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from kentucky says:
New Fan -Never knew I liked Bluegrass!
Timothy Smith
from Indiana says:
Just discovered you guys over the weekend. You guys are off the CHARTS!!! I love bluegrass but have despised the 'BOX' that many put us in. You have gotten out of the box for sure. Actually have busted it wide open! Admire your innovation and mission statement to hop genres for material. 'Refreshing' is the best word to describe your approach to our beloved bluegrass. A definite shot in the arm! A 5 hour energy shot! If 'boxed' bluegrass is Mt Dew, your take on it is a Monster Energy Drink!! Thank you for breaking new ground!!
Walt Murken
from CA says:
First time hearing your work was tonight and just blown away. A classic rock fan but loved the bluegrass style. Keep it up.
Rob Swon
from Il. Lasalle says:
I grew up with bluegrass festivals every year, Bean Blossom and venues throughout Illinois and Missouri. I was looking for something newer than "classic" bluegrass. Came across your Modest Mouse covers. Wow, you guys are smooth. Turned me on to your other covers. Haven't been disappointed yet. Your sound flows so well together with no one overreaching the other artist. With a voice made for bluegrass and the banjo filling in and driving the music, I have found a band to follow closely. Thank you, Rob Swon Seneca Il.
from Switzerland says:
Hey there I really like your music. I love bluegrass and your tunes are some of my favourites, especially the Metallica covers. I don't like Metallica but you made their songs just great. Thank you for that. Cheers and go on
from Ont Canada says:
Trying to buy downloads Not working Hangs on chekout
from Georgia THE USA says:
Wow. Haven't listened in a while love love Rocket man... Where you guys at? Please post a schedule soon With tons of dates in HOTLANTA area please Xoxoxoxoxx
from Ontario Canada says:
Found you on Love the music
from Causeway Coast, Nort says:
Just discovered your stuff! Mighty! great to hear songs i know on the banjo... keep rocking (or knee slapping - whichevers appropriate!)
Tyler M. Vincent
from Louisiana says:
I'm 21 and from Louisiana, and I just wanted to say that I love your music. Bluegrass is just a special genre that I truly love the sounds of. While I know that it is not original songs, your cover album of Modest Mouse is without a doubt my favorite album of all time and has been my go to album since it's release. Keep up the great music and get some tours planned so I can see you guys live!
Tonnis Michael
from Alabama says:
Well, we have finally gotten internet so we will start following ya'll on the web. Enjoy listening to your music. Ton
from Upstate New York says:
I love the video's I have found on youtube. Enter the Sandman is great! I have to get at least that CD and maybe at least one more.
from Australia, Canberra says:
Gentlemen!!! As a complete unit, you guys have thrown my world on its ass! Country music sounding awesome.....WTF?!? WTF indeed! You all blow me away in your mastery of not only your chosen instruments, but also your, ability to transfer the soul of the sound to a different genre without loss. My hat's off to you all gentlemen! Keep on making it yours. all the best, Peakey
from florida panhandle says:
you guys are awesome. I hated modest mouse until I heard you play it. suggestion: get a digital download option in your store. most people use digital these days, and theres little to no overhead, unlike cd's.
Kathy Cook
from New Mexico says:
I really, really,really want this band to play in Albuquerque or Santa fe,NM soon!!
Glen Harrell
from Mississippi says:
I love these guys. They are all great pickers and longtime friends of mine. If you haven't heard them live you need to.
Anthony(klaas) Schotsman
from The Netherlands says:
Hats off for the best of the west! You guys play bluegrass as it supposed to be! Only a few good men can play like you do, keep on pickin.
Bobby Ray
from AL./United States says:
Accidentally discovered y'all when I read you were playing the Iron City venue in Birmingham.Didn't make the show but listened to some of your stuff on your website.I know you've heard comparisions to Hayseed Dixie.What y'all do kicks butt.I'm sure people throw ideas at you all the time,so I'll do it as well.Consider a punk tribute in the future.Keep it up and I hope to see you the next time you come through Birmingham.
from Texas says:
Thank you , for me it has always been hard to understand or hear the words on most heavy metal , i would have to look up the lyrics , i enjoy your style and can hear the words, i wish you guys would do war pigs , it is one of my favs.. Thanks Tim
Barrie A Sargent
from South Dakota says:
I have always enjoyed bluegrass but being a heavy metal fan I have never bought any CDs. You have changed that! :) I love your Fade to Bluegrass work! Definitely a new way to listen to Metallica, and quality work as well! Keep on pickin'!