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Joseph Reiner
from PA says:
Just found you on Youtube, doing old classic rock songs... simply blown away. You need to come to Central Pa.
Joseph Reiner
from PA says:
Just found you on Youtube, doing old classic rock songs... simply blown away. You need to come to Central Pa.
John Burinsky
from Baltimore, Maryland says:
I'd sell a kidney to see you and Old Crow Medicine Show together.
from South Carolina/ USA says:
I came across you guys on You tube, and you guys are great. I hope ya'll can make it to the upstate of South Carolina in the near future.
Detlef Burghardt
from Canada says:
We would love it if you could come up to Guelph, Ontario, Canada sometime.
Russ and Linda
from illinois / USA says:
We live in the Chicago area. Might you be up this way sometime? Maybe see you at The Old Town School Of Folk Music. Thanks for adding to my listening pleasure. Thanks Russ
from Australia says:
You have fans down here in Perth, Australia. Wonderful stuff!
Amanda Hodgins
from North Carolina says:
Thanks for combining my favorite sounds. Hope to see you in the Charlotte area.
from Washington says:
You guys are great! And its sad that im just now hearing your music.. Record more studio videos
Ramiro Roselli
from Uruguay says:
Thank you for not being fearful, for not doing what others expect of you, to show that other artistic reading MetallicA possible, with the same passion and rebellion. I always knew you could headbang with the sound of a mandolin.
nate finch
from ny says:
You guys are great! Would love to see you perform around rochester / syracuse ny sometime soon!
Bryan Letourneau
from MA. USA says:
When are you coming to MA. Area? Love your style lookiing forward to seeing you live.
Mark Brewer
from TN/USA says:
Just stumbled upon you today; love your music. BTW, I was born in Florence and I see you play there often; can't wait to see you live.
Sarah Knapp
from Or says:
My whole household are big fans! We'd love it if you'd come to Eugene, Oregon. Bluegrass does very well here. If you were ever interested, my fiance is the booking agent at the Black Forest here in town, and he happily directs folks to the right venue if you'd rather play somewhere else. Safe travels!
kristin alter
from ontario says:
i love yall.
Kevin Farmer
from Arkansas says:
Love you guys music. In fact it has inspired me to buy a Banjo And trying to learn to play. Would love to see you Visit Arkansas!
Don Chamberlain
from California/United St says:
Just checking in to say howdy. I first heard the band when my cousin sent me a YOUTUBE link of you guys performing "Rocket Man". I was hooked! You guys are truly gifted and talented, and it is a pleasure to spend time listening to you. I've purchased several of your CDs and enjoy listening to them while I'm driving around in my truck. I'm hoping to find out if you've recorded a CD with "Rocket Man" on it. So far no luck, but I'm a patient man. :-) Keep on pickin' guys! You've got yourselves a serious fan here!! (smile)
Jeremy Easterday
from Knoxville TN says:
Please come back to east TN soon!!!!
Sarah B.
from Quebec CANADA says:
You guys should come to Montreal!!! We love bluegrass.
jim hall
from elgin tx says:
I am your true bluegrass connoisseur that's all I listen to and I have to say is rocketman is just great thanks for the outstanding bluegrass and keeping it real you are now on top of my list ill listen while I ride my horse,s love you guys.....