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chris pate
from KY says:
I saw earlier in the year you were scheduled for the Lanesville Heritage Festival in Lanesville, IN. Is this not happening now?
from Louisiana says:
you guys totally need to get some videos on youtube, i think i could only find 2. love the music though. great to hear some songs i grew up with played under a different musical influence that i appreciate more now. hope to see you live sometime.
Nicole Salituri
from nc says:
Just want to say that I LOVE you guys. I came across your music by chance and you totally blew my mind. Never did I imagine that I'd hear a bluegrass band playing Metallica or any of the other covers you do. I'd have to say I like your version of all the songs I've heard so far better than the original.
from AL says:
Very tasty tunes! Any thought of a gospel bluegrass album?
from AL says:
Very tasty tunes! Any thought of a gospel bluegrass album?
Jesse Rogers
from GA says:
Love your music guys. I like some of your Metallica covers more than the original and I'm a hardcore Metallica fan.
from New York says:
I was thrilled to be part of the 9th annual Busy Bird BlueGrass Festival in Berkshire NY this last weekend!(I was working the main gate when you arrived and partying with the Getto folks!) I had an awesome time and want to say thank you for a great memory and awesome music! Hope we get to see you again next year! Thanks for making the event such a success!
dustin walker
from alabama u.s. says:
love the music look foward to seeing yall live
ethan patterson
from saskatchewan says:
Would also KILL to hear Rambling Riverside Blues, fellas!
ethan patterson
from saskatchewan says:
If you enacted a donation option for albums I bet youd make more money (actually just give me a link and Ill donate.)
Ethan Patterson
from Saskatchewan says:
You guys are one of the most amazing bands of the last 20 years. Just amazing stuff, love everything you guys release. Thank you so much!
J Jennings
from Texas says:
Hey I've heard most of your Cover albums and I enjoyed every minute of what I've heard. That being said I'd like to challenge yall to cover a favorite song of mine, if at all possible. "Selkies: The Endless Obsession" by Between the Buried and Me. Please dont write this off and move on at least listen to the song. The band is full of very talented musicians, as are you fellows. Give it a try. Thanks J
Steve Thompson
from PA, USA says:
Love your interpretations! Come to Pittsburgh!!
Okie Son of the Soil
from Oklahoma says:
I've ben a grinnin' since I heard y'all! Come to Oklahoma, we love the Bluegrass! I think I would rather sit bare assed on a fire ant mound than hear you do a Taylor Swift cover though. Have y'all ever thought of covering any Neil Young? Cowgirl in the sand, Old man, Harvest moon, maybe "Keep On Pickin' in a Free World"?
from Bristol/UK says:
Hi you guys are well good, and i know this is cheesy but a cover of either CARLY RAE JEPSEN - CALL ME MAYBE or Taylor Swift - love story. Would make my year, not to mention all my friends years aswell. keep it east coast
James Heaton
from California says:
Please for the love of all that is holy COME TO CALIFORNIA!!!!!
Zeuss Cochrane
from Canada/China says:
I was on a sailing trip when I first heard one of your tribute Albums, A tribute to Led Zeppelin. I am a Big Fan I would love to download most of your recordings as full albums Where can I do this? I would like to support you guys ! I live in China, and have found good bluegrass is hard to come by... Hey If you Cats are ever in Shanghai, or in the Vancouver/ Victoria area let me set up some Gigs for Yeah or at least let me know where your at! Folkfest (vancouver) is right around the corner ! Cheers Zeuss
Fred Harrison
from Needham, MA says:
Hi there. Just want to let you know I enjoyed playing with y'all at Sarah Harrison's wedding a few weeks ago in New Hampshire. The combination of a trombone with the bluegrass band was great. So far as I know, I'm the only bone player who can play lead in that way, which came from dubbing the fiddle part over Fairport Convention. That was the first time I'd tried the "fiddle" sound out with a live band, and with all those people dancing, it was a blast. Wish I had a video. Y'all be well, and call me if you need a bone player, or, well, a different sort of sound. Fred Harrison
from South Dakota says:
It is great to hear top grade musicians play great music. Someday play up here. Not in winter, I'd have to put shoes on.
from GA says:
You guys are amazing! Any chance you sell tabs?