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Bryan Letourneau
from MA. USA says:
When are you coming to MA. Area? Love your style lookiing forward to seeing you live.
Mark Brewer
from TN/USA says:
Just stumbled upon you today; love your music. BTW, I was born in Florence and I see you play there often; can't wait to see you live.
Sarah Knapp
from Or says:
My whole household are big fans! We'd love it if you'd come to Eugene, Oregon. Bluegrass does very well here. If you were ever interested, my fiance is the booking agent at the Black Forest here in town, and he happily directs folks to the right venue if you'd rather play somewhere else. Safe travels!
kristin alter
from ontario says:
i love yall.
Kevin Farmer
from Arkansas says:
Love you guys music. In fact it has inspired me to buy a Banjo And trying to learn to play. Would love to see you Visit Arkansas!
Don Chamberlain
from California/United St says:
Just checking in to say howdy. I first heard the band when my cousin sent me a YOUTUBE link of you guys performing "Rocket Man". I was hooked! You guys are truly gifted and talented, and it is a pleasure to spend time listening to you. I've purchased several of your CDs and enjoy listening to them while I'm driving around in my truck. I'm hoping to find out if you've recorded a CD with "Rocket Man" on it. So far no luck, but I'm a patient man. :-) Keep on pickin' guys! You've got yourselves a serious fan here!! (smile)
Jeremy Easterday
from Knoxville TN says:
Please come back to east TN soon!!!!
Sarah B.
from Quebec CANADA says:
You guys should come to Montreal!!! We love bluegrass.
jim hall
from elgin tx says:
I am your true bluegrass connoisseur that's all I listen to and I have to say is rocketman is just great thanks for the outstanding bluegrass and keeping it real you are now on top of my list ill listen while I ride my horse,s love you guys.....
wayne lower
from al says:
Iron Horse,I love you music,hoping to see you all perform locally soon.
Steve Wong
from South Carolina says:
Come to Upstate South Carolin or Western North Carolina soon, please.
from TX says:
You guys are very talented! You are welcome in Texas any time!
from TN says:
would love to see you guys do seven bridges road!!
Melissa Moore
from Alabama/USA says:
Tony, Vance, Ricky, Anthony, Thank you for the beautiful plant you sent to daddy's funeral. We truly appreciate you thinking of us at this time.
NĂ­cola Batista Loss Medeiros
from Santa Catarina/South says:
Great songs, awesome work!
Jeremy Searcy
from Whitefish Montana says:
What a treat to see you guys live! Been a fan forever and always talked about how cool it would be to see you guys live. Didn't think it would have happened in my back yard. I can cross that off my bucket list now! Thanks for coming and thanks for taking time for photos and talking with us. Hope to see you again one day. Thanks so much!
from TEXAS, BY GOD!!! says:
I love your music. Any plans for a central/south Texas show? I saw you in Spring at the Crawfish fest. Drove 4 hours to see you guys. Would love to see you in San Antonio...
from Kazakhstan says:
Guys! I'm the deepest fan of everything you make. Please - I need the tabs of yours (preferably Numb and Unforgiven). I want to spread your music here in country which little does know about bluegrass. Thanks in advanced. PS: Halo from Kazakhstan!
from Western NY says:
Love the Modest Mouse tribute songs!!! Keep doing what you are doing - it is touches all generations - my kids enjoy you (they are in their 20's) as much as my husband and I (in our 50's). Personally I just enjoy listening to your talents! Thank you for sharing your music!
Georgia Patriot
from Georgia/USA says:
Let us know your 2015 tour schedule, especially if you have any bookings in Georgia, Tennessee, or even in the Carolinas.