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from South Carolina says:
Y'all have a great sound. I enjoy many different types of music. One being bluegrass and another being rock. The way you've blended them is awesome.
Kevin Cheatwood
from Ohio says:
So waiting for fade to bluegrass volume three would really like to hear a unforgiven II and III cover
Anderson Ramos
from Cascavel- Paraná- Br says:
I feel, lonely and forgotten! as if he was betrayed! good! need to take a whiskey and listen to bluegrass!!!!!
Stephanie Mellott
from SC, USA says:
Just wanted to stop in and say Hey Ya'll and to tell ya that I really dig your music keep on pickin'. I haven't seen you live yet but I'm hopin to catch u at the Aiken Bluegrass fest next year.cya
from NY/USA says:
Please play a show anywhere near Buffalo, NY (Rochester, Ithaca, Syracuse, etc.)!
from Idaho says:
Will you be touring in the Northwest anytime soon? Idaho to be exact?
derek parker
from Canada says:
Thanks again for making the long Trip to Nelson this year. I know it was not easy, but it sure was fun , your music rocked a lot of socks,and made many smiles, you guys put one a awesome show, we had the time of our lives. it would not have been the same with out you. Thank you so much The Bride and Groom P.S. looking forward to the return of IRONHORSE
from North Carolina says:
Just wanted you guys to know that you guys are my favorite bluegrass band and I've been spreading your name to all of my friends in the Raleigh area and got them hooked as well. I've been dying to get to one of your shows! We've got to get you guys up to North Carolina sometime soon!
from SC/USA says:
Caught y'all at the Aiken bluegrass festival 9/24. Awesome! Enjoyed the harmonies and the talent very much! Thanks for coming to Aiken!
from GA says:
Watchin you guys play live right now at the Aiken Bluegrass Festival. Awesome job!
Wendy Creed
from Missouri says:
You guys are the best! I love your version of Enter Sandman, I think it's better than the original :-) You need to play a show somewhere here in southwest Missouri/northwest Arkansas! I have told so many people about you! Keep up the awesome work!
Richard Boyd
from Alabama, USA says:
Ricky, I just ran across your business card. Hard to believe it has been since April, 2008 that I saw you and Iron Horse at the Flying Monkey Theater. It was fall of '93 that I was liberated from Prestolite. I see you and the band have been busy. That's great. I see you will be at the Athens Fiddlers Convention. Maybe, I can catch you there. This spring, I went in 1/3rds on a Gulf Shores condo. I have discovered a great music scene there with lots of singer songwriters. A lot of their music starts early (6 or 7pm) which is great for me. Hope all is well with you, family and Iron Horse.
from Florida says:
Cannot begin to express how much my boyfriend and I love your music! By happen-chance I was looking up Banjo tabs for Modest Mouse and found a link to a YouTube video. Haven't stopped playing your tributes (MM and The Shins) for days. :D Adding y'all to our "Must See Concert" list!
from Nacogdoches says:
I'm with Alex, if you guys come to anywhere in east or central Texas I will be there for sure.
from Québec/Canada says:
Thank you for this extraordinary music..... Montreal or earlier whole Quebec likes your style your songs the heat of your music you will always be welcome has Montreal... Thank you and long life has this creative group . Your music that hot Best regards Merci pour cette musique extraordinaire .....Montréal ou plus tôt le Québec entier adore votre style ...vos chansons chaleur de votre musique ....vous serez toujours les bienvenu a Montréal ...Merci et long vie a ce groupe créatifs
Alex H
from Austin Tx says:
Texas needs you guys to play here. very very soon
Robbie Taylor
from Louisiana, USA says:
You guys are amazing!!!! You deserve so much more recognition than you've gotten!!! I listen to Pickin' on Modest Mouse EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!! Ever make it down to Baton Rouge?
from Tennessee says:
Heard your version of 'Dramamine' and all I can think is: wow. Just wow. I have rejected country music/etc and a lot of Southern culture since I can remember in search of indie rock, experimental, and electronic but that is one of the most beautiful songs/covers, ever. I love Modest Mouse, but your version trumps the original. Everything that is beautiful about the South is embodied in your music. Your music is why I'm proud to come from this region.
from Rhode Island says:
Saw you gents at the Pizza Stone in VT a few weeks back. Well worth the trip! The crowd could have sucked a little less but you guys couldn't have rocked harder! I don't know how you did it in that crazy heat. Hope to see you around New England again, will travel for bluegrass!
Jeremy Mills
from Arkansas says:
Just heard all of your Metallica songs & they were awesome! I can't wait for the opportunity too see ya'll live and purchase some CD's from you. I'm in the Army for now & they sent me to Cali & I don't know if ya'll will be getting to California, but if you do I will be at the show.