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Megan Bohaltean
from Western Australia says:
Thanks to you guys I have fallen in love with Bluegrass music. After seeing the video for the version of Enter Sandman I was hooked. Have ordered a bunch of your CD's and can hardly wait for them to arrive! I have always loved country and western music and am a keen guitar player since childhood but I am now intrigued by the banjo and think I will attempt to learn it. Hope you guys make it to Australia sometime!
Lee Wencl
from Minnesota / colder t says:
I saw your video today. I sent a link to my friends at the Shotgun Red Variety Show, and the'd like to aire one of your video's on Shotgun Red'd (TV)Variety Show. As a banjo player, and a new fan of yours, I hope this helps you... -Lee Wencl
from United Kingdom says:
Happened upon your songs on you tube, what a happy discovery it was.please find a way to break the UK market, would love to see you guys live
Tobias Reining
from Austria says:
Great Music! Discovered it through vSauce! Greetings from Vienna!
Jonas E.
from Germany says:
I really love your Enter Sandman cover, and I'm not even a fan of Metallica. Bluegrass also works in Germany :)
Austin Loving
from Illinois says:
I have been a fan for years now and own several CDs if not all of them, one thing I wish I could get my hands on is banjo tabs. I hope you get this message and reply I would love to try to learn some of your covers and original songs. Austin
Adam S
from MO says:
Really enjoy your music. Do you play many festivals?
Lezlie Hoschouer
from Utah says:
I add my vote with Jim's. Will you be coming to Utah. You are great. Thank You
Hank Gross
from Florida says:
Love your sound. Cometo DixielandMusic Park. Contact ErnieEvans
Jodie L Kelly
from NC/USA says:
My husband is a heavy metal song listener. I am bluegrass/country. Thank you very much so my husband actually listened to bluegrass.
Lisa Deluca
from ok says:
saw the sandman video . please come to Oklahoma!!!!! or Dallas. what talent! Amazing.
Lisa Deluca
from ok says:
saw the sandman video . please come to Oklahoma!!!!! or Dallas. what talent! Amazing.
Dan brady
from utah says:
Just wanted to say that I love your sound. You guys have amazing talent and can't wait to hear more. Keep up the good work.
from New Jersey says:
You guys should visit the NYC or Philly area sometime! Love your music!
Keith Kenny
from Bristol, UK says:
Amazing! I am mostly into classic rock and really liked it. Even more important is that you dared to try something now. Go for it!
Emily Campbell
from WA says:
Please come play in Seattle!! Your freaking awesome!
from North Carolina says:
Great music! Keep it up!
from ut says:
will you be playing in utah?
from Belgium says:
Hi I have just listened to your cover of Metallica on and I found it great, at the same time you make me discover the bluegrass. Tx Nicolas From Belgium,4.394531&spn=88.476861,245.566406&safe=off&hnear=Rue+Royale+266,+1210+Bruxelles,+Belgique&t=h&z=3
from Scotland says:
You should do a gig in Scotland. I'm sure there would be plenty of people to listen.