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Mike Kleber
from Pennsylvania says:
All that needs to be said here is that your take on Rocket Man blows Elton John right out of the rainbow water. Tight vocal harmony, clean simple grass sound, and an all together very tasteful and well executed take on a legendary song. Cheers gentlemen! Sincerely, A Bluegrass Addict from Pittsburgh
from Uk says:
when you coming to London, England? Bluegrass pretty popular over here...
Dave Bell
from Kentucky says:
Just sayin... Rainbow in the dark would sound great from you guys... and other Ronnie James Dio Songs.
Johnnie Turner
from Texas says:
I really enjoy your music. I regularly check your site to see if your tour brings you to an area I can get to to see you perform. Merry Christmas to you all.
Mike McDonnell
from Minnesota says:
I just discovered you today thanks to Ted Crocker's Handmademusic I LOVE your music and hope to see you up here in Minnesota some time. I think a cover of some Grateful Dead tunes would be a dood fit since they are basically bluegrass anyway. Keeep up the great work!
Angie Clark
from California says:
We would love to see you play in beautiful South Lake Tahoe. A great venue would be the outdoor concert series at Harvey's Casino or any of the other casino's on the Nevada side: Harrah's, MontBleu, and the upcoming Hard Rock Casino. Hope to see you soon! Angie Clark
janne riikola
from Finland says:
You are the best.I got that feeling that im willing to die when heard your music..after that its hard to focus on daily things.Please keep going in..sincerely yours your fan Janne.
Dustin Wish
from California says:
You guys rocked the Rocket Man!!! Awesome!!!!
shane grier
from nc usa says:
awsome music cant wait to find you local on stage
brian acree
from Texas says:
Love this band!!
wayne lower
from AL says:
You're wearing out my cd players,I've been a bluegrass fan all my life and I love your bands variations from tradition and bluegrass flavor to older popular songs.Can't wait to see you live!
David Chaffins
from Newport News, VA says:
I guess I'm a little late to the party but I listened to you guys for the first time today and I was blown away. I really would love to come to one of your shows but don't know when you'll be near here again. May I suggest that you guys get booked to do the Outer Banks Bluegrass Festival. It's a beautiful venue with a great crowd and I know you would be loved. Keep up the great music!!!
Terry Bishop
from Tennessee. U. S. A. says:
Great stuff! Are you plan to tour through Memphis ?
from NE says:
Would love to hear your tribute to Contemp Christian Music. Broad range of original styles to choose from, and it would be neat to hear you boys sing about God.
Mike Kingrey
from Arkansas USA. says:
Was at a military base last week and heard one of the guys playing y'all's stuff and I said who's that. He told me and I said they just set the hook with those Metallica tunes . The more I listened the more I liked. Would love to see you guys come through Arkansas . Keep up the good work hope to get to see y'all live sometime soon. In little rock we have a event called river fest and lots of bands come through for that that would be a great place for y'all to hit Arkansas.
Kathy Schmeltz
from Washington, USA says:
Still waiting for you to PLEASE COME TO SEATTLE!
Will Glenn
from South Carolina says:
Gents, The Rehearsal dinner on Sept 5th was the best of all time. It was so amazing to have y'all jam out for a few hours. The pickin was top notch. It will be a memory to treasure for the rest of my life. All the guests were very impressed by the talent and artistry on stage. Thank you for making the night even more special. Sincerely, Will Glenn
Stan Mcdaniel
from Arkansas says:
Someone sent thunderstruck to on Facebook & now just bought 5 cd's definitely made a new bluegrass fan w/me! Hope u guys make it to Jonesboro, Arkansas area someday soon, Stan
John & Kate
from Hilton Head Island, says:
Found you on youtube and we love your music. Scrolled thru your shows and saw we missed you in Palmetto Bluff last year. Hope you will be in the Lowcountry again soon.