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from St. Paul, MN. says:
Thank you so much for the tabs! It has been difficult to find any and this was the last place I thought I'd find them (but isn't everything you find always in the last place you looked?). Anyway, love the Modest and the Met. Thanks.
Oleg "Axacal"
from Russia St.Petersburg says:
Perfectly play, come to Russia!
Matthew Sargent
from MI/USA says:
I would like to know if there are any scheduled performances? In or around MI?
Martin Sandell
from Gothenburg/Sweden says:
You Guys Is Amazing! Thanx 4 This Music You Make! It�s Greater Than Great! Peace And Out,
Emily and Jimi
from Texas says:
Please Come to Texas!!! My Dad and I LOVE listening to your tributes and would love nothing more but to see you guys live. My dad loves you guys so much he is currently building an iron tribute to the band, He just completed the mandolin(3ft x 18in). He'll be starting the banjo soon it will be roughly 5ft tall. I will e-mail ya'll pictures after while. Peace, SteelRockin in Texas
Daniel Lind
from Sweden says:
I just want to say that i realy love your music
Chuck Scillion
from Louisville,ky says:
You guys ROCK! My favorite song is FLOAT ON. Will you guys ever play in KENTUCKY? My brother brought one of your c.d's to a camping trip this summer and all of our friends could'nt get enough were all intrested in seeing you guys in concert!! Keep up the great work!!!!!!!!!!!!
from Oregon says:
You all captured my attention a few years ago, since then I have hoped to see you out here in the west. Keep on pick'n! Peace, Love and Happiness Poppie
Chris Hayes
from Kentucky says:
My buddy turned me on to you guys about 6 months ago and i cant get enough. I got Fade to Bluegrass vol. 1 and I've been wearing it out. Cant wait to hear the new GNR tribute.You guys need to do a show close to Louisville so i can hear ya live. You guys are one of my favorite bands now, keep it up!
from Kentucky says:
Hey Guys! I love your music, I listen to it all the time. I was wondering if there was a way I could send you a cd cover for you all to sign? I would really appreciate it. Please get back with me so I can get your mailing address.
Bryce Sunduk
from Prince Rupert, B.C. says:
I just thought I'd stop in to let ya know that I love the music ya make. I listen to it while I'm depressed and it makes me feel better about life. Thank You
from Yorkshire UK says:
I've just heared your tribute to Unforgiven. In the words of the great James Hetfield: YEAH!
Tara Carlisle
from CO says:
love the music. Are you coming to Colorado anytime soon? Would love to see you. Keep rocking Tara
from Ma. us says:
You guys rock. Bring it to the Boston area
Brice Lamb
from Amboy,IN USA says:
I think you guys are great I have both the Fade to Bluegrass and Pickin' on Zepplin cd's and love them both. You guys rock.
Adri�n D�az
from M�xico D.F. says:
Hello I write from Mexico and we love their music, we really are fans of you, go ahead, congratulations and I hope it might do some Iron Maiden Thanks
from South Carolina says:
Absolutely love the music... just can't get enough.
from CO says:
Any chance of making it out to CO to do a couple Mountain Bluegrass shows?
from Costa Rica says:
I just wanted to thank you for such an amazing album as Fade to bluegrass. Metallica has been a great inspiration to me in many levels, and I love to see what other people can do with their songs, and you guys are the best I've heard so far (and believe me, I've heard a LOT of covers and tributes so that gotta mean something). On the other hand, even though I don't really listen bluegrass I do love it, so that's another reason to like your work. Thanks a lot for making Fade to bluegrass.
from Costa Rica says:
Any chance you guys could add a tablature for Welcome Home? ^__^