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Darrin Elliott
from Vermont/New Hampshir says:
Wow. What an amazing show you guys put on at the farm! You guys made this by far the best event i have seen there. As a vendor I get to see quite a bit of music. I will not miss any event you guys have here in New England. Ill leave my vending for aother day so i can just dance. Thanks so much for your hectic stop in VT. I love the 2 CD's I bought. Happiness to you all. Darrin
PIzza Stone VT
from VT , USA says:
Thank you for trekking all the way to the Green Mountain State of VT and making our dreams come true!! YOu were amazing at our little venue and even better at The Summa Humma back this . Looking forward to having back this winter for a show in Burlington and of course right back hetre at The Pizza Stone VT!!!
joe johnson
from TN says:
you all should play at the rhythm and roots festival here in Bristol TN! the tri-cities needs some iron horse
from Basque Country (Espa says:
Your music is wonderful I am a beginner banjo-playing, and I like his songs greetings J. Andoni
from NY says:
I think you guys should do the lady gaga song "the edge of glory". For some odd reason I keep thinking of it in a bluegrass melody. If anyone could hammer it out you guys are the ones to do it. Weird thing is i'm not even a lady gaga fan but I actually do like that one song. Well anyway's I've just recently become hooked to you guys after listening to the pickin on modest mouse album, which in my opinion is better than the original. Keep up the outstanding work gentlemen!
Jackoff Dan
from says:
Really nice site you have.
Eric David
from Belgium says:
Unforgettable! That's in a nutshell what I remember of your performance at the wedding party of Micah & my daughter Bieke on July 16 (somewhere South of Nashville). Thanks a lot for this splendid night ! Greetings from my hometown Mechelen (Belgium).
William Barone
from USA says:
I love your music and how the band is flowing perfectly throughout each album. I grew up listening to these songs; now I have the pleasure of listening to my favorite songs with a bluegrass feel. Incredible! Thanks Guys keep up the good work and I"ll be listening.
joe parker
from british columbia Can says:
well boys, cant thank you all enough for coming all the way down here to nelson b.c for my brothers wedding, your performance was fenemonial, leaving myself along with many others, new huge fans of the kick ass band from alabama "Iron Horse" when I youtube your guys's songs it sends goose bumps down my arms and a huge smile on my face as I remember a very specal night! thank you! I look forwerd to seeing you guys in the near future, and I speak for myself, derek and brenna as I say, If theres any thing I can do to help you guys with a b.c tour next year, just let us know. we can be verry resourcefull in lining you up with several festivals across b.c in the summer months, keeping in mind that the majority of our festivals usally run from mid july to mid august. best of wish's to you kind genetal men and the future of Iron Horse
Mike Curtis
from Alabama says:
Great job Tuesday night at the Shoals Theater! Keep up the good work. We are proud of you and what you have accomplished!
Dustin Triboulet
from Missouri says:
I heard you guys a couple of years ago and recently turned a friend onto you guys. I tried to find an official Facebook page but couldn't. I'm just thinking a band as great as yours should be on Facebook too. Your band is awesome.
Ty Turnbull
from Australia New Sou says:
yous guys rock just discoverd yous on youtube just wondering if yous have ever thought bout coming down under would be awsome to see use guys live keep up the great tunes fellas
from Moscow, Russia says:
Thank you! Your music is very nice! It's so warm and agreeable. It's just like summer-time all over the year. I wish you good luck and success! Greetings from Russia.
Will Jackson
from VA says:
Mandy Peetz
from Arkansas/United Stat says:
I agree with Jacob! Genius idea, come to the ozark mountains and play us a tune. You have an incredible fan base around northwest Arkansas, we would love to see you here. Harvest is unlike any other, and your sound would only heighten the joy of bluegrass. PLEASE come to HARVEST MUSIC FESTIVAL October 13-16
David Cwynar
from Eugene, Oregon says:
Love the Metallica remix.... Awesome... WOuld love to see live in the Pacific Northwest
from Texas says:
I truly love what you guys are doing. I can't stop listening and I was wanting to just plant a about covering Jimmy Hendrix - Cross Town Traffic, Hey Joe man I would die. Keep pickin and I'll keep grinnin. Thanks for your time fellas
Oliver Marsh
from QLD, Australia says:
Hi guys, great music you've got, have you ever thought of doing a crowded house bluegrass tribute album?
nate miller
from co says:
come to Colorado immediately if not sooner pleeZ. twould be very nice
jacob clayborn
from arkansas born and ra says:
hey i love your music and what you do. im a huge bluegrass fan and i think you should check out this festival. your band would draw a big crowd here and it is exactly the right venue for an act such as yourself. im such a big fan and i would love to see you play