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Kelsey Crews
from Kentucky says:
I am a big fan of Bluegrass music and I am only 12 years old and can play a banjo. I am trying to play your Fade to Bluegrass music and would like to know what chord you play that music in. Please email me back! Thank you!
Jared Peters
from Arkansas/USA says:
Am a banjo beginner, love your music...thx
from South Carolina/USA says:
Love you guys!!! Had a friend suggest your rendition of Paradise City on Youtube. Loved it so I went to your site to see if you'd be playing anywhere near SC. Would love to see you guys live!!!!
Kimberley Reed
from says:
Please come to Australia, we love bluegrass!
from South Carolina says:
I'm a metalhead by default but you opened my world to bluegrass. Your covers rock hard and your originals are gems in themselves. Your religious songs also bring a lot of serenity. You're one of my favorite groups. Keep on pickin!
Nick Algee
from FL says:
I happened upon your sound in a groovy little coffee/ bakery in Athens GA. Very impressed - heard you 3 weeks back and circling back to your web page - the cover CDs look amazing and I'm sure your originals are spot on. I have a creative space in Ybor (Tampa FL). We should talk.
Steve CIsney
from Nebraska says:
I found Iron Horse on YouTube, and I became an instant fan. I am currently learning how to play banjo, and yall are an inspiration. Thanks!
Tim Jones
from Indiana says:
Very Impressed
from FLORIDA says:
from Pennyslvania says:
Please play Western PA, please! I'm so enamored by your music, it's just beautiful. Play Maryland, too. We love you!
from US says:
You guys really, really, need to come to North Carolina. Yall would ablsolutely kill it up here in the mountains. Folks in Asheville, Boone, etc would really dig this. (Wilmington has bluegrass scene too if you come around the coast). Great stuff guys, keep it up! ps. Phish has yet to have a legit bluegrass band play songs, let alone create an album. You guys should think about it. After hearing yall's Shins and Modest Mouse stuff, I could definitely see yall pulling it off.
John Gnarly
from Black Hills, SD says:
The Black Hills loves it! Hippies and pickies alike, you keep our feet movin fellas. peace and love. much love.
Darcy Paparazzi
from Brisbane, Australia says:
I see you have a lot of tour dates in Alabama, and very few tour dates for here in Australia. Email me when you get here! I love your work guys ;)
from CA says:
Hey! When are you coming to the West Coast? We would love to see you in SF. peace
from Bosnia and Herzegovi says:
Monica Greenwood
from Kansas/United States says:
Just discovered your music recently. Love what you are doing! Please come to Lawrence, KS and perform. We have a huge group of Bluegrass followers, and I know that you would have an amazing turn out if you did a show here. Thanks, Monica Greenwood
Daniel Raymond Floyd
from Alabama, USA says:
Man, Y'all ROCK. The first thing I ever heard was the Metallica tribute song "Fuel". I have since listened to your other stuff, and found that it wasn't a joke, as it was presented to me by a friend. I am extremely impressed by your ability to take these heavy songs and make them sound like they were written for bluegrass. Your version of "The Four Horsemen" and "Fade to Black" are my favorites from that album. I have played Guitar and drums my whole life, and have learned all types of music from Country to Bluegrass to Speed Metal, and I love it all. I will be making an effort to own everything Y'all put out, as I haven't heard one song I didn't just LOVE. I come from Country roots, and rebelled a bit as I was growing up, Moving on to Heavy Metal, and now I play in my Church's Gospel Band. I hope to one day be able to play and adapt music as well as you do. Thanks! Daniel Raymond Floyd
Bryan Sisson
from Florida, USA says:
I absolutely love your work. are you ever going to book some shows in Florida. Please let me know if you do Im centrally located in Tampa and would travel as far as Jacksonville if necessary. Keep up the good work, Bryan Sisson
Ryan Beatty
from Baton Rouge, LA USA says:
You guys rock! Ive been listeneing to yall for a few years! You need more video of LIVE performances om you tube! I would love to see more of yall! Good Luck!
from Pensacola, Florida says:
will you please come play a show in my town or anywhere within an hours driving distance?