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from England and Italy says:
Hi Gents, I never normally write or comment on the web, but I just had to. You guys are amazing. I came across you in a bizarre way. A friend of mine copied a whole load of different music onto my ipod over 2 years ago, and I listened to some of it but it was all mostly electronic - I did not click on your album 'Modest Mouse' at that time - then about 4 months ago I put my ipod on shuffle and there you were - I just loved it from the off and have now bought most of your albums! I am currently setting up an outdoor hotel in Italy, a lot of which requires building and construction - and to have you guys cheerfully playing at volume keeps all of us working, completely upbeat - and I have since introduced you to a number of friends. Would be amazing to see you guys play live but I do not get to the states much - if you are EVER in Europe please let me know as I would travel to see you no worries! Your take on Trailer Trash is simply stunning! Cheers, Jono
Mary Medurecan
from Alberta/Canada says:
LoVe! LoVE! LoVE - your music!!! (EspeciaLLy the BanJo!) <3 Hope to see you in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada Mary Balen-Medurecan
from Washington USA says:
Gentlemen, thank you. Not only are you keeping a very old and traditional form of art alive, you are introducing it to many who would have never known or considered it. I personally want to thank you. As a long time music guy myself, this is completely spiritual to me. I was in a band like Metalica, but never once left my roots. Thanks for the fertilizer. And thanks for staying real! Let's hear some Rush! (Grin)
Kyle Capron
from Indiana says:
Love the music. It proves a great song will work in any style. Love the picture of the "Miss Bellows Falls Diner". Spent many mornings there with my dad and uncle having breakfast before going fishing on summer vacations.
Kathy McRoy
from Missouri says:
Ran across you guys on vacation in Fort Collins CO at Cracker Barrel..bought your Horse and Pen cd for my brother in husband said it would be worn out before my bro got it..LOL...very good, would name a favorite, but that would be too hard to do....all the songs are great and you guys sound wishes always!
from Denmark says:
You guys are beyond amazing!!! Please swing by Copenhagen soon, as i Would love to see you live. Much respect!!
Matthew V. Rossi
from Wisconsin says:
Iron Horse, you guys are phenomenal! You've given me an appreciation for music that will last a lifetime. Vance Henry's vocals are gravid with sincerity, and the emotions present in the lyrics come across perfectly genuine. I wanted to thank you guys for bringing music back to life for me! Also, I had an idea for an album you guys could do! Since "Breaking Bad" has just recently finished, and in the final scene they play the song "Baby Blue," by Bad Finger, I immediately thought this song would sound amazing from you guys! So this got me thinking? What other great songs have capped off great movies/television? "The Sopranos" ended with Journey's "Don't Stop Believing," and you guys would surely do a great deal of good with that! Anyways--long story short--considering you guys have such a strong emotional impact with every song you do, and considering how much emotional impact comes through the two songs I referenced, wouldn't it be spectacular if Iron Horse did an album of covers comprised of the best songs to end a series/movie? Sorry for the long suggestion, but whether you take that idea, leave it, or never even read this post: thanks again for the wonderful music!
Justin C. Kyle
from Virginia says:
Nestled in the Shenandoah Valley, sitting comfortably between the Blue Ridge Mountains with the Appalachian Trail, and the Alleghenies, right along Route 11, is a little city named Staunton (pronounced Stanton.) Its the home of The Statler Brothers, and many Independence Day Celebrations have commenced with their beautiful vocals and capturing melodies. Also coming from our area, is none other than Mac Wiseman, whom you may have heard of in tales of ol'. I can assure you that your band would be welcomed with open arms and eager ears! Keep that in mind should you ever ponder the idea of visiting our deeply historic, bluegrass rooted region!
Cheryl Ceretti
from Ontario, Canada says:
When can you come to Hamilton, Ontario. We would LOVE to have you~~~~
Kurt Dismukes
from South Carolina/ USA says:
Thanks guys for helping me find and keep my roots. AWESOME, AWESOME and AWESOME.
Bruno Nobrega de Sousa
from MINAS GERAIS says:
Hi guys, I just would like to tell you that iron horse is simply awesome. Very impressive. Way to go. Cheers from a brazilian fan.
Megan Bohaltean
from Western Australia says:
Thanks to you guys I have fallen in love with Bluegrass music. After seeing the video for the version of Enter Sandman I was hooked. Have ordered a bunch of your CD's and can hardly wait for them to arrive! I have always loved country and western music and am a keen guitar player since childhood but I am now intrigued by the banjo and think I will attempt to learn it. Hope you guys make it to Australia sometime!
Lee Wencl
from Minnesota / colder t says:
I saw your video today. I sent a link to my friends at the Shotgun Red Variety Show, and the'd like to aire one of your video's on Shotgun Red'd (TV)Variety Show. As a banjo player, and a new fan of yours, I hope this helps you... -Lee Wencl
from United Kingdom says:
Happened upon your songs on you tube, what a happy discovery it was.please find a way to break the UK market, would love to see you guys live
Tobias Reining
from Austria says:
Great Music! Discovered it through vSauce! Greetings from Vienna!
Jonas E.
from Germany says:
I really love your Enter Sandman cover, and I'm not even a fan of Metallica. Bluegrass also works in Germany :)
Austin Loving
from Illinois says:
I have been a fan for years now and own several CDs if not all of them, one thing I wish I could get my hands on is banjo tabs. I hope you get this message and reply I would love to try to learn some of your covers and original songs. Austin
Adam S
from MO says:
Really enjoy your music. Do you play many festivals?
Lezlie Hoschouer
from Utah says:
I add my vote with Jim's. Will you be coming to Utah. You are great. Thank You
Hank Gross
from Florida says:
Love your sound. Cometo DixielandMusic Park. Contact ErnieEvans