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from FL/USA says:
Is Enter Sandman on any of your CD's in the shop? Love it!!
from Louisiana says:
Stumbled upon this from a friends fb post. Great rendition of Metallica's "Enter Sandman", as a Hokie especially I loved it. Would love to hear you guys cover a Coheed and Cambria album/song. Keep up the good work.
Lisa Hooper
from Michigan says:
Bought a banjo at the garage sale at work, now I have to sit down to learn. Any tips to start out? I will try some runs. Hope to some day see ya'll in Michigan
Kevin Thompson
from MT USA says:
Always been a die hard rocker but after listening to your music I think I may have to change that a little. Awesome music and fiddling, keep up the great work.
Big Daddy Ricc
from N.C. /USA says:
Just saw your video of Enter Sandman on and was hooked! Great version of the song! You guys have a new fan!!
Gregory Sata
from California says:
Just found you great music.
Pinget Jean-Fran├žois
from Belgium (EUROPE) says:
Hello, I write from Belgium after hearing your band for the first time today. I'm a fan of Metallica ... and your cover of "Enter sandman" is huge ! Congratulations ! Can we expect another cover soon ?
from canada says:
pretty archie check them out. their on youtube
from canada says:
You guYs are amazing!. amazing covers. go on tour with chuck ragan and austin lucas and please come to canada! here are some links for Ya'al, enjoY.
from tx says:
Just watched a youtube video on 740KTRH Michael Berry web site. Loved it... Went to your site and purchased a cd.... Keep on Jamming Brothers. B
LaRon DeBoer
from S.D. says:
We just heard your rendition of "Enter Sandman" on a country radio station here in Brookings S.D. and loved the sound. Bluegrass is had to find here in the upper Midwest as our daughter is a member of a Bluegrass/Americana band based out of Sioux Falls S.D. called the Union Grove Pickers, I had to check out your web site and may need to order a CD as I am a sucker for a new Christmas CD. Thanks for the great sounds!
from california says:
I have just become a new fan! I hope you will be coming to Southern California. I live in the Antelope Valley, home to Edwards Air Force Base.
from says:
Have you all ever performed at the rhythm and roots or considered it?
J. Ramirez
from TX, U.S.A. says:
Awesome sound. Love your music. You gentlemen need to bring your talents to Houston,TX.
Rob Gensler`
from KS/USA says:
Enter Sandman is probably the best version outside of the original that I've ever heard. Great Job!! You guys coming to KC any time soon?
Kevin Baldwin
from Arizona says:
I just saw your guys' rendition of Metallica's "Enter Sandman". I have to say that I enjoyed it very much. I'll be watching you guys.
J. Lopez
from Chanute,Kansas says:
really dig your music , would love to sit in with you. I am builder of cajons also known as box drums, our California company is also here in Chanute , I have designed 9 different styles of cajons a new brand name here in Kansas is "American Box Drums". a model I made is called "Cafe Flyer", it is super easy to play and I play it with brushes,. I also play cajons in our Praise and Worship band at the Chanute First Baptist.. I also also play bass of which I have played for 40 plus years I am 65 years old. would love to meet you guys as you travel to Colorado, could you do a side gig here we have an awesome venue called the Fire Escape coffee house which has a concert sized venue, or drop by, thanks J. 620-212-4010 ps our Cal. name is "Machudo Cajons" on web and facebook..
Benjamin Judah Phelps
from WA says:
Hey, I'm an old fan of Modest Mouse, and newly in love with playing the banjo, so when I discovered your tribute album, I bought it immediately and I love it. Here's my question, I would love to be able to learn your MM covers on my banjo, but I am not yet good enough to figure them out without the written tabs and chords. Could you guys send me some, if you have them written up. Interstate 8 and Gravity Rides Everything, especially. I would love to be able to play those bluegrass style. Thank you so much! Ben
Phillip E. Boswell
from Florida / USA says:
Guy's, Ya'll are great. What harmony you have, and love the songs...want to hear more of your music. I am a civil war living historian and the music just set's me back to the old style of playing. Thanks so much. Phil
from West Kentucky says:
Awesome work gents! Keep pickin' and come to west KY!