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from South Africa says:
Awesome music. Perfect play and my first introduction to Bluegrass. Love it! Thank you and Best.
from Alabama says:
timothy l.
from washington says:
wow!!!! you guys are awesome. thank you sooo much for your music and style, you are without a doubt my fav band... :)
from Maryland says:
You guys are INCREDIBLE!!!!! Come back to Baltimore ASAP!!! Charm city bluegrass festival is coming up, might be a good chance to visit!
david karle
from WEst Virginia says:
When will you come to Milton,WV for a concert/festival?Also, I would love to send you an original song to listen to and feedback,thanks,David
Gigi K
from Fort Collins, Co says:
I'm very excited to see you guys here in fort Collins at Hodi's!!! Could you please throw in some Shins/New Sling?? We have a big group and will make a lot of noise!! THANKS GUYS!! CANT WAIT -Gigi and Brook
Ed White
from Fl says:
You Fellas need to come to the Suwanee River Festival in White Springs Florida. My Gawd, you guys are great! I've GOT A BANJO, AND MY SON LOVES TO PLAY HARD ROCK ON HIS ELECTRICS This is just a very good way to bring both together....
jean lopez
from Florida says:
I was wondering where i can find the banjo tabs for "ocean breathes salty"
alex divjak
from maryland usa says:
dont forget disturbed korn sublime !!! shirts shirts shirts !!!
Ashley Gardner
from Arkansas, US says:
Coolest bluegrass on earth by far!
William F Hayston II
from Florida says:
I have bought every one of your Cd's, I started listening about 2006, and can't ever stop, your music just led me into the whole world of bluegrass. I would have never started listening to it if not for you guys!!! Thank you for greatly expanding my and my children's musical horizons.... I am officially a fan for life!!!
Jonathan Ellenbrand
from Indiana says:
Hey Iron Horse. I heard you guys shuffling on pandora at my local watering hole. My ears perked up immediately and I asked the bartender who it was and he knew you guys and your music thoroughly. He usually has to go back and check his iPhone to see what it is. Great Music Guys. Hope to catch you in Indiana or Kentucky sometime. Cheers. Jon in Indiana
David Baxter
Just received my 4 ordered CD'S and have not stopped playing them,your music is a breath of fresh air,bloody awesome,when are you coming to OZ you'll be a huge hit.
from NM says:
Incredible just incredible, I am a huge fan now you guys ROCK!!!!!!!
from british columbia can says:
ironhorse is bad ass!!!!
from North Carolina says:
The good Lord led me to the Modest Mouse and Shins tributes in 2007 and I have never stopped listening. Those cd's have literally changed my life and I am truly grateful that they found me. Please come to North Carolina in 2013. You guys may not know it, but yall have A LOT of fans up here! Love me some Iron Horse! Thanks guys! ps. Just a suggestion, but I've had a gut feeling for a few years now that BOB SEGER would be incredible in the sound of Iron Horse! Can you imagine "Roll Me Away", "Fire Lake", and "Beautiful Loser" molded into the sound of Iron Horse? ...chills... God bless!
Don Porter
from Fla/ Polk County says:
Stumbled on you by chance on you tube, I thought I was looking at Red Knuckles and The Trail Blazers. I really like Hayseed Dixie. I wigged out, you all are very, very good. I like the traditional Blue grass a great deal, but the rock side is so rare, that is what caught me, please don't stray away from that. This is not why I responded to the "Guest Book" but, I am a watercolor artist my website is, if you get a chance to look at it I would be flattered, if you see an opportunity in the future for art work please keep me in mind. Once again you all are a hoot, a breath of rare air. I'm happy for you. Don Porter
Vincent Strohmaier
from Ontario says:
I enjoy your metallica album. I like to listen to popular songs done with different instruments. Good job.
from Texas says:
I own the Metallica and Ozzy albums. My favorite band is Iron Maiden. I would love to hear your take on their songs and would purchase that album. Thanks, Gabe
from CO says:
You guys slayed Denver the other night. Thanks for coming out and come back soon.