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from Madrid, Spain says:
It os compulsory for me to listen to one or two of your albums while i am at work and have a submission. Thank you for your wonderful music!! Keep up the good work!
Harley Busch
from MO. USA says:
just wanted to add, that i had never listened to modest mouse before hearing your tribute album. while i love them, i cant help but hear your versions every time i listen to one of the originals. I also must thank you for the metalica tribute as well. I never thought I would understand the love people had for them. It was not until i listened to the fade to bluegrass album that i realized the complexity and true greatness of metalica's music. thank you so much for that.
Harley busch
from MO. USA says:
love you guys! I am always thrilled to find something new I haven't heard from you. I would love to be able to catch you live somewhere! next time you are playing in MO. i would try my best to catch your show. As a musician, i am inspired by you. (although I want to throw my instruments away in shame, after listening to you.) I hope you have many fun filled years of music left in you. have a great holiday season with your families. Harley B.
Tony Little
from Oklahoma says:
Just happened to stumble on your version of "Rocket Man" on You Tube, great version of that song, great job!!!!!!!
Tom seering
from bowie,md says:
wow saw you guys on YouTube awesome,come to the Gettysburg pa festival.they do 2 each summer.would love to see you live,on stage.keep it up sounds great.
from CO, USA says:
Can't believe I didn't notice that you guys played the Aggie theater in Fort Collins in October! Damn it! I hope you come back soon. I love your music and the Fade to Bluegrass tribute album is just so damn cool! Great stuff.
from VA says:
You guys are awesome!!
Matt McCarthy
from CA says:
Come to So. California please
Nick Boyle
from New Jersey says:
Hi guys. I just wanted to thank you so much for your work on covering Modest Mouse. It is very easily my favorite album of all time and I have without a doubt listened to it more than one hundred times front to back. The album pushed me over the fence on wanting to play bluegrass music and I have since bought a banjo and am busy getting a hang of it. I wanted to know if you had any intention of releasing a tablature book or already have tabs available for your work on the album. I would love to be able to play every beautiful song on that album. Anyway, thanks again, Nick
Richard Moore
from Florida says:
P.S please come to the South of Florida there are bluegrass players south of Fort Lauderdale
Richard Moore
from Florida says:
Came across your stuff on Amazon..was curious to see Under Pressure and after that got hooked. Not trying to blow smoke but your versions of Faithfully and Southern Cross are better than the originals
Philipp WeiƟ
from Berlin/Germany says:
Hey Guys, that's really cool music you are doing. I found you on youtube and it helped me to stand my day of work. Hopefully, one day you will come to Europe. If so, please don't miss to have a short gig in Berlin ;-) Best regards and keep on rocking, Philipp
Con Chetcuti
from Australia says:
I love your work. You are all musically gifted and blend very well together. Trailer Trash is a huge favourite. Getting my daughter to get more of your CDs for Christmas. Can't wait!!!
Mark Moore
from Alaska says:
Do you think you may perform a concert here in Alaska at sometime in the near further?
from Canada says:
Do you guys have tabs for your modest mouse album. Just starting to learn banjo after I listened to your fade to bluegrass. You guys inspired me to start playing.
Kyle Morris
from Michigan says:
I have quite a few of your "Pickin' On" Tribute albums. They're all fantastic... have you ever considered tackling some Queens of the Stone Age songs? I feel like they'd translate to bluegrass beautifully. Just a thought! Keep on pickin' on!
from Sydney, Australia says:
You guys are awesome!! People talk about your Metallica covers, but I've been listening to your covers of Modest Mouse and the Shins for the past couple of years and they are unbelievable. You know it's a good cover when it doesn't sound like a cover and you forget the original (with great respect to Isaac Brock and James Mercer). Can you come out to Australia? We have a little bluegrass festival in Melbourne every year called "Jamgrass", and a massive blues, country and roots festival in Byron Bay called "Bluesfest". You guys would be amazing at both.
Yoann Maillard
from France says:
Hello, I've discovered your band and songs on the web site (youtube). We do like your music but also because it sometimes a mix between Metallica (one of my favorite metal band) and country music that I like too. Where can I find yours albums ? Is possible to order them somewhere ? Thanks a lot, Yoann
Vernon B
from sc/usa says:
I am so jealous of anyone who can see this band live!
Vernon B. Wingo
from SC/Horry says:
Holy crap you guys rock!!!! I found your first Metallica tribute CD in a player at the restaurant where I work and .... DAMN! I had to take it home and rip it (IOU some $$) Please tour/come further south!!! I am a Civil War reenactor; I would love to see you guys perform on a double bill with my favorite CW-era band, Un-reconstucted! That's probably a pipe-dream, but dueling hammered dulcimers might add something to your sound!