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from Italy says:
Hi, I'm your fan. I live in Rome. I met you with youtube because I started playing the banjo. Unfortunately there are not your concerts in Italy and at least in Rome. If you were to come to Italy I would be very happy to come and listen to you. Keep it up so you are very strong. Fabio
Robert Bracey
from Virginia/USA says:
Love. It. Would love to see you guys in Southeast Virginia.
Brandon Hewitt
from WA says:
So sorry I missed the show in Ellensburg, WA. Come back to the Pacific Northwest soon! Your music is amazing!!
tarey archer
from CO says:
I could not resist getting tickets to go see you in Fort Collins June 22nd. Even though it is a six hour drive. You are my favorite band. I can't wait. Thank you!
from California says:
Just heard your rendition of "Rocket Man" and was completely blown away! Come to California soon, we'll be there!
David Price
from NC says:
Just saw your show in Yadkinville N.C. absolutely the best performance of a truly unique band. Thank you so much for the music! David Price
from alaska says:
Come north! Your rocket man is the best rendition, ever!
Ed Boerner
from Ohio says:
You guy's are great. My son and I saw you at Pennyroyal Opera House. Love the covers. Have you ever thought about doing the O'Jays Backstabber and/or For the love of money. Bluegrass just seems to make the songs better with much more human feelings and understanding. It's I get it.
Pete Pleban
from Wy, USA says:
Guys, Just heard our BMW MOA has booked you for our national rally in Des Moines this summer. I got on your site and did not see us on your schedule. I also just checked out your Rocketman vid,,,,, sweet,,, good job. Looking forward to your show, Safe travels and keep on a pickin' !
Drew Hager
from Upstate, NY says:
I have been a huge fan of yours for many years. Picking on Modest Mouse is still my go to when I need to go there. Almost got to see y’all at Bluebird in ‘13 - 1hr from my front porch, I was a 13 hr flight away. Anywho, been listening to your P/o Nirvana and loving that too. Cheers fellas, and a humble request to consider swing ing further north on the next loop.
Brenda Hine
from Michigan says:
Saw a YouTube video with you guys playing Rocketman and was instantly smitten. Proceeded to go right over to iTunes and bought the album it was on. Wow just wow...... and thank you for making such great music.
Colin Davies
from UK says:
Dear Sirs You are the masters of the form of music I have loved since a young man. It is performed at the Tom Thumb Theatre (smallest performing stage in the world) in Margate, Kent near me. I go from time to time. I wanted to express my thanks to you all for all I have heard and wish you well in the future. Sorry you are not visiting UK? Kind Regards Colin Davies
Kate Russell
from CA says:
If you ever make it to San Jose, CA, I know a great venue and a whole heap of folks who would love to see you live!
Phillip Crow
from Texas says:
Guys - I haven't gotten a chance to see you yet as I just found your work about a month ago. I've listened to almost everything you've done now over and over and over... Amazing! I love your work. I love your cover of JJ Cale's "If your ever in Oklahoma". I'd love to hear ya'll do an entire JJ Cale tribute album.
Jon Hanzen
from Montana says:
Hey There, your Y.T. vid. of Rocket Man captured me and I just bought one of your albums. Keep covering the cover songs (my favorite). And please for the decency of bluegrass music include Montana into your line up sometime. It's a bit different in these parts but why don't emulate Colorado at all! We have a culture of our own. All the best to you. Kindly, Jon Hanzen
Connie Patterson
from California USA says:
I just heard your music for the first time on the radio today and fell in love! Thank you for you beautiful singing and playing.
Dennis Morgan
from Washington,US says:
Hey! Saw y’all tonight at Iron Horse Pub! You guys are awesome and great musicians! I walked up front and watched the show because I needed to see what was going on a little more closer. I was honestly moved by your playing. Thank y’all for a great show! Y’all are wonderful musicians!
Wade Walker
from Crewe, Virginia says:
You guys are great. Need to book something in the Old Dominion. Richmond would be nice or anywhere in Southside Virginia. Would love to see you live.
Jim McFalls
from Washington State USA says:
Tony, Ricky, Anthony, and Vance, Thanks for keeping Bluegrass alive and well. The quality with your vocals and instruments are as good as it gets. Your rock tribute albums are pure perfection. The true Bluegrass vocals used on Look At Me shows the true Bluegrass blend, no smoke and mirrors here. Thanks again for giving my ears a reason to listen to Bluegrass again.
Tim Preble
from MN/USA says:
Love you guys, keep up the awesome work.