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Dana Michaud
from NY says:
Holy Crap!! You guys are GREAT!! This - from an old hippie, rocker, blues enthusiast. Raised in NY but my roots are in Virginia. My southern family, of course, listens to bluegrass and now my sons do. They turned me on to you. This is a first since I've groomed THEM for years to love good music, helped them discover all the great music from the 60's and 70's (and on). Of course the key was always to appreciate talent and they learned well! When you find music that makes you exclaim, tear up, laugh with joy, well, there's nothing better. You all are a joy to behold. I am officially a fan!
Gail Rieger
from Maryland says:
I love your music!!! You are above ALL bands in my book. Please come to Maryland!
from New Zealand says:
My husband and I were in a place called 'Bareknuckle BBQ' tonight in Hastings, New Zealand (I am American but live in NZ, my husband is a Kiwi) and they had one (or a couple) of your albums playing. It was awesome. I had not heard your music before. My husband is a big metal head and liked hearing some of the songs he knows played in a bluegrass way. I think I will look into buying an album or two. I have downloaded one already on iTunes. My husband suggest some Judas Priest for a future project. Any Chance of a tour of New Zealand?!?!?!
from AL says:
Would love to see you guys do Pickin' on Bowie.
Brad Odum
from Tennessee says:
When are you playing in the East Tennessee area? Great sound! Music the way it’s supposed to be.
from New Jersey says:
Hi Iron Horse! I first discovered you guys because my dad showed me your Rocketman cover, and everyone I've shown it to agrees it's better than the original. Please come play in the Northeast United States soon (preferably NJ or NY, but I'll gladly go a little out of my way to see you guys live). Good luck on all your upcoming performances!
John Devine
from CA says:
Chris Oxley
from UK, Northumberland says:
I'm sure that there are people who write academic papers about the common threads in music, and how chord sequences and all that stuff travel from one culture to another. Nice work if you can get it. All I know is that when I hear you play, my gut (which was born and bred in the north east of England) tells me that I'm home. So your music works magic that crosses cultures. Respect to you for that.
Andrew Sheils
from Telluride, Colorado says:
Huge thanks to Iron Horse for the show they put on at my rehearsal dinner at Gorrono Ranch! Hands down one of the best bluegrass groups out there. They played everything from classics to covers. Every guest was out there dancing to them, even my 74 year old father! Couldn’t imagine a better night of grass. Thanks fellas! Andrew Sheils
from U.S.A. says:
Hey Iron Horse, I was talking with a friend of mine who lives in Odessa, Ukraine. We were talking about different styles of music and she mentioned that American Bluegrass was very popular in Ukraine and amongst her circle of friends, Iron Horse was their most favorite bluegrass band. I told her I had never heard of Iron Horse and thought maybe they were a bluegrass Ukrainian band. I told her I would check the band out. Well, what can I say, I checked you out on YouTube and your music absolutely blew me away and I can see why they love you in Ukraine!!! I was really stunned how rock music could sound so fantastic being played bluegrass style. I have been a big fan of bluegrass all my life, saw Bill Monroe back in the 70’s, big fan of Lester Flat and Earl Scruggs. Iron Horse has opened a whole new door of sound and music for me. So Nataliya, if you read this, THANKS !!! And thank you Iron Horse !!!!!
from Italy says:
Hi, I'm your fan. I live in Rome. I met you with youtube because I started playing the banjo. Unfortunately there are not your concerts in Italy and at least in Rome. If you were to come to Italy I would be very happy to come and listen to you. Keep it up so you are very strong. Fabio
Robert Bracey
from Virginia/USA says:
Love. It. Would love to see you guys in Southeast Virginia.
Brandon Hewitt
from WA says:
So sorry I missed the show in Ellensburg, WA. Come back to the Pacific Northwest soon! Your music is amazing!!
tarey archer
from CO says:
I could not resist getting tickets to go see you in Fort Collins June 22nd. Even though it is a six hour drive. You are my favorite band. I can't wait. Thank you!
from California says:
Just heard your rendition of "Rocket Man" and was completely blown away! Come to California soon, we'll be there!
David Price
from NC says:
Just saw your show in Yadkinville N.C. absolutely the best performance of a truly unique band. Thank you so much for the music! David Price
from alaska says:
Come north! Your rocket man is the best rendition, ever!
Ed Boerner
from Ohio says:
You guy's are great. My son and I saw you at Pennyroyal Opera House. Love the covers. Have you ever thought about doing the O'Jays Backstabber and/or For the love of money. Bluegrass just seems to make the songs better with much more human feelings and understanding. It's I get it.
Pete Pleban
from Wy, USA says:
Guys, Just heard our BMW MOA has booked you for our national rally in Des Moines this summer. I got on your site and did not see us on your schedule. I also just checked out your Rocketman vid,,,,, sweet,,, good job. Looking forward to your show, Safe travels and keep on a pickin' !
Drew Hager
from Upstate, NY says:
I have been a huge fan of yours for many years. Picking on Modest Mouse is still my go to when I need to go there. Almost got to see y’all at Bluebird in ‘13 - 1hr from my front porch, I was a 13 hr flight away. Anywho, been listening to your P/o Nirvana and loving that too. Cheers fellas, and a humble request to consider swing ing further north on the next loop.