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PattiBlue H.
from Colorado says:
Heard you on the Sully show, loved your music!!!
from monterey/mexico says:
im ready
Bram Thijs
from Belgium says:
Been listening to you guys now for some time. Hope I have a chance to see you around Europe some day. Best regards from Belgium
Mr. Chris A. Rock
from Florida says:
Just wanted to pop-in and say that I really enjoy your music. Nice job guys! I've been playing Bluegrass Music for over 40 years. My instrument is the Bass Guitar. I am also a singer and song writer.
Diane Wiley
from Alabama/USA says:
Listened to Rocket Man on Facebook and loved your music. Wonderful Bluegrass. Where have you guys been? Come back to Birmingham. Keep up the good music!!
Mr. Chris A. Rock
from Florida says:
Hey Guys! I've been a Bluegrass Musician for over 40 years and just wanted to pop in and say how much I enjoyed your music. I'm a Bass Player, Singer, Song Writer. I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1999. I haven't been playing too much in the past 10 years or so. It seems like people are afraid me now. I'm very disappointed because I just love to play. Your music is right up my line. Really enjoyed listening to you. Take Care and God Bless!!
James Carter
from Virginia, USA says:
I really enjoy your tributes to rock and heavy metal. It sounds like THEY are doing covers of YOUR songs. Well done. Keep on picking!
James & Gennie Nelson
from Texas/USA says:
Just to let you know my cousin posted your song "Rocketman" on facebook and I am so glad she did. My wife and I both cried for joy when we listened to ya'lls music. Amazing! You can bet we will be ordering some cd's. Great! Great ! Great !
Julie Schell
from CA/USA says:
Any gigs in California coming up?
from New Jersey says:
as a teenager growing up in the jersey pines, people who I paled around with would listen to blue grass and also sang and played it. I was on and seen your version of rocket men, listened and came to this site, your music takes me back and is most enjoyable, easy listening!!very good!!
Leland Black
from Illinois says:
is tablature for your songs available anywhere. Just love your songs and your tributes. Would love to learn some of them on my Banjo. Thank You Leland
Andre Franco
from São Paulo, Brazil says:
Hey guys, I was looking for some Metallica covers and I found you! You are awesome, I became your fan! hahaha Unfortunately we don't have this kind of song around here.
from Isle of Man says:
Hey I just heard your version of Rocket Man, fantastic! Is there any way I can buy a copy of this? Will be checking out your other material.
Dr. Ken Simpson
from Georgia, US says:
WOW! Y'all are great. Someone just posted "Rocket Man" on my FB page. First time I've heard of ya! Where y'all from?
from California says:
I just wanted to say that i heard your music on Pandora and am now a huge fan! i have purchsed a few of your CD's and will continue to collect your albums. Your music has inspired me to pick up the Banjo! I hope you come to California some day, or at least southern Oregon. I would happily travel several hundred miles to see your show!
from Ohio says:
i'm now a iron horse fan for life, i saw the video for your cover of enter sandman, so i went to look for more stuff of yours to listen to, and i will be gettting a couple of your cd's that is for sure.
Norm Morgens
from Kansas City, MO. says:
Hey guys, someone sent me something on a website that included your version of ROCKET MAN that absolutely blew me away! You guys are the greatest!
from Holland says:
This is so amazing, keep up this great work. Listening to you on spotify alot!
Larry B
from Ohio says:
I stumbled upon you guys by complete accident, I was listening to Pandora radio, and I heard One being played..only it wasnt by metallica. ( I was a huge metallica fan in my teen years. ) So I head to youtube and look you folks up, AMAZING. ... just..amazing. Wow.
from Texas says:
I saw/listened to your "Enter Sandman" & "Rocketman" vids on wimp & I was BLOWN AWAY! Wow! I too was NOT a Bluegrass fan, but you fellers are something to behold. Keep up the great tunes!