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steveo felmingham
from australia says:
Im a very big metallica fan and what you guys do is take it to another level. Amazing. Love your sound and your skills. Keep it up. Steveo from oz
Rick Potter
from Hawaii-Kauai says:
Howz it? I'm lovin your music- I just wish the up tight kooks at KKCR would play more of your music. I like share with my fellow bluegrass fans. Aloha-Ball A Head Rick
from Chester VA says:
You were great at my sister Christine's wedding in Mars Hill, NC. Great Job!!!!! Julia
Peter Scott
from Savannah, Ga...... S says:
A friend played me one song the other night and I am hooked!.....Would love to hear a bluegrass version of Whiskey in a jar!!!! Please :)
Doris Highland
from AL says:
First of all we love Iron Horse. I would like to know what time you will be performing Sat. at Rogersville. We went last fall because we wanted to see you, but had to leave before you performed. We hope to see you there. Thanks, Doris
Jason Turner
from Akron, OH says:
Just found you guys on Spotify! Yeah! Awesome! Love your sound fellas...thanks for making my work day a blast!
Ken Dickinson
from Connecticut says:
Absolutely love your sound! Your harmonies are perfect and CT would welcome a show!
Larry Green
from Indiana says:
loved your tribute to Metallica it was awesome!
James Barbour Sr.
from Johnston County, Nor says:
Guys, I have to say I think you are an awsome Bluegrass Group. I have enjoyed listening to your music for some time now. The way you have took some of my old rock favorites and put the bluegrass touch to them is pure genius. I would like to see you live sometime. Thank you for gracing us with your talents.
from Tucson, AZ says:
Thanks for making great music! I spent all morning listening. I would love to see a live performance someday!
from Florida says:
Your cover of Modest Mouse was superbly done. I look forward to hearing your original works as well. Thanks!
Matt Morris
from WA says:
You guys rock, you need to come to Seattle!
Paul C. Waryck
from Ohio says:
I have been a guitar player for about 30 years. Mostly Heavy Metal then later Bluegrass, but not at the same time. I really enjoy Hayseed Dixie and thought they were the only ones mixing the two. I was turned on to your version of Sanitarium and Fade to Black yesterday, I'm hooked. I'm sure a lot of folks don't understand how intricate some of the Metallica songs are especially on acoustic gear... My hats off to all of you.
Lee Morey
from Dover, De says:
Really liked your treatment of Modest Mouse. Keep on playing.
Joseba Andoni
from Basque Country (Eusk says:
You are wonderful, fantastic, In a country where no bluegrass music, I want to thank you for your music a greeting Andoni
from Iowa says:
Thanks to my Facebook friends, "The Shins", I was just introduced to your music. Very interesting, I love the fact that you've covered Modest Mouse, my favorite band. Here Iron Horse do their songs makes me smile.
from PA says:
I'd like to interview the band for a podcast. Please e-mail if that would interest you!
Gordon Lightfoot
from CA/USA says:
Love the music!
from Toronto, Canada says:
Hey ... Just discovered you guys and I'm hooked. You've made me love bluegrass again. As a kid, I lived across the road from the Back 40 Bluegrass Festival in Woodstock Ontario and as a kid used to love camping out in the backyard that one weekend in June when all that "twangy" music made its yearly visit to our neighbourhood. Any plans on coming to Toronto?
David Grigsby
from Alabama, USA says:
Just wated to say I really enjoy your music and music abilities.