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from Iowa says:
Thanks to my Facebook friends, "The Shins", I was just introduced to your music. Very interesting, I love the fact that you've covered Modest Mouse, my favorite band. Here Iron Horse do their songs makes me smile.
from PA says:
I'd like to interview the band for a podcast. Please e-mail if that would interest you!
Gordon Lightfoot
from CA/USA says:
Love the music!
from Toronto, Canada says:
Hey ... Just discovered you guys and I'm hooked. You've made me love bluegrass again. As a kid, I lived across the road from the Back 40 Bluegrass Festival in Woodstock Ontario and as a kid used to love camping out in the backyard that one weekend in June when all that "twangy" music made its yearly visit to our neighbourhood. Any plans on coming to Toronto?
David Grigsby
from Alabama, USA says:
Just wated to say I really enjoy your music and music abilities.
shawn cooper
from washington state says:
Me and my Kids wanna say great covers of Green Day GnR Mettallica pls if your in the Northwest play in Lewis County Washington
Derek Parker
from Canada says:
Just sitting around listening to Iron Horse, you guys rock our world, thanks again for the best show ever, maybe we can do it again sometime ,
from Newfoundland, Canada says:
Fantastic covers of Ozzy Osbourne!!! Been all over your site and it lack one thing..... TABS. When can we expect to see some tabs? I just started learning Mandolin and would love for you to post tabs.
from Paris, France says:
When will you tour in Europe ?? We can't wait to hear you live on the old continent, and especially in France. Metal in bluegrass rules.
from Minnesota says:
You folks are phenomenal. I love it all. I'd love to hear some blink-182 at some point. I think you could do some really fun work with their tunes. Just a thought. More than anything else, I love it all.
from says:
guys I love the music but when can we see some tabs?!?!
from Pennsylvania says:
Love your music!! Hope I get to see you guys live someday!!!
from Italy says:
Your music makes me happy!
from ms us says:
love every cover so far
Robert Caines
from Michigan says:
Love your music
Lynlie Cottrell
from AL says:
Enjoyed your set last night at the NWSCC Benefit! I hope to see you again soon!
from Finland says:
love your music!,keep up the fantastic work!
from Washington, USA says:
I found your cover of "Float On" on grooveshark. This lead me to see all of your large collection of work. I will be buying all your CDs as soon as I can. If you guys ever come to the PNW I will definitely be in attendance! Keep on picking guys!
Bob Wallace
from Delaware by way of W says:
Just wanted to let y'all know that I think your band is one of a kind and in my opinion ought to be in the Opry if you aren't already. Some of the covers you guys do are so amazing it's like the bluegrass version is the original and the original is the cover. If I had to pick a favorite, I would have to say it would be "Yellow". I hope your next tour brings you near the D.C. area so I can come see y'all live!
Chad Carpenter
from Kentucky says:
I love you guys, I hope one day to have the chance to hear you guys play live and have the opportunity to meet you all. Ever considered coming to Renfro Valley in Mt. Vernon Kentucky? I would def. be there.