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from fla says:
i would love to get you gigs in fla. i also see big festivals in your future. love if you could send me a promo packyou guys are better than you know! e mail and please send me a promo pack. Ben Groenewald 4340 normandy drive naples fl 34112
chris villarreal
from illinois says:
You guys are the best! come to chicago ASAP!
from Germany says:
MY LITTLE SON (2) AND ME LOVE YOUR STUFF!!!! Thanks to iTunes it´s available to me in Germany. Please come on tour to our country and I will be the guy singing out loudest in the first row! Sincerely yours!
from NC says:
I just stumbled on your video's on utube. I love it!!! Just wondering if there's a dobro player? Didn't hear one in the videos.
Romeo Lopez
from NY/NY says:
I discovered your music while a bartender was playing your modest mouse covers on the speakers. That was about 3 months ago and I am hooked. You guys are very talented and your originals are amazing. I hope you guys find your way to NYC. I sing for a punk rock band and we just started playing your modest mouse cover album before gigs.
from Campinas-SP / Brasil says:
You guys ROX, great work, we have a lot of Brazilians listening to your sound and it's fantastics. Well sad that probably you guys never cross America to play for us, but well I can dream still... Keep the fuc¨#¨#$ great work and maybe one day I manage to see U guys playing. Cheers!
from Glasgow, Scotland says:
Hello, please please please visit us here in Glasgow, Scotland. Thanks for the music and inspiration. Sam
Rachel Jean
from San Marcos, TX!!!! says:
You are the shit. I really love this music, and would love nothing more than to watch you all play live! I however, never go to Alabama. I live in San Marcos , TX, which is 30 minutes away from the live music capital Austin! Come and play here, I know you will have a great show many people would love to watch! Hope to see you soon!! God Bless Bluegrass.... Rachel
from Minnesota says:
Swing up to MN sometime. Love the Modest Mouse cover album!
Holly Perkins
from West Virginia , US says:
I've been a long-time listener and bluegrass enthusiast. Yall are wonderful! I've played the violin for around eight years and just picked up the cello, I'm hoping to make it work with bluegrass. Come to Morgantown, WV. You would be well received by all. Thanks for every ounce of inspiration!
Anna Popovich
from Washington/usa says:
I love your music! I was born and raised in Alabama (crenshaw county) and now work in the ski industry in Washington state, you guys have a huge following in the outdoor industry world! I think you could very easily set up a west coast tour. I have no idea what size venues you have played and are willing to play, but I think a ski area tour would be a possible great way to go. If this is interesting to you I would love to help facilitate with my contacts in the North West. Good Luck, and hope to see ya'll out here sometime. Thanks, Anna Popovich
Nate Worthington
from florida says:
I'm trying to think of the right thing to say, your music has effected my life. I cant get enough of it. The fist time i heard yall was out in the wood while we were riding four wheelers back in april. Ive been hooked ever since, i cant think of any better music. THANK YOU for this amazing music. THANK YOU
Josh Shelander
from IL/USA says:
Tour Chicago. You guys are fantastic.
Tero Muhli
from Finland says:
Not anything constructive to say, heard your music and instant fan.
from CA/San Francisco says:
I really love listening to Fade to Bluegrass. I've been in all kinds of rock and country bands and I love what you're doing. I'm originally from Fort Worth and will eventually return to play with an old friend. Your music actually has inspired me a lot that way. I think I like your version of Harvester of Sorrow better than theirs ha. I would love to hear something from a heavier metal band, like Death (who many claim began the death metal genre) or maybe something industrial, like Ministry, Nine Inch Nails, even Skinny Puppy. Just some playful thoughts. I am a drummer for many years, but now am considering the banjo very much. Thanks, thanks, thanks and are you on facebook?? Any thoughts on the Garage Days E.P.?
Benoit Chaput
from Quebec, Canada says:
I'd like to order 2 cd, but it seems that its impossible to order online outside usa... How could i get those cd (Fade to Bluegrass1 and Black & Bluegrass)?
Patrick C.
from CA/USA says:
I recently discovered you guys from a college station here in Los Angeles and you guys are awesome! I have been enjoying your takes on Metallica, whom I love! I was born and raised in Mobile Ala, Miami and NC before moving to CA in the early 90's. I miss the old bluegrass festival in Aheville called Shendig on the Green every summer and your music brings back memories. Your stuff is genius! Keep it up and I will share it wherever I go!
from North Carolina says:
Have you guys considered playing the Newport Folk Festival? I plan on making a big trip up there to see it and I think you guys would be a great addition. I don't even know how to begin to make that happen but I'm sure you guys could figure it out. Keep on pickin!
Max von Knoop
from Germany says:
I just wanted to make you guys know that you are doing some great music! I discovered your music living in the bush, in the wilderness of the yukon, and I have to tell you guys that you made a lot of my days in the bush more happy and joyable! Go on like this!
from FL US says:
Just wanted to let you all know you are the greatest. Love your music and your covers! I really enjoy your music, thank you!