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Graham Burgin
from United Kingdom says:
Wow - just stumbled across you guys on YouTube. Fantastic. Will look at getting some of your CDs - may need to get a friend in US to buy them for me and ship them over as here in England they are silly money ! Bit old fashioned as like the physical CD rather than the ethereal MP3 ............. Just wanted to say Hi and thanks for the music ! Some of those songs will just never be the same :-)
Wayne Hilburn
from Brighton, TN/USA says:
Found your videos on youtube. You guys are amazing :) Me and my son, who is 8, are planning to come see the performance 7/24 in Florence, AL.. I know Dwight Yoakam was a hillbilly/rock kind of guy... wonder how some of his work would sound with Iron Horse arrangements... The vocals would be kind of the same range..
Ron Smith
from OH says:
Currently working as a three piece, two guitars, bass/harmonica and you guys have inspired me as the vocalist to step outta my comfort zone. YOU GUYS ROCKS and are 100x the musician I am. Just wanted to let you know that I am now HOOKED on your metal/bluegrass fusion. Grew up playing metal and bluegrass and it never occurred to me to merge the two....absolutely brilliant....great work gentlemen!!
John Louch
from Alberta says:
I just discovered Rochet Man. Wowee. Thank you gentlemen. Edmonton folk festival please. Jk
from pa/usa says:
you guys are so good!!!!!!!
from pa/usa says:
you guys are so good!!!!!!!
Ronald Watkins
from Az. says:
Hi Guys, Keep the Bluegrass comin. Like your music very much. My ear loves the banjo. I am a student of the instrument, 2 finger style Tom Adams & Nick Hornbuckle style. Am collecting your recordings. Keep up the good work. Ron
from BRAZIL says:
Guys, you are fantastic. I found you by chances and everything I play Metallica, Black, Led, Guns, etc... on your voices my folks here in Brazil get crazy. Please, keep doing this amazing work, I hope to get the chance to watch you live when in US anytime soon. All the best, Mauricio.
Greg Andrews
from Texas says:
Great music. Hope you'll come to Dallas some day.
Neal Billetdeaux
from MI says:
I'd love to see you at the Ark in Ann Arbor, perfect venue. Can you make that happen?
Jason Durden
from North Carolina says:
You guys jam, the covers are amazing and the originals are simply brilliant, when I grow up I am gonna jam like you guys haah!
Robert Lawson
from Australia says:
Somehow I found 'Rocketman' on Youtube... Love it. Just bought some of your albums; looking forward to listening to them.
Jan Schenk
from Swizerland says:
unbelievably good! in case you decide to come to Europe, please drop a line. would love to see your show. blue balls festival Luzern for instance ;-) all the best Jan
Darla and Eli Seebauer
from Indiana says:
Just wanted to drop by and say hello and tell you guys how much we love you and your kick ass pickin on tunes. My (Darla) all time fave is Pickin on Modest Mouse. My husband introduced me to your music 12 yrs ago. Thank you for your music. We love it to no end. Take care and we hope to see yall at London Ky in March!! BLUEGRASS FOREVER!!!
Jim Stalcup
from Tennessee says:
Hey,guys, I just discovered y'all and I really love your music. I saw that you were in Bristol, Virginia in 2016. Please come back to the Tri-Cities area,(Bristol, Kingsport, Johnson City, TN ), would love to see y'all live. Thank you and keep making great music. Merry Christmas and God Bless !
Ben Davis
from Alabama says:
I am a big fan of you guys and wanted to say hello and I appreciate what you guys do for the Bluegrass movement.
John Moorfield
from UK says:
Hi, guys. Just stumbled across your videos on YouTube and have to say I love your style. The big question, when are you coming to the UK?
from Norfolk, England UK says:
Just been listening to your music ... Absolutely and utterly amazing!
Josh Mosher
from Connecticut says:
Hello - I love the Pickin on albums. Please consider pearl jam, soundgarden, alice in chains and sublime tributes... and i would love to get the modest mouse album on vinyl! Keep it up either way
Enda Patrick CULLEN
from Co. Wicklow Ireland says:
HI All, just met your music for the firsr time with Rocketman. Loved your playing and harmonies. I've a nostaglic Bluegrass 'Train Song' under my name on Soundclould that I'd like you to hear. It's called ,'The Train Came Back. The demo features some of Nashville's best! :-) Hope to see you live sometime. Bless.