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from Kansas says:
Hey, Just found out about you guys... Cool stuff, I'm a big Metallica fan, and I really liked your cover of Wherever I May Roam. Are you going to play the Winfield Bluegrass Festival in Sept.? Thanks for the tunes. All The Best! J
Harry Roberts
from Florida/USA says:
WOW ! rocket man just blew me away, I can't stop playing it ! HELP Please come to Pensacola,Fl.
L.A. Tamara
from Woodstock NY says:
Congrats Guys on a fabulous sound. Hitting all the right notes, tribute to the all the right people & taking it all forward to a new & awesome place. I am very impressed, New Fan, big time.
Paula J Phelps
from Ohio says:
You Guys Are Awesome...Amazing....Loved Rocket Man
Bill Dotson
from N.C. USA says:
Was surfing the net the other day and ran across your version of Rocket Man. Never been much of a Elton John fan, but heard your version of that song an absolutely love it. You guys do a great job. Such a cool twist. Thanks for making me tap my foot and smile. If you ever play N.C. in the Winston-Salem area I will certainly be there.
Steve Woerner
from IN USA says:
I love the band. Great sound and energy!! Rocket Man!! Ricky Rogers: I like your sound on the doghouse. What strings do you use?
from Oregon Usa says:
Love your Music.Will you be comming to Oregon? Lots of Bluegrass Festivals here
Susan Markofski
from WV says:
Wardensville Fall Festival in Wardensville, WV is always looking to bring in bluegrass talent for our outdoor festival in OCTOBER..... schedule would be start at 10:00 a.m. and play through 3:00 p.m. open air covered stage type venue .... wondering what your fee schedule is and IF we could even afford you
John Meron
from ontario Canada says:
I just listened to rocket man and my socks blew off. Please come to Canada of at least near Ontario.You fellows are GREAT
from az/usa says:
First time I heard you – excellent! I sang barbershop for 17 years! One of the best experiences of my life! Now I do VoicePainting™ – creating pictures. With my voice – since I am no longer able to sing. Keep on singing as long as you can! Avraartist
Karen Huntley
from Illinois says:
I heard your version of Rocket Man on the Facebook video. Outstanding! I had my husband come in and listen to it. He loved it. Now he comes to my computer and says "Will you play my song for me, I need to hear it so I can get a jump start". He is an active 75 and listens to CDs while working in his wood shop. So as a surprise to him, I just ordered both of your Bluegrass Tribute to Classic Rock CDs. I'm sure I will be ordering other CDs in the near future.
The Duke
from Enterprise, AL says:
I have done two year-long deployments to Afghanistan as a helicopter pilot, and I have always felt that the song "Rocket Man" better summed up the experience of deploying to combat than any other thing I had read or heard. Word-for-word it is a near perfect allegory for the emotions of a pilot deploying to combat. I recently discovered your version of this song via Facebook-->You Tube, and I was blown away. The Elton John version is a little depressing, but your version is a perfect balance of optimistic with a bit of a foreboding. Since discovering you two days ago, I have watched your youtube video about 50 times, and listened to a bunch of your other stuff. As artists covering a dumb Elton John song, you may not feel much attachment, but know that your version of this song is my new anthem for acknowledging that I may have burnt my fuse out there alone, and I may not be the man they think I am at home.
Charles Fairchild
from FL/USA says:
Will try to attend your next performance in North Fl, Ala or Ms
Jim R. Moore
from New Mexico says:
Saw your facebook rendition of Rocket Man. Great job!!
Carla Finley
from Florida says:
Just found you. I can't tell you how much I enjoy your music. I do hope you will be somewhere close to us in the near future. We really want to see you in person.
from ks/usa says:
keep doing what it is you are doing. I love the new understanding that you bring to each song. Your clear voice and sound makes me at 30 yrd old Metallica fan and my 3yr old daughter both smile!! Truely love you guys.
Deb Sturm
from Indiana says:
omg-you're clean, crisp, perfect pitch, perfect time, my ears are overdosing! Thanks for doing what you do! I am an instant fan and will turn on my friends and family to what you are doing. Hope to see you at a great Bluegrass Festival one day! Love your music guys! :)
Bill Beck
from Illinois says:
Keep the grass growing!
Don Cullen
from Melbourne, Victoria, says:
Great sound with Rocket Man.....Brilliant..
Bob Haines
from Maryland, USA says:
Bob Haines Jr. GLEN Burnie, Maryland.My son introduced me to your kind of music. I'd love to take him to hear you all live. Would like to know when you will be touring close to the mid-Atlantic.Thanks!!!