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Rich Courville
from Texas/USA says:
Got to hear you guys on stage this weekend in Spring Texas....I was SMOKED...I have a Venue in Beaumont Tx, we do 1 to 2 dinner shows a month and have a listening crowd of 200 most shows are sold out. we have been doing this for 14 years and would really like to work you in. check us out or Courvillesconcertseries on facebook.
Thomas Sandberg
from SWEDEN says:
Hi! Cudos! Great Bluegrass, innovative, new music! Great! Outstanding!!!! Yours Thomas S Sweden
from Germany says:
I'm almost blewn away by your music. I'm spending 3 to 4 weeks a year travelling thruogh the US and I'm always checking your tourdates during my stay. I just never had the luck you having a gig at the right time somewhere close to where I was around. But I won't give up. I will be lucky some day and see one of your gigs. Keep on playin! And if you'd ever have a gig in Germany - I will be there!
Lisa Carefoot
from Ontario Canada says:
Somehow I came across the video of Enter Sandman on Facebook and I must say you guys blew me away. I immediately went to iTunes and bought myself a copy. You are the best Bluegrass group I have seen or heard in years. Come to Canada sometime!
from West Virginia says:
Upload some more videos to YouTube!
from Australia says:
Just got to say, as a would be if I could be banjo player, that hard driving sound you guys come through with whether its a cover or an original, have inspired me to keep on picking. I'd love to know what banjo Anthony is playing, it has an awesome tone about it. Come on down to Australia, thanks Graham.
Jamie rae
from North Carolina says:
Love you sound, please come to the Charlotte area, or Good ol' Waxhaw :)
from Ontario/Canada says:
Please come to Toronto sometime soon. Please. Pretty Please?
Michele Doyle
from IL says:
I am blown away by your music! You guys are such awesome musicians. I don't know that I have heard such great mandolin ever. I was peripherally familiar with your music and then my son introduced me to the Modest Mouse tribute. I don't think a day goes by that I don't listen to at least part of that album. I will begin to collect the rest of your music as finances permit. Keep it up! The world needs great bluegrass music! Michele
Scott Acker
from Canada says:
JUst wanted to say I never liked country or bluegrass music until I found you guys by accident and I was totally shocked this is simply amazing what you guys have done I love all the songs better then the originals keep up the great work and come to Toronto sometime I would so go!
from Boston, Ma says:
So when are you guys coming to Providence, RI (or Boston, MA)? I think you might get a pretty good booking up here with us, just as long as you don't call us Yankees. (I hate them, as any New Englander should.) I thing your version of Fade to Black is better than the original. That recent cover of Rocket Man blew my mind. Love the music, keep it coming!
Dan Ross
from Missouri USA says:
A friend on Facebook sent "enter night". I love bluegrass it seems! Hoping to motorhome to TN in June to see and hear your group!
Les Bell
from Texas says:
I found you Guys on YouTube and absolutely fantastic in my opinion.
Doug Stead
from British Columbia, Ca says:
You have given me an unexpected & wonderful new appreciation of many of my favourite Rock & Roll and country songs, in Blue Grass. Expanded my music universe with a new appreciation, as meaningful and as enjoyable, if not better then the original artists. Wouldn't have believed this possible. Knocked me off my preconceived perch. Where can I buy digital(soft copies)to load on my cell and tab devices. Keep up the fine entertainment. Cheers, Doug
Frenk Whitecrow
from Italy - Milan says:
You are amazing and I love your music... :-)
Francis Cali
from Michigan/US says:
just wanted to let Y'all know Y'all are awesome just found out from a friend about your metallica covers and I love them all keep up the good work :)
from Missouri/USA says:
I love your music, I make everyone I know listen with me!!!!
from canada says:
you are one of my favourite I found you on the internet and I have to say thank you I can;t get enough of your music ( a new fan I love you guys
Billy Boney
from Georgia says:
I have always loved bluegrass music. Yall take it to a different level!I just purchased your Tribute to rock and roll CD and love it! Keep on rollin!
Jacob Thalen
from Alberta/Canada says:
I always enjoy good bluegrass and good covers. Good bluegrass is rare but a decent cover is even rarer,Iron horse never fails to impress on either account.