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Pavel Antyukhov
from Russia says:
Thanks a lot!!! amazing covers, music and impression!! today i have found your group and enjoyed your songs!! thank you guys!
Joy Cron
from CO says:
My friend, Blake Fleming, introduced me to your music last night at Cervantes in Denver, CO. You have a new fan in Colorado! I hope you guys enjoyed the packed venue at Cervantes. Looks like you guys are fans with the younger generation, too! Joy
Dai Ellis
from Wales, UK says:
Fellas! Come to the UK!! Love your Modest Mouse album :)
from SC says:
I love what you do. I use to be all about rock but you guys opened me up to a lot more genres. you also made me fall in love with the banjo.
from Austin, TX says:
Please play in Austin sometime!! Y'all would be a hit!
Will Clark
from Virginia says:
I'm begging you guys to come to the Bristol Rhythm and Roots Reunion. It's a huge bluegrass/country music festival on State Street in Bristol, VA/TN. Over the past five years its gotten huge and has had Old Crow play at it. Willie Nelson didn't play this year but he was there. If you guys would just consider it, Southwestern Virginia, Tennessee, and I would be extremely grateful.
Colin Ball
from Washington DC says:
Hey i just wanted to comment. I love the band ooo so much. You guys are excellent musicians and i would love to see you anytime your up North by Washington DC or Baltimore. Cheers
Michele H. Harris
from North Alabama says:
I just got tickets for tomorrow nights show. My husband and I are excited to see you. I have been around bluegrass all my life and I love your style!! Michele(Melvin Hallmark's daughter) P.S. It's cool to see my dad's picture in your website photos.
John & Deborah Gillen
from NY says:
We saw you at Bryan & Kelly's wedding last Saturday in Easton PA. We truly enjoyed your music. We have never danced so much in our lives.
J. Walter
from Ontario, Canada says:
just typed in metal & bluegrass on youtube. there's a lot of people trying hard, but nobodys got it down except you guys. metallica, gnr, ozzy & zeppelin; all great. please do come to Canada!
Matthew Riddle
from New Jersey says:
You guys played Bryan Baxter's wedding last night in NJ and it was absolutely unbelievable, you guys helped to make it the coolest wedding ever!! Thank you so much, not only is your music amazing but you are all incredibly wonderful people as well, a great combination! It was so good to have you with us and help us get Bryan hitched up right!! Hope to see you again, peace!!
michael qualls
from va/USA says:
you guys are the best bluegrass band i've ever heard!!! LOVE YOUR WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ken lambert
from WA says:
just heard some of your tunes on youtube and love your covers of metal and rock. I play flatpick guitar in a local bluegrass band called Crescentblue out of Forks Washington. You all are great musicians and singers,Hope to catch you live someday. link to CB
Chelsea Henry
from Alabama/USA says:
Just wanted to say that I'm proud of yall and keep up the good work! :) Love you all!
Rodney Brown
from NC/USA says:
Been listening to your bluegrass Metallica for two years now. I've always listened to country. I'd never heard Metallica so it was interesting to first know your version of each song and then hear the same song performed by Metallica; what I believe to be the reverse experience of what most listeners experienced. Pretty sure I like the bluegrass version best since I'm not a head banger. I'm very impressed with your talent and creativity. AWESOME! Thanks for your gift.
Rozy S
from Ontario/Canada says:
You guys are amazing! A friend recently showed your Modest Mouse covers and I love them! If you ever come to Toronto, I am there!
Steve R
from Minnesota says:
I just discovered your music through 89.3 The Current in Minnesota. Thank you for making such great music!
Steve R
from Minnesota says:
I just discovered your music through 89.3 The Current in Minnesota. Thank you for making such great music!
George Kovats
from Acworth, GA says:
I'd heard you guys first on NPR. Started with what I recognized as Bluegrass "Stairway to Heaven". That kicked off a search to find you guys, and then started listening to all your other tributes, and basically haven't stopped listening for the past few weeks. You guys are awesome. You breathe life into classics, and your originals sound of the same original grit - good, catchy, lively stringed music, and songs with personality. Gonna have to catch you guys in tour when you come round this way.
from Scotland/United King says:
You guys are truly amazing. The Unforgiven cover has to be one of the best things ive ever heard, i never get sick of it. Keep it up guys. P.S please come to Scotland and tour!