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Brian Willoughby
from Illinois says:
I am wondering if you have ever played in Illinois and if not what might you charge someone to play for 4.5 hours. I really enjoy Bluegrass music and I have seen 3 different settings of you playing different songs and I really enjoyed Enter Sandman the best. I would like to hear from you about this as well.
from Tennessee says:
You guys are fantastic!
Karen Huntley
from Illinois says:
I received both CD's, Edition 1 & Volume 2 "The Bluegrass Tribute to Classic Rock". My husband couldn't wait until I played them both for him. We were very pleased with the quality of the CD's and also the speed that my order was processed. I placed the order 1/30/14 and received it in 2/3/14.
Trey Klonower
from TX United States says:
Just heard Rocket Man for the first time. Just awesome!
C Noble
from KS says:
I just saw your video of Rocket Man and you all are awesome. I had never heard of Iron Horse before. So glad I have found out about this band. Not all bluegrass is created equal. Yours is my kind!!! I will be following your events to see if you get near Kansas. Loved it!!!
The Dave
from Illinois says:
Have you ever considered doing a Sublime album? Probably would be awesome. Otherwise, keep on pickin' & grinnin'. Very well done.
from Michigan, USA says:
HOLY BALLZ. I always thought bluegrass music was gay as shit but you guys are amazing. Keep the tunes comin.
from OR USA says:
You all did the best cover of rocketman I have ever heard. from a long time Elton fan. That was great
Black Sheepz Entertainment
from Illinois/ USA says:
Great band hoping to do some gigs with them
from Kansas says:
Hey, Just found out about you guys... Cool stuff, I'm a big Metallica fan, and I really liked your cover of Wherever I May Roam. Are you going to play the Winfield Bluegrass Festival in Sept.? Thanks for the tunes. All The Best! J
Harry Roberts
from Florida/USA says:
WOW ! rocket man just blew me away, I can't stop playing it ! HELP Please come to Pensacola,Fl.
L.A. Tamara
from Woodstock NY says:
Congrats Guys on a fabulous sound. Hitting all the right notes, tribute to the all the right people & taking it all forward to a new & awesome place. I am very impressed, New Fan, big time.
Paula J Phelps
from Ohio says:
You Guys Are Awesome...Amazing....Loved Rocket Man
Bill Dotson
from N.C. USA says:
Was surfing the net the other day and ran across your version of Rocket Man. Never been much of a Elton John fan, but heard your version of that song an absolutely love it. You guys do a great job. Such a cool twist. Thanks for making me tap my foot and smile. If you ever play N.C. in the Winston-Salem area I will certainly be there.
Steve Woerner
from IN USA says:
I love the band. Great sound and energy!! Rocket Man!! Ricky Rogers: I like your sound on the doghouse. What strings do you use?
from Oregon Usa says:
Love your Music.Will you be comming to Oregon? Lots of Bluegrass Festivals here
Susan Markofski
from WV says:
Wardensville Fall Festival in Wardensville, WV is always looking to bring in bluegrass talent for our outdoor festival in OCTOBER..... schedule would be start at 10:00 a.m. and play through 3:00 p.m. open air covered stage type venue .... wondering what your fee schedule is and IF we could even afford you
John Meron
from ontario Canada says:
I just listened to rocket man and my socks blew off. Please come to Canada of at least near Ontario.You fellows are GREAT
from az/usa says:
First time I heard you – excellent! I sang barbershop for 17 years! One of the best experiences of my life! Now I do VoicePainting™ – creating pictures. With my voice – since I am no longer able to sing. Keep on singing as long as you can! Avraartist
Karen Huntley
from Illinois says:
I heard your version of Rocket Man on the Facebook video. Outstanding! I had my husband come in and listen to it. He loved it. Now he comes to my computer and says "Will you play my song for me, I need to hear it so I can get a jump start". He is an active 75 and listens to CDs while working in his wood shop. So as a surprise to him, I just ordered both of your Bluegrass Tribute to Classic Rock CDs. I'm sure I will be ordering other CDs in the near future.