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Melinda Tipton
from Florida says:
Hi - You stayed at our home in Maggie Valley NC and left us your new Christmas CD. Just wanted to Thank You for this gift. We love your music. Thanks again and Happy New Year! Melinda and John Tipton Arrow's Tip Lodge
Dana Hamner
from Florence, AL says:
Yall sang @ my pawpaws funeral Sat Jan 23rd. Yall have NO clue how VERY much that meant 2 me & my family. Pawpaw wouldve been SO VERY proud. He loved yalls music & listened 2 it often. Thank you all SO VERY much. Me & my family truely appreciated yall taking time out of yalls lives 2 give us the pleasure of all of yalls wonderful voices @ such a hard time in our lives. Again, I really appreciate yall taking the time 4 us. God bless you all. Much love & appreciation! Dana Hamner
from mississippi says:
I want to thank each of you for the wonderful job you did singing at Hunters Funeral. It ment a great deal to me and my family because Dad listened to you all the time. May God Bless you and Keep you. Thanks again, Susan Hamner Dale
from WA says:
Hey there! Your Modest Mouse CD is the RoXoR! I would totally bang you if you made a CD of crazy hot bluegrass Elliott Smith covers because his lyrics are awesome but they make me want to cut a bitch.
harold owens
from SC says:
Just heard Gun's and Roses Sweet Child O Mine for the first time, ya'll are good. Ordering some tracks. Just started playing the fiddle. A child of the 70's.
from Russia says:
Thank's for your art!
John Hericks
from south dakota says:
Man!!! One of my friends found you guys and it spread like wildfire out here! I am from the Black Hills of South Dakota and driving around through our hills listening to your music has changed my life. It is our meditation/medication. I'm about to push the tour dates button and see whats going on there. I am 24 years old and i would love to see you guys live before much longer. Keep it flowing! Peace.
William Mericle
from Nebraska/USA says:
You guys are one of my all-time favorite bluegrass bands! I especially enjoy New Tracks and your tribute to Modest Mouse. Great stuff! I grew up listening to Metallica and Black Sabbath, so I'd be remiss to not give you props on your interpretations of their music, as well. I only have one problem. Your tour dates are never in this part of the country! I attended the Yarmonygrass festival in Colorado last summer, and would have loved to see y'all in the line-up. Hopefully, you guys will make it to my neck of the woods, someday. If not, I hope to make it down to yours.
Seagull Rodriguez
from Colorado says:
I am one of Metallica's biggest fans here in Colorado, so i really know what I'm talking about and I must say that you have some of the most unusual and greatest covers I've heard. I really enjoy the music and wish you guys a long career in doing what you are doing. Keep it Metal... or Blugrass
from ohio says:
A friend of mine introduced me to your music figureing i would like it... WOW! he was right! love what you're doing, don't ever stop. the tribute albums to journey and goo goo dolls are my personal favorites. If you ever get the chance to tour around the Cincinnati or Northern Kentucky area please do! I would love to see you guys in concert.
from says:
I'm a big Fan of your superb music! Thumbs up!
Thomas Giannini
from Texas/Ontario (i go says:
Love the music. Where can i find banjo tabs for your covers?
from USA says:
Do you guys have tour dates for 2010? And will you be traveling to parts further north? Like Virginia? I'd love to see you playing live.
Anthem Doolan
from VA says:
24 y/o male, I'm a big fan of all musics from Classic Rock to Rap. Just want to tell you guys good job!. Opened up my eyes to music I would once never consider listening to. Great music!
from NC HIGHPOINT says:
Brad Scott
from FLORIDA says:
Having grown up in middle Tennessee in the 50s and 60s, I cut my teeth on country and bluegrass, while embracing the then new Rock n Roll and all the spinoffs it produced over the years.In the past few years I have discovered Iron Horse and Cornbread Red and have become an avid fan of both.How wonderfully unique and refreshing to hear all the rock and pop favorites in a new way under the time honored traditon of the bluegrass style- An Americana art form at its best--Keep on Picking
Erik Donaghue
from Austin Texas says:
I just want to say that you guys are phenomenal! i've been a modest mouse fan for years and when i found you guys exsisted it was like listening to modest mouse for the first time again. you guys actually got me into bluegrass and made me go out and buy a banjo. keep making great music, and come to austin, we need you!
from Ohio says:
Just discovered Iron Horse. Amazing. Waiting for a Ohio/Michigan stop. Tim
from PA says:
I first heard of this band a couple of years ago when my son's girlfriend had the modest mouse CD. I just looked up the website and am intending to buy a bunch of the CDs. These guys are spectacular!
Gregg Gagnon
from Florida says:
Miss you guys. I saw you play in DeLand. Can't wait to see you again!