals are killer
Bill Lockhart
from Texas,Good OLE U.S.A says:
Ya'll made me cry. Rekindled the Bluegrass roots in my heart! My family is from Alabama. Lost my Dad a few years back, me and him lived in Alabama on grandma's farm when I was a kid. My boss at work has a bluegrass band. The Acoustic sound hounds. I turned him on to Iron Horse. Bill Lockhart
from Edinburgh, Scotland says:
We are huge fans here of your Modest Mouse tribute! Going to see them this week, and we were all saying we wish we could see you instead - such a nuanced and lovely take on some really interesting songs, so you hear them in a way you never expected. Keep up the great work guys!!
Brian Williams
from Pensacola, FL says:
I just picked up "Take Me Home" and both volumes of "Fade to Bluegrass" and all I can say is... AMAZING! Do you guys ever get near Pensacola/Mobile?
from Hedmark, Hamar says:
Thank you so much for your music :) I love your banjo-player :) I think its so cool that you put your banjo sound in the forefront. People want to hear the banjo, and not many bands do that. I haven't been able to listen to anything else for years :P -Bendik from Norway
from Albuquerque, NM, USA says:
Please come near to New Mexico... Preferably into Albuquerque. There is an INCREDIBLE Folk/Bluegrass scene here. International Folk Festival, much? But seriously, driving to Alabama is not really possible for the hundreds I know who would kill to see you. I mean, we could do a bunch of carjackings, thus keeping our promises of killing to see you, but would you want that blood on our hands?
Chris Wright
from Shetland, United Kin says:
two words!!! FRICKING AWESOME!!! i have just started playing the banjo and if i could play like you guys i would be so happy. massive inspiration!!! please come to the uk!!!
Clay Brown
from Oklahoma says:
I've always been a bluegrass fan, but you guys have crossed so many lines I've introduced you to alot of my friends who have said Bluegrass is lame, well they no longer think that. I am also proud to say my parents( ages 78,&72) now know most all the words to Metallica songs. I think what you guys do is great, you have helped to close a huge generation gap. Keep on doin what your doin because we love it. I can'y wait till my family reunion in Dry Fork, Arkansas to educate the hill family. Good Luck and God Bless Clay Brown 3922 W Country Rd Skiatook.OK 74070
from says:
Your band has a wonderful sound. Please consider re-writing your bio! The one you have now doesn't do you justice. If I hadn't heard your music first, this bio would have put me off listening to the band. I'm sorry to be the one to say that, but you're great musicians and someone really ought to tell you the truth.
from Kentucky says:
Hey guys, Heard your cover of Modest Mouse's "Night on the Sun" on the latest episode of True Blood. Hope those few seconds of national exposure bring the band the attention it deserve.
from wi says:
Just found IH via grooveshark and the music is AWESOME! I sure wish I had found and heard it much sooner!
from Louisville, KY says:
My husband and I saw you all at Lebowski Fest in Louisville! You totally rocked! We hope to see you all back in Louisville soon!
from Melbourne - Australi says:
Your albums were played to me by my older brother, the same man who played Metallica to me over 15 years ago. Thank you for your wonderful versions of some of my favourite Metallica songs. Metallica has been the soundtrack to my life and your amazing interpretations are a part of my current soundtrack. Thanks guys. Also, please come to Australia. :) We will support you!!!
Bill Allen
from Decatur, Alabama says:
Great music, guys!
from Lexington, KY says:
Loved y'all at the Lebowski Fest in Louisville, KY! I brought y'alls Guns and Roses CD home to my husband. He and I are really digging it. I'm also 7 mos pregnant and my baby gets really active during "Sweet Child of Mine" (go figure! lol). Thanks again - would love to see y'all in Kentucky again! - Cait
Anita Kohlin
from Soddy Daisy, TN says:
We saw you in Pigeon Forge in June. You might want to register for Fan Fest 2010/World of Bluegrass at the convention center in Nashville. Anita
from Kentucky says:
Saw yall at Lebowski Fest, great show. my friends and i have been listening to you guys for a few years now. always thought we would never get to see Iron Horse unless we saved up enough money to bring you guys here ourself. Thanks for doin it and i hope yall will do some more shows in KY. THANKS FOR PLAYING TRAILER TRASH!!!
from Louisville, Ky says:
You guys totally rocked Lebowski Fest in Louisville! I told you guys I would look you up! Please know that you are always welcome in Kentucky! Love the music, keep it up!
Teah Davis
from Indiana says:
My husband and I came to the Lebowski Fest in Louisville, KY just to see you guys. You were great! We tell everyone we know to check Iron Horse Bluegrass out. Keep up the good work :) We love it!