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Mike Taylor
from tn / usa says:
Was just checkin out your site and was curious why "Pickin on Modest Mouse" wasnt on your tribute list. I work in a record store and we play that cd almost everyday, you would be suprised how much we sell it. People love the sound and so do we. Just wanted to give yall props.
Dave Matherly
from washington state says:
Paul Jacobs
from Garden City, SC says:
Saw you guys with my litle boys at the Minifest in Aiken last night. We really enjoyed it. You guys were great and the storm held off just long enough for us to get to enjoy. Lookingforward to the next show. Keep on keep'n on! Paul, Ethan, & Hayden
from Germany says:
Your songs are well know over the ocean also! Great Music I love it! Greetings from Germany. Thomas
Esther Lee
from UT, USA says:
Hi, Are your banjo tabs (especially from the PIckin on Modest Mouse or Shins albums) available anywhere? Your covers are totally brilliant! Cheers, Esther
from Michigan says:
Would love to hear you guys do a tribute album to the Pixies.
from I'm a ramblin' man says:
Hey Fellas, Name's Box, love your work! Good Idea! Keep It up. especially your Mouse covers
Robert Cox
from Illinois says:
I got the GOO GOO DOLLS tribute off of ebay and I play it in the store where I work. The older cuxtomers come in and really enjoy it, then the younger college kids come in and freak out, take the name of the CD down and hopefully go buy it. if you are ever near Southern Illinois please let me know! I will pay anything to see you guys live! My next purchase is the Van Halen CD. I love the way you turn anything into bluegrass! Simply Amazing!
from Nj says:
i like the black label society tributes. you gonna do another album like that? like bls2 or something?
Beth Faulkner
from AL says:
Hi Andy and Band ! You guys ROCK!!! I love you!
Justin Merrill
from texas united states says:
just heard you guys for the first time. wish i had found out about you sooner now i have to catch guys are super cool keep it up.
Ray Dodson
from Texas says:
I'm a banjo player so I'm partial to the banjo work done in your music. Any chance of seeing a tab transcription of When The Levee Breaks? Great sound!
Daniel Wear
from Washington State says:
Coming up to seattle... i would love to see you guys
Dean Pauley
from West Virginia, US says:
Iron Horse, you're one of the best groups I've heard in a long, long time. Some of your covers are better in my opinion than the originals! Next CD you guys should do some Iron Maiden. That would just be terrific. But you should definitely make a stop in Charleston, West Virginia sometime. We'd love to have you! -Dean
from VA says:
I was wondering where I could find the tablature for "Fade to Black"?
from North Carolina says:
I would like to thank you for the cd's and the autograph. I have been going through a lot and it is comforting to have people you that care. Thank you again and keep up the good work
from Camp Douglas, WI says:
Have you guys played in Milwaukee? I want to say I heard your stuff live, but not sure. I love your syle of music, and the vocals work very well for each song. I love they way you made Metallica into a better suited folk tune! Awsome. I can't wait to see you guys in concert! Jeremy
from Sooke BC, Canada says:
You guys made my year. Love the Modest Mouse and Shins cds. Looking forward to more!
sean dwyer
from ontario,canada says:
Simply amazing,great work cant wait to see what next.Pink Floyd??
Ron and Shirley
from Alabama, USA says:
Great Show!! We love you !! Can't wait until Oct. 1st. See you there!!!