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from ky says:
just found you on you tube, awesome. Downloaded my first music off Itunes, wish you would get rocketman, just a dream away and enter sandman out on itunes. Thanks for the music
from germany says:
i love your music. perfekt, pure sound with so much emotion and power. thanks for that
Darin Newman
from murfreesboro,TN says:
my little brother told me about you guys 4 years ago, he burned copies of the metallica and modest mouse full albums and I was blown away...I listen to Iron Horse everyday ,there music inspires me and picks me up to a great mood. The way these 4 men put all there talents together just comes out perfect!!!!
Gary Bates
from virginia / usa says:
You guys are one of the few bands I have heard that plays these crossover tunes with the authority it needs to convince the skeptical. Your job on rocket man is awesome. I have been in a band that did similar stuff.Our most requested was fastball's "The Way",in which we played the verse kinda like they did but drove the chorus a la bluegrass. Others included Don Mcleans "Vincent", Herman's Hermit's "There's a Kind of Hush," Elvis's "Suspicious Minds" and Ronnie Milsap's "Daydreams" Oh the possibilities are endless!
Wayne & Judith Wherry
from Tennessee/Sumner says:
Thanks for your music in Smithville, TN Our kind of wedding!
from Greensboro, NC says:
You guys are great! I found out about you by accident and your music is what America needs. Wish you could, someway, get national exposure. Please try the national tv morning shows. Plenty of national programs would love your music IF they ever hear it. PS. Love the 80's covers.
from Troitsk, Russia says:
Great music! Bravo, gentlemen! Thanks!
jesse green
from ohio says:
great music,if you guys make to the buckeye state ill be there
Dušan Ostratický.
from Čechy/Evrope says:
I love Bluegrass..... Iron Horse........Bravo gentlemen!.........
Dušan Ostratický.
from Čechy/Evrope says:
I love Bluegrass..... Iron Horse........Bravo gentlemen!.........
Mary Settle Cooney
from Alabama USA says:
Looking forward to seeing you at the Ritz on Feb. 14th! What a great way to celebrate Valentine Day!!
Richard Wakeman
from Oregon says:
I am so happy to see that you will be playing String Summit! It will be a fun one. Thank you for all the wonderful picking and singing. Y'all can move the soul, and put a little shake in in that ass. I look forward to gettin' down to your set this summer. Safe travels Rich
Curtis Blanton
from nc says:
you guys really need to come play at High rock outfitters.
Pat Courtney
from Massatucky, USA says:
When cn you guys get up heyah to New England? Hurry the hell up, dammit! Love your music but can't travel to Alabama because I'm wanted there.
Kathy Schmeltz
from Washington, USA says:
Please come to SEATTLE!! The Northwest LOVES bluegrass.... Hope to see you SOON!
ronnie deloach
from says:
Wow sounds awesome.
Doug Stead
from BC Canada says:
Have you ever thought of doing a tribute to the classic Rock Opera by Meatloaf, Parricide by the Dashboard Light? Just a hopeful suggestion for something I think you form of ballad would do new justice. Cheers, Doug
from russia says:
My first listening your tracks was yesterday. And only after one o two songs I was interested of this music
Brian Adams
from UK says:
I love the sound of real bluegrass music and yours is one of the best.I have followed bluegrass for many years.I am 73 and I still love it.Keep it up guy's.
from Russia/Moscow says:
hi guys! thanks for the great music! you listen with pleasure, even in Russia. Keep it up! sorry for my english, if that.