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from Pernambuco - Brazil says:
You're AWESOME!! When you're coming to Brazil?
Dan Engel
from VA, USA says:
I first heard your music at a BMW motorcycle rally in Kentucky about 5 or 6 years ago. You guys are great! My favorite music is your accapella. I see that you are going to be at Appalachia Uprising in June. I am going to try to make that festival. I gotta see you guys again and another favorite group- Steep Canyon Rangers.
Rory Mellor
from Utah/USA says:
You guys are so great. Your songs are really soothing. And your cover songs are really great too. I think that the Modest Mouse album is every bit as great as the origional album. I pray to god you guys do more cover albums.
Ernie Ferguson
from Colorado says:
I love your music, it would be awesome if you guys would make a banjo tab book.
Chris Redden
from Nova Scotia Canada says:
I think your band does wicked music and to cover bands that I like such a Modest Mouse and do cover versions of their songs, that in some ways I like better than the original is brilliant. A band that feel would do well under your treatment of it Neutral Milk Motel, that and David Bowie material. On a local area promotional jag, Nova Scotia has great yearly Bluegrass, folk, blues, and indie/alternative rock festivals. This is a great place for gigs along with a beautiful place to site see. Keep up the good work, Chris
from 0 says:
Love your sound! Wish you'd come to Vegas =)
Allie Grimes
from TN says:
I have been listening to Iron Horse for over a year now and it just keeps getting better. I love some Iron Horse.
from Duluth, Minnesota says:
Your Modest Mouse covers are amazing! I love Dramamine especially
from CA/USA or the Nether says:
I was sitting in a random pub in Amsterdam today and the guy behind the bar started playing your Shins album. So fyi, y'all are world famous.
from Ocala, Fl says:
I heard the neighbor playing your CD, and it was really a different, and caught my attention. Your instrumental is excellent, so I checked you guys out on Youtube, and thus refereed you to my friends. I love blue grass music, and heavy metal too. Great combo! You should visit us here in Ocala sometime. See ya!
scott chapman
from birmingham, alabama says:
I found the band while surfing bluegrass music on youtube. Mainly tribute music. I'm a banjo player.
Keith putnam
from HSV says:
Are there any clips to listen to, on the web site? I am considering your concert, tonight. 24Mar
Sam Causey
from al/usa says:
Have you ever done or would you consider covering the song from the OUTFIELD entitled your love? begins witht the phrase " Josie's on a vacation far away come around and talk it over..... Classic 80's music...the thought of it being transformed in to bluegrass gives me chills. If you have covered it where can i buy a copy, and if you haven't please do! I think thousands of folks would buy that song alone, much less if you covered a lot of 80's hair classics like white snake, here i go again on my own , van halens hot for teacher, panama, the list of 80's hair covers would be could name the album "Hairs to you" a tribute to 80's hair bands..... thanks a million...Love your music...keep it blue! Sam Causey
Philipp Hofmann
from Hessen Germany says:
hey guys, i've never heard such extra professionals like you. you are better than original.! It's a great fun to listen to you! please come to germany!!
Sandra Goodson
from Woodleaf, NC says:
Wow...found your music on You Tube by accident and ya'll are husband is part of the bluegrass community here in North Carolina, plays banjo for a bluegrass band called Broke N Lonesome...really enjoy your sound and going to purchase some CD's
from Changes Everyday says:
Heard new album, its great. Also saw the Aiken Bluegrass Festival fell through, depressing. How much to play a show in my backyard, got a shed? Keep it up boys more shows the better. Jonny Mark Scabs
lacy brooks
from north carolina says:
im glad u guys sent me that email ...i already have your guns n roses and metallica bluegrass albums ...i want the one with sarah jill on it .im gonna place an order here soon when i get paid again ...i truly treasure your music ..your renditions of songs are awesome but theres nothing better than your original songs you write, i am amazed by the lyrics of some of your songs, it inspires me too write bluegrass music ....who or how did you get the lyrics to sarah jill that song stands alone too me as being masterminded ???? im listening to (dooley) was a good ole man he lived below the mill, dooley had three daughters and a 40 gallon still, dooley trying to make a doller ,dooley let me get a swaller, an ill paya back somedayyyyy...IM NOW MEETING PEOPLE AND THEY ARE TELLING ME IRON HORSE BLUEGRASS IS THE BEST ..I KNEW THAT YEARS AGO ...I TELL THEM I GOT GUNS N ROSES AND METALLICA BY THEM ....THANKS YOU GUYS FOR THE REMINDER WAITING TILL PAYDAY THEN GONNA PLACE AN ORDER 4 SURE GOT IT ON MY TO DO LIST ....
from Sweden says:
Great music :D Keep it up! I hope you will come to Sweden some day to play
from united kingdom says:
just discovered you guys,whilst trying to find you tube vids of hetfield or hammett playing the mandolin(unsucessfully),what brilliant covers of classic metal tracks,are you likely to be coming to the uk at any time in the near future?
Brian Gau
from Washington says:
Come out to the Seattle area....would love to see you perform!