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Steve Carpenter
from Winter Park, Florida says:
Love the Rocket Man video !!!
from Oregon says:
Didn't much care for bluegrass until I heard you guys. Really great job on Rocket Man!!
from VA USA says:
I saw your band on doing your version of "rocket man". Y'all sound great.
Mike Bowman
from Tennessee says:
Being from East TN, Bluegrass is good music. You guys put the icing on the cake.Keep up the good work.
Bob Sudds
from Arizona says:
Love your version of Rocket Man. Would love to see you live.. Love your sound
Matthew Rasmussen
from Nebraska says:
A few years ago, I discovered your Fade to Bluegrass album at Best Buy. I bought it out of pure curiosity. I don't know how I never found your website before, but I finally did. Anyway, just want to say you guys are great and thank you for providing me with a new take on some of my favorite music (there are a couple Sabbath and Metallica songs you guys remade that I enjoy more than the originals, believe it or not). Also, you were my introduction to bluegrass, which is now a genre that is up there with metal on my list of favorite music styles. Keep making awesome music and stop by Omaha, Nebraska some time a do a show!
Bill Wright
from Florida / USofA says:
Really enjoyed the "Rocket Man" cover. I heard a local band sing Pinball Wizard lyrics to the music of Folsom Prison Blues. Just sayin.....
Roger Sutton
from Texas/USA says:
Hope you come to Dallas someday, Love your music.
from Tennessee says:
Found your cover for "Rocket Man" on I love bluegrass music and y'all sound great.
Joanne Riccardi
from Oregon, U.S.A. says:
you are all so talented, so enjoyable to listen to. Thanks for your rendition of Rocketman, and i followed you to your website. Sincerely Joanne Riccardi
from Nashville, TN says:
Well, would ya look at that!? I DO like Bluegrass! I hear my road tunes changing even as I type.
Freddie Biggs
from Fla/USA says:
Great sound...I am a big bluegrass fan for last 50 years. You guys sound and play great. I just heard your version of Rocket Man and it blew me away. We try to attend Festivals around the south and were wondering where you might be in 2014. Are yall going to be in Auburn on 5/30 and 5/31?
from Richmond,Va says:
Just turned on to band,KICK-ASS!!Please send tour dates when you get new one set.Counting my money to buy CD,
Pamela F. Yeary
from GA, USA says:
My husband made me a CD of your music and I loved it. I love bluegrass music. Thank you for making my day brighter. Keep pickin!
Megan Bennett
from Tampa FL says:
I love you guys! My husband's co worker gave him one of yall's cds and we loved it. I saw that you guys came to Asheville last year, we are from there but are living in Tampa right now. I really hope you guys do a show near us soon! Keep on bein awesome and God bless!
from kentucky says:
New Fan -Never knew I liked Bluegrass!
Timothy Smith
from Indiana says:
Just discovered you guys over the weekend. You guys are off the CHARTS!!! I love bluegrass but have despised the 'BOX' that many put us in. You have gotten out of the box for sure. Actually have busted it wide open! Admire your innovation and mission statement to hop genres for material. 'Refreshing' is the best word to describe your approach to our beloved bluegrass. A definite shot in the arm! A 5 hour energy shot! If 'boxed' bluegrass is Mt Dew, your take on it is a Monster Energy Drink!! Thank you for breaking new ground!!
Walt Murken
from CA says:
First time hearing your work was tonight and just blown away. A classic rock fan but loved the bluegrass style. Keep it up.
Rob Swon
from Il. Lasalle says:
I grew up with bluegrass festivals every year, Bean Blossom and venues throughout Illinois and Missouri. I was looking for something newer than "classic" bluegrass. Came across your Modest Mouse covers. Wow, you guys are smooth. Turned me on to your other covers. Haven't been disappointed yet. Your sound flows so well together with no one overreaching the other artist. With a voice made for bluegrass and the banjo filling in and driving the music, I have found a band to follow closely. Thank you, Rob Swon Seneca Il.
from Switzerland says:
Hey there I really like your music. I love bluegrass and your tunes are some of my favourites, especially the Metallica covers. I don't like Metallica but you made their songs just great. Thank you for that. Cheers and go on