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from wi says:
Just found IH via grooveshark and the music is AWESOME! I sure wish I had found and heard it much sooner!
from Louisville, KY says:
My husband and I saw you all at Lebowski Fest in Louisville! You totally rocked! We hope to see you all back in Louisville soon!
from Melbourne - Australi says:
Your albums were played to me by my older brother, the same man who played Metallica to me over 15 years ago. Thank you for your wonderful versions of some of my favourite Metallica songs. Metallica has been the soundtrack to my life and your amazing interpretations are a part of my current soundtrack. Thanks guys. Also, please come to Australia. :) We will support you!!!
Bill Allen
from Decatur, Alabama says:
Great music, guys!
from Lexington, KY says:
Loved y'all at the Lebowski Fest in Louisville, KY! I brought y'alls Guns and Roses CD home to my husband. He and I are really digging it. I'm also 7 mos pregnant and my baby gets really active during "Sweet Child of Mine" (go figure! lol). Thanks again - would love to see y'all in Kentucky again! - Cait
Anita Kohlin
from Soddy Daisy, TN says:
We saw you in Pigeon Forge in June. You might want to register for Fan Fest 2010/World of Bluegrass at the convention center in Nashville. Anita
from Kentucky says:
Saw yall at Lebowski Fest, great show. my friends and i have been listening to you guys for a few years now. always thought we would never get to see Iron Horse unless we saved up enough money to bring you guys here ourself. Thanks for doin it and i hope yall will do some more shows in KY. THANKS FOR PLAYING TRAILER TRASH!!!
from Louisville, Ky says:
You guys totally rocked Lebowski Fest in Louisville! I told you guys I would look you up! Please know that you are always welcome in Kentucky! Love the music, keep it up!
Teah Davis
from Indiana says:
My husband and I came to the Lebowski Fest in Louisville, KY just to see you guys. You were great! We tell everyone we know to check Iron Horse Bluegrass out. Keep up the good work :) We love it!
from Hawaii says:
Fade to Bluegrass is cool just wish Fade to Black's 1:10ish part was the cords/riff/transition i dont know the proper terminology was as hard and intricate as the original
Daniel Waldrip
from AL, Baldwin says:
Hey you guys should come down to gulf shores,AL. It would be so awesome to see you guys and would be great for the local residents that have been screwed by B...P.... Keep up the good work.
Mike Jordan
from Oh says:
You guys truly are a talented band, I would love to have you come up and do a show for the Ohio crowd some time!!!
Lacey Ward
from Ohio/USA says:
One of my friends mentioned that they had a bluegrass Metallica album and I was interested. I came home and started looking up stuff on the internet and found you guys. I was so shocked. Especially when I saw a Tribute to my all time favorite band in the world, GNR'. I couldnt believe it!!! Now I am completely sold. I just ordered five of your albums. I can't wait to share your music with my dad. He is a bluegrass man thru and thru and now we can both enjoy our music together. I think that it would be awesome if you all covered Cinderella. Keep up the great work and hopefully someday you all will come to my neck of the woods in Ohio!!!!
David Hariss
from Road Island United S says:
How can i get tabs for my 5 string Banjo? Id like Turky in the Straw to be the first song to learn.
Jim Haggard
from Michigan says:
Love your new website. Hope to see you in concert soon!
from NC/CA says:
Iron Horse just played our wedding in Winston Salem, NC and I cannot express the gratitude that we have for them. They were absolutely professionals and were very easy to schedule. The band played a tireless set that set the most perfect tone for our wedding. We had people attend our wedding from California to North Carolina and we continue to hear praise and love for Iron Horse from our friends and family! If you are considering booking Iron Horse...quit your waiting and start your booking. They are better live than you can ever imagine. Thanks guys!
from Tennessee, USA says:
I really enjoy listening to the music you all make. The Modest Mouse covers are by far the best covers I have heard. I love them all. Keep up the good tunes.
Ann W
from Maryland says:
When I first saw your Metallica tribute album in the mall I couldn't believe my eyes. As a metalhead from the 80's, I thought bluegrass and Metallica would never mix. I guess that's why I'm not a musician. You guys are fabulous! I will definitely be buying that album and maybe more in the future. I love bluegrass!
abby Crawford
from United States says:
I first heard your tribute to Modest Mouse many years ago when my college age sister played it for me and I loved it. It was only recently that I rediscovered your music and was overjoyed to find that you not only did a tribute to The Shins, one of my favorite bands, but that you also have a lot of original work! I am now definitely a fan! Keep pluckin'! You should come to Athens GA and play, I am sure you would be well received!
Jake White
from Alabama, USA says:
Loved having you guys play at the Jeep Scrambler Owners Association National Scramble event just outside of Sparta, TN in June this year. Great group of guys, GREAT music! Thanks for helping make this year's event even more special!